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Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 2 Upcoming Ram stops Shivina’s wedding Ram asks the doctor about Priya’s condition to which the doctor tells him that her allergic reaction is worse than his prawn allergy. He adds that the allergy has affected her body rapidly and her situation is critical. Mami tells what kind of hunger is that she has to eat so much paneer. Ram’s mother handles the situation and tells them that they should let Priya rest. Shivina also tries to leave but her mother stops her. Shivina asks the doctor how much time will it take Priya to recover, to which the doctor says that he has given the medicine and it will take some time for her to regain consciousness. Ram gets anxious and his mother tells him to relax as she will be fine.

She asks Ram to check her temperature and leaves with the doctor. Shivina tries to leave, Ram asks him not to tell anything to Meera Maa as she will kill him if she finds out about Priya’s condition. Shivina leaves for Mandir where Maitrayee is awaiting the registrar to arrive. Maitrayee asks Shivina about Priya to which she tells her about Priya’s serious condition. Maitrayee panics hearing that and asks her about Priya’s recovery. Shivina tells her that the doctor has checked her and she will come into consciousness soon.

However, she is not sure whether Priya will be able to come here or not. Maitrayee fears that while pretending to be sick, Priya must have fallen sick for real. Shivina tells her that when she saw Priya getting unconscious she thought that she must be pretending to do so. However, when the doctor came in for real and gave her a real injection then she realized the seriousness of the matter. Maitrayee worries about Priya not being present in the wedding of Akshay and Shivina.


Shivina and Akshay worry about the wedding being cancelled to which Maitrayee assures them no such thing will happen, the wedding will surely take place as Priya will not disappoint them. On the other hand, Ram checks Priya’s temperature and worries about her. He observes her sleeping and tells her that she is looking so quiet while sleeping. Otherwise, she always remains ready to fight with him. Ram tells her that he has not seen her like this before as she is sick now and he is in a terrible condition. He later thinks of confessing the truth to her and tells her the reason behind his decision.

Unknowingly, he starts caring about Priya and tells her that no one should disturb her sleep and closes the door of the room. He tells her not to worry as she will surely get well soon and he will again listen to her scold. Maitrayee is calling Sara Di when she arrives there and Akshay asks Shivina about Priya. Shivina tells him about Priya, listening to which he says how can they get married without Priya. Shivina tells him that I too am getting married without my family to which Akshay tells that her family is already against this marriage but Priya has done all this planning to get them married and they cannot marry without her.

Later, Priya regains consciousness and thinks that she is late and cannot remember what happened to her. She then receives a message from Maitrayee who asks about her whereabouts and tells her that Akshay is refusing to get married without her. Priya responds and tries to leave the room without Ram’s knowledge. However, Ram wakes up and sees her leaving the room and gets worried about her health. He comes up to her and checks her temperature with his hands. Priya thanks him for taking care of her. Ram tells her why she is being formal with him as he will always take care if she falls ill.

Priya tells him that she did not want to disturb his sleep that is why she was leaving without telling him. Ram asks her where she is going to which Priya tells him that she has decided earlier to visit the temple today so she is going there. Ram worries while listening to that as she should not go out in this condition and tells her that he will accompany her to the mandir. Priya thinks that this caring attitude of Mr. Kapoor will create problems as he will get to know the truth. She thinks of telling him the truth as she never told a lie for her own interest and today she is telling such a big lie.

She feels guilty thinking that Shivina is her sister and he has the right to know about her. Priya asks Ram once again to tell her the reason that her brother and Shivina cannot get married. Ram tells her that he wanted to tell her the same, hearing Priya ask him if he has changed his mind. Ram tells her that he has not changed his mind to which Priya gets disheartened and tells him that he does not need to come with him as he has already wasted his valuable time on her and she gets ready to leave. Ram holds her hand and asks to listen to him once.

However, Priya refuses to listen to him and tells him that she knows what he wants. She further says that he wants her to sign the annulment paper and break their relationship and she agrees to do that. She even tells him that it’s good that they are breaking their marriage, as tomorrow is Karva Chauth and they would not have to perform more drama on that day and she leaves. Ram thinks in his mind that it would have been good if she gave him a chance to speak and Priya too thinks that if she had given him a chance to speak then she would have been left with no words to speak.

Later, Shubham scolds his manager for not listening to him and going to Ram for help, to which he replies that he was not aware that Ram was not supposed to know about this thing and that he has done it unintentionally. Shubham sees Priya coming out of the house and taking the auto to Goregaon. The manager tells him the reason for him calling Ram as Akshay told him that his sister is sick.

Shubham then tells him that he has just seen Akshay’s sister and she looks perfectly fine and asks him to find out about the matter as Akshay has many sisters. Later, Shubham stumbles upon their servant who further tells him about Priya having paneer paratha and falling sick. He fails to understand the situation as he has seen Priya getting out and calls Raj to offer him a job. On the other hand, Shivina and Akshay decks up for their wedding, however, Akshay is upset with the entire situation as it can create a lot of problems for Priya in her in-law’s house. Maitrayee tells him not to think about these things at this moment.

Priya calls Maitrayee and tells her to start the wedding as she will be there in no time. Maitrayee tells Akshay to go on with the wedding but Akshay is worried about Priya and asks Shivina whether his brother will be able to forgive Priya. Shivina tells him that Shubham has no brains and he should not worry about him. Sara wonders why Shivina always talks about Shubham and not his other brother Ram. Maitrayee asks them to start with the wedding and Akshay- Shivina starts fighting with each other.

However, Sara scolds them and makes them sit in the wedding mandap. Pandit Ji starts performing the marriage and Sara and Maitrayee pray for Priya and Ram’s relationship. Later, Nandini and Mami talk about Ram getting worried about Priya and Nandini scolds her for thinking like that about the two. Raj calls Shubham and his mother tells him to be in the good eyes of Shubham by doing his work. Raj tells her that Shubham has asked him to find out about Priya but he is unable to do so. She suggests he call Sara to get to know about Priya. Raj calls her to manipulate Sara and learn about Priya.

Moreover, Ram tells Nandini that Priya has gone to the Mandir and Mami makes fun of her. Ram then asks Nandini whether she has made the annulment paper to which she tells her that she got scared after seeing Shivina and Akshay and made that paper. Ram tells her that he understands that but he wonders how Priya got to know about this. Shubham asks him whether Priya has told him about this, to which Ram says that yes she has seen the papers. Nandini thinks that then Priya must have seen those papers in the office. She pretends to be worried and apologizes to him. Ram tells her not to be sorry and blames the critical time to be the reason behind these complications.

Nandini tells him that this decision is his and they never go against him. Later, Priya reaches Mandir and feels dizzy. Raj calls up Shubham to tell him that he has failed to know about Priya and Sara was in the Mandir so she did not respond yet. Listening to Priya and her family being in the Mandir, Nandini gets suspicious and calls Radhika to know about Sandy. She gets to know that Sandy is in the office and worries more about the matter. Shubham finds something fishy in the situation when Mami tells that they might have decided to get married by eloping. Keep reading.

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  1. ram why you make upest for priya
    ram that priya she didn’t do anything for you ram please try to understand that ram and don’t hurt priya otherwise she will gets upest because of that ram follow the instructions.
    nadnini if you shout shivani otherwise she will gets upest because of you nadnini please you don’t do that understand that what i am saying for you and also shubhum you don’t fight like that to akshay so please don’t do that understand what i am saying for you ram please be 😇 cool down.
    priya you don’t put the sign leave it.

    • ram please try to understand that so please you must say sorry for priya you must say sorry for ram that priya she will not do like that I promise you that you can do it.


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