Kumkum Bhagya 22nd November 2021 Written Update Fire New Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd November 2021 Written Update Fire New Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd November 2021 Written Update Fire New Prachi Sushma asks Prachi to move on in her life. She asks Prachi to take over Pragya’s dream project. She asks Prachi who else will complete Pragya’s project if not her daughter. She makes Prachi emotional about Abhi and Pragya, and convinces Prachi to work on the project. Prachi doesn’t want to lose her identity given by her parents for Ranbir, who dumped her without giving her a fair chance to defend herself. She hates herself that she loved Ranbir so much, but couldn’t win his faith. Both Prachi and Ranbir try to move on in their lives. They don’t hate each other, but try to limit their hearts from loving each other.

Prachi agrees to join the business for Pragya’s sake. Rhea tries to rush with the marriage talks. She helps Ranbir by handing over his wallet. He asks her not to do anything that reminds him of Prachi. Prachi gets a new makeover, and shows that she can balance her life despite the divorce. Prachi reaches Sushma’s office to join her for the project. Sushma is happy to see Prachi’s confident walk of esteem and dreams restored. She reminisces Pragya when she sees Prachi. She decides to give a new direction to Prachi’s life, and keep her away from Ranbir always. Ranbir and Prachi will be seen meeting during their presentation for the same deal. Prachi will be giving him a tough competition.

Prachi is back with her sharp business skills. She will surely take down Ranbir’s business from the top and teach a lesson to the happy Kohlis. Abhi and Pragya united after their misunderstandings got sorted. Pragya gave him a chance because he didn’t tag her characterless ever, and always believed her loyalty and love towards him. Ranbir fails to trust Prachi and tagged her characterless, without finding the actual truth. Ranbir doesn’t deserve Prachi back after turning their relation so ugly. Do you think Ranbir stands a chance? How happy are you see the fire-new/fresh from the forge, confident Prachi? Comment your views. Keep reading.


Earlier in the show, Sushma promises that Prachi will never come back in Ranbir’s life. Rhea feels a big problem got solved. Pallavi and Vikram also believe that Sushma will keep Prachi away from Ranbir. Rhea is sure that Ranbir and Prachi will never meet now. Meanwhile, Prachi is praying at the temple to gain strength so that she can go away from Ranbir. Ranbir reaches the same temple, when his car suddenly breaks down there. Prachi wants to face the truth and accept the reality. She wants to forget Ranbir forever. Pandit tells that her prayers will be fulfilled. Ranbir and Prachi have a hit and a miss. They sense each other around, but fail to come in sight.

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd November 2021 Written Update Fire New Prachi:

Ranbir and Prachi have a hit and a miss at the temple. Sushma meets Pragya and tells that a person has to pay a price for his goodness in the world. She asks Pragya why did she make Prachi like her, knowing the people punish the good doers. She tells that Pragya should have made Prachi a strong person. She adds that Prachi’s fate is also bad like Pragya. She tells Pragya that Ranbir had sent the divorce papers to Prachi, who is really mad to blame herself. She wanted Prachi to go to Ranbir’s house and rebuke him, instead sinking in sorrow. She cries for Prachi’s sorrow. She asks why isn’t Rhea like Pragya.

She tells that Rhea is practical like Abhi. She tells that Rhea isn’t a good daughter and a good sister, everyone hates Prachi in Kohli house. She feels Ranbir broke his relation with Prachi because of the family’s hatred for her. She knows that Prachi still has feelings for Ranbir. She didn’t wish Prachi to ruin herself in her love. She wanted Prachi to turn strong and balance her life. She tells Pragya that she couldn’t handle Prachi, who is just sinking in sorrow because of Ranbir.

She tells how Prachi is secretly crying for Ranbir. She thinks Pragya had forgotten Abhi because she was involved in the business. She gets an idea to involve Prachi in the business to distract her and help her forget Ranbir. She tells that she will take Prachi away from this city, she will take Prachi so far that even Ranbir’s memories don’t reach Prachi.

Ranbir and Prachi can feel each other around, but don’t get to see. They stay close, and still so distant. Prachi goes back. Ranbir tries to fix his car and leave. Prachi leaves from there, without coming into his sight. She comes home in the sobbing state, much to Sushma’s dislike. Sushma finds a way to bring back Prachi to her usual self. She tells Prachi that Pragya used to handle her business, but they had to name everything to Prachi because of the situation. Prachi tells that she will sign and return the property to Sushma. She apologizes to Sushma. Sushma asks her not to feel sorry for every matter.

She doesn’t want the property and business back. She asks Prachi to listen to her carefully. She tells Prachi about Pragya’s dream project. She adds that she has a team to handle the work, but she wants Prachi to take over Pragya’s dream project, being Pragya’s daughter. Prachi agrees to lead the project. Sushma tells that they will be leaving the city. She asks Prachi to pack her bags and be ready. Prachi feels strange that she couldn’t see Ranbir since a month. She feels she is going too far from Ranbir. Ranbir and Prachi miss each other. Prachi’s voice echoes in his ears.

He shuts his ears, after shutting the doors of his heart for her. Ranbir and Prachi imagine their past romantic moment. They look at the moon in their memory. He doesn’t know if she is missing him. He hurts himself in rage that he isn’t able to get over Prachi’s memories. Rhea comes to aid his wound. She finds him hurting himself and stops him. He doesn’t let her do the aid. Rhea knows that he is still missing Prachi, be it good memories or bad memories, but Prachi is still in his memories.

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  1. Why must Ranbir given a second chance?
    Ranbir shoukd get so traumatised and bed ridden with partial Amnesia God forbids and only remember his wedding , his marriage his love for Prachi,his parents non acceptance of prachi.
    N only prachi could nurse him back to good health.i wonder if Pallavi will leave she son to dead or bring back prachi to heal him?
    Fed up of Rhea and her sick obsession for ranbir.

    • Seriously want to see this that ranbir needs Prachi for saving his life. And want Prachi not to give second chance to ranbir. So that he can understand that love has the foundation name faith. Doubting is not wrong but without listing to ur partner and giving ur own point of view is wrong atleast let ur partner explain…

  2. Ranbir not at all deserve a 2nd chance.If he came to know about the truth also he don’t deserve Prachi in his life for naming her characterless.He should suffer without her for everything he had done for Prachi.

  3. Same thing with the show……There are same Stories with Abhigya and Pranbir…They are showing same misunderstanding , same villain , same separation and same move on…. aren’t there any new situations and stories for the show…May be it come with something new.. and ya please don’t show Abhigya again separated bcoz of rhea and prachi….

  4. Please I am tired of hearing of Rea that woman is evil also that aunt I her brother wakes out and pick her out in the streets even the mother she such a B

  5. Pallavi is hopeless mother having no sense of judging things right way ,seems the culprits for family doom ,even does not honours view and thought of her mother in law. Vikram is pet animal of his wife.Prachi must crushed financial business of kohli 1st then teach lesson to ranvir and kohli family.

  6. Ranvir should realise his mistake and should know prachi’s truth.And ranbir shouldn’t get second change because he doesn’t deserve.Pallavi and her husband also should realise their mistake. And all should know how Rhea is a cheater and all should punished Rhea strickly.

  7. pranchi first you cut your hair than you can change your face also you are looking so nice pranchi you can do it now see that ranbir he will get shock to see you pranchi.
    sushma you don’t worry about pragya she will be fine than also abhi he will be fine sushma please try to understand that.
    pallavi if you talk like this to pranchi otherwise she will gets upest because of you pallavi why you bring divorce paper you can’t understand that what i am saying for you pallavi please you don’t that and you also rhea if you laugh like this to pranchi otherwise she will gets upest because of you rhea you must get out form there now see what i will do now keep it your mind.
    ranbir that pranchi she will change you see properly you come to know that.

  8. Well I did an amazing thing today i was paying $ 9.90 per month for zee tv but after watching Kumkum and kundali Bhagya for 4 years this shows have no moral it teach you to be vindictive I know it’s for entertainment purposes but come on the same people doing the same crap i wasted so much money and time to watch the same things with the kids happened.good luck

  9. Definitely No second chance for ranbir..Ranbir n kohli family now needs to be completely distroyed and out of view, after prachi defeats ranbir on every business deal. Aalia n Rhea both shud be caught red handed and kohli family shud know the whole truth, all planned by rhea n aalia..both evil bitch..Ekta ji..please read my comments thx

  10. couple?
    it is said Ranbir will choose to purposely marry Rhea to take Revenge from Prachi.
    wat kind of facking revenge is that?
    Ranbir n prachi still marrued so wat kind of facking marriage is that with Rhea?
    nasty stinking dirty storyline.
    no respect for marriage or any couple.If Ranbir Marries Rhea then Let Prach gets a new Husband too n do not reunite Prachi n Ranbir.Let both prachi n ranbir go separate ways if ranbir marries rhea.we are fed up of rhea n her evil self wininng. Viewers not interested in Rhea / Ranbir as a couple disgusting


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