Udaariyaan 16th November 2021 Written Update Angad Tejo romance

Udaariyaan 16th November 2021 Written Update Angad Tejo romance

Udaariyaan 16th November 2021 Written Update Angad Tejo romance Angad and Tejo fake their love in front of the Virk family. Angad narrates a moment when Tejo and he shared the Gulab jamun sweets. Fateh reacts and tells that Tejo doesn’t like Gulab Jamun. To this, Tejo replies that a person’s choice changes with time. She tells that she likes Gulab Jamun now. She eats something spicy and asks for water. Angad feeds her the icecream. The Virks are happy to see Angad’s care and concern towards Tejo, which appears really nice to them.

Fateh keeps an eye on Angad and Tejo. Angad finds Fateh at the door, looking at them and trying to find out the truth. He acts close and romantic with Tejo. He gets into a moment with Tejo to show it to Fateh. Fateh grows more and more jealous to watch them sharing a romantic moment. He eventually realizes Tejo’s worth when he sees someone else valuing Tejo.

Ahead in the show, Fateh and Angad will have a big fight because of Tejo. Fateh beats up Angad and asks him why did he make Tejo cry. Angad asks Fateh will he teach him, after all Fateh has made Tejo cry the most. They have a fight. Tejo’s past and present have a collision. Tejo comes there to stop Angad and Fateh’s fight. Angad provokes Fateh and asks him why does he care for Tejo, when he has hurt her so much. Will Fateh stir his heart and realize his inner feelings? Will he confess that he loves Fateh? Comment your views. Keep reading.


Udaariyaan 16th November 2021 Written Update Angad Tejo romance:

Angad tells Tejo that the Virks are really happy for them, but Amrik and Mahi dislike him. She tells that everyone cares for her. He asks if they think that Tejo and Fateh can reunite. Fateh and Jasmin keep an eye on them. Angad asks Tejo to think once again. He tells that he has no problem with the engagement, but Virks may not accept her. Angad pulls Tejo closer for a moment. Fateh and Jasmin believe them that they are a couple. Jasmin speaks ill about Tejo. Fateh corrects her that they are also staying in the house without a wedlock. Angad asks Tejo to smile. Mahi finds Angad crazy for Tejo.

Simran tells that Tejo is pretending to be happy just to show them, she wants them to be happy, she won’t be able to love Angad. Angad asks Tejo to give him a missed call if anyone asks her about him. Tejo goes to the kitchen to help Gurpreet and Nimmo. She tells that she will cook. Gurpreet wants to make the special food for Angad. She asks Tejo about Angad’s favorite dish. Tejo doesn’t know his choice. Nimmo asks Tejo if she doesn’t know what Angad likes. Tejo calls Angad to know his choice.

Angad and Tejo make excuse and go aside to talk. She asks his favorite food. He jokes that he likes to eat brain. She asks him to get serious. He tells that he will eat anything she likes, he can even eat poison if she serves with love. She thanks him for such wrong style of help. Jasmin asks Angad how did he fall in love with Tejo. Angad tells her that he fell in love with Tejo when she came to his office, it was love at first sight for him. He convinces her by his choice. Tejo tells that Angad loves to have paneer and mushroom. Jasmin asks Angad how did he plan engagement so soon.

Angad tells that hearts should meet. He adds that she loves Fateh and would know love well. Fateh finds Jasmin talking to Angad about Tejo. Jasmin doesn’t know why Tejo decided it so soon. Fateh doesn’t want Jasmin to do anything wrong. Angad tells Jasmin that some people spend lives and don’t know each other. Angad tells Fateh that Jasmin talks interesting things, she is really worried for Tejo. Fateh asks Jasmin to not spoil things. He tells that its strange that Tejo is marrying Angad.

He replies that its the strangest thing that he is divorcing Tejo to marry her sister. Angad asks Fateh to join them for dinner. Jasmin doesn’t want Tejo to ruin her marriage celebrations by any drama. Rupy is afraid that Jasmin won’t tolerate Tejo and react madly. Satti asks him not to overthink. He knows both his daughters well. Angad likes the food. Gurpreet tells that she has made mushrooms especially for him. Angad is allergic to mushrooms. He still eats it for Tejo’s sake. He fake praises the mushrooms dish. Gurpreet serves him more of the mushrooms dish.

Angad thinks he should have told Tejo about his allergy. His stomach sounds upset. Tejo realizes that and smiles. Angad tells that Tejo would be his cooking partner after their marriage. Fateh wishes Tejo to stay happy. He misses Tejo in his own life. He praises that Tejo cooks really well. Angad appreciates Tejo that she is an all-rounder. Khushbeer tells Angad that he couldn’t book any engagement hall. Angad tells that they can get engaged in the house itself. He wants to rush to the bathroom.

The elders are glad to see Angad’s simplicity. Jasmin gets upset when the elders decide to keep the engagement and marriage in their house. Jasmin asks Fateh will they get married in their house. He tells that their savings will help them, they can go abroad for their honeymoon, marriage venue shouldn’t matter to her. She agrees on hearing about the foreign locations. He tells her that they should thank Angad that Tejo is leaving from their lives because of him. Angad tells Tejo that he is allergic to mushrooms. Tejo asks him why did he act as hero. She tells that he should have told her about the allergy before.

She gives him medicines for his relief. He likes her caring side. She reminds him that they are just acting. He tells that they are knowing each other because of the drama. Angad and Tejo go back to the family to have the sweetdish. Angad tells that Tejo likes the Gulab jamun. Fateh disagrees with him. He knows Tejo’s choice well. Tejo tells Fateh that choice changes over time, she likes Gulab Jamun now. She still can’t eat the sweets. Fateh worries for her. Angad feeds her the icecream. Khushbeer finds Angad really a caring person. Fateh can’t stop himself from getting jealous.

Later, Tejo serves coffee to Angad and the family members. Angad praises Tejo a lot. Jasmin asks Tejo to tell what she likes about Angad. Tejo tells that true people like Angad are rare in the world, he is special. Jasmin gets too mean. She taunts Tejo that Angad is the third person in her life, her two marriages experience is helping her decide things so quickly. She hurts Tejo’s sentiments. She asks Angad did Tejo not tell him that he is her third would-be husband. Angad finds Tejo really upset. Fateh didn’t wish Jasmin to say this and hurt Tejo’s heart. He gets angry on Jasmin. Both Angad and Fateh worry for Tejo, while realizing that Jasmin can never be a good sister for Tejo. Stay tuned.

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  1. I reallly hope tejo does not fall into fateh’s unrealistic trap. he is like a yo yo one minuite he wants tejo and then he goes after jassmine and now he sees tejo with agad all of a sudden he wants tejo. You can’t trust him and as I said before he wants both sisters. Tejo to keep the family happy and be the house maid and jassmine for fun. I really hope Tejo & angad’s relationship work out and let jassmine & fateh get married. I would love to see jassmine the virks daughter in law and see how she dictates everyone and make their life real hell.


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