Anupama 6th December 2021 Written Update Kavya’s revenge

Anupama 6th December 2021 Written Update Kavya's revenge

Anupama 6th December 2021 Written Update Kavya’s revenge Vanraj says to Kavya that a person marries someone to get a person in their life on whom he/she can trust with blind eye. Also to get a relationship in which there is no trickery and deception. He also tells Kavya that God taught him a lesson by making him realize how it feels when someone cheats their life partner. Vanraj further tells Kavya that she has gone so insecure that there is no place for love in it. He asks Kavya to tell him when they had their last normal conversation and smiled together.

Kavya asks Vanraj how he spent 25 years with Anupama as fights and arguments happened that time also. Vanraj replies to Kavya that he married Anupama and loved her (Kavya). He tells Kavya that small-small things pricks in love. Vanraj explains to Kavya that even after people’s taunts he loved her truly. He tells Kavya that he went rude with her earlier because he was not able to see Anupama getting successful. Vanraj tells Kavya that he doesn’t remember when he was honest with Anupama in 25 years of their marriage. He further tells Kavya that he even doesn’t remember when he lied to her (Kavya).

Vanraj tells Kavya that she behaved badly with his family, snatched his house, lied to him and snatched everyone’s rights. Kavya says to Vanraj that she has already returned the house. Vanraj tells Kavya that marks of wounds get left behind even after it gets healed. He tells Kavya that her given wound’s mark is just as deep as the wound. Vanraj explains to Kavya that he has got tired of fighting again and again. He says to Kavya that they are not able to keep each other happy. Vanraj tells Kavya that he tried to adjust with her, understand and tolerate her but failed. He makes it clear to Kavya that her deceit snatched their love and he doesn’t love her anymore.


Vanraj says he never appreciated Anupama but they had respect in their relationship. He tells Kavya that their relationship lacks respect as well as love and appreciation. Vanraj says to Kavya he doesn’t love and respect her. He says that a relationship should be ended if it doesn’t have love and respect. Vanraj again handovers Kavya the divorce papers. Kavya recalls her and Vanraj’s past moments. She destroys the divorce papers. Kavya says to Vanraj that she won’t let him leave her like he left Anupama. She tells Vanraj that she will not give him divorce at any cost. Vanraj leaves saying that she will have yo divorce him anyhow. Kavya keeps shouting that she won’t give divorce.

Kavya asks Anupama if she is happy? She doesn’t let Anupama say anything and challenges her for revenge. Vanraj says he will make Kavya sign the divorce papers anyhow. He thinks that now he will focus on his work and goal. Anuj takes a leave from Shahs. While leaving he tells Anupama that he is there if she needs any help. He asks her to take care of herself too. Kinjal takes Pakhi, Samar and Nandini inside on Anupama’s request. Baa says only this was left to happen. Bapuji says it’s not the first time as this used to happen with Anupama too but she never let family know about it.

Baa says it’s good Vanraj realized that marrying Kavya was the biggest mistake of his life. Bapuji asks Baa to not talk like this. Baa says Vanraj did the right thing by punishing Kavya like this. Anupama tells Baa that Bapuji forgave her even after she also committed a big mistake. She explains that a person commits a mistake but the whole family bears the punishment for it. She says it’s better to forgive the person who committed the mistake. Baa replies that Kavya did not commit a small mistake but bluffed them. Anupama says that at least Kavya realized her mistake at the end and corrected it for her true love and feelings for Vanraj. She says both Vanraj and Kavya are at fault.

Bapuji says Anupama is right as mistakes happen from both sides. He says Vanraj shouldn’t have taken this big decision in anger. Anupama says even modern women can’t handle divorce easily. She asks Baa can’t they respect other women’s pain being a woman themselves. Baa gets into thinking. On the other hand, Kavya thinks that she already faced defamation with her first divorce. She thinks that she left and lost everything for Vanraj. Kavya thinks she can’t lose Vanraj at any cost. Vanraj overhears her. GK and Vanraj discuss issues in Shah’s house. Anuj asks GK what he should do so that Anupama doesn’t get hurt anymore being part of the Shah family. He asks how he should ask God to give Anupama’s pain to him and let the latter have peace.

GK tells Anuj that he is Anupama’s peace. He asks Anuj to just support Anupama and let God handle everything. Dolly offers water to Anupama. She informs Anupama that she sent children with Baa and Bapuji to the temple. Dolly requests Anupama to try talking to Vanraj once. Anupama asks Dolly what she should talk to Vanraj. She asks Dolly why she should talk to Vanraj and interfere in his and Kavya’s life. Anupama tells Dolly that she knows about her trials to be away from Vanraj and Kavya’s life. Dolly tells Anupama that everything that happens in the shah house affects her life too. Anupama replies that it affects her children and Baa-Bapuji. Dolly tells Anupama that whatever affects her children and Baa-Bapuji affects her too.

Dolly tells Anupama that she felt bad for Kavya too when Vanraj handed her the divorce papers. She also asks Anupama to think how Vanraj and Kavya’s divorce will affect Pakhi and Samar. Dolly explains to Anupama that there will be a case, Alimony will be asked and fights/arguments will happen. She further explains to Anupama that children and Baa-Bapuji will have to go through financial, social and emotional trauma because of Vanraj and Kavya’s divorce. Kavya on the other side, requests Vanraj to not leave her as she will die without him.

Vanraj tells Kavya that he also broke when she bluffed him. Kavya tells Vanraj she will do anything he asks her to and requests him to not divorce her. Vanraj asks Kavya to just sign the divorce papers. Kavya asks Vanraj to think about how people make it difficult for a woman who gets divorced twice. Vanraj tells Kavya that her words and requests will not have any effect on him. Kavya asks Vanraj if he can’t see her love instead of her mistakes. She continuously requests Vanraj to forgive her. On the other hand, Dolly too continues to request Anupama to correct everything. Kavya reminds Vanraj of their past happy moments. She continues requesting Vanraj to not leave her.

Vanraj tears and destroys his and Kavya’s past happy moments pictures. Kavya tries to stop him from doing so. She tells Vanraj that she will change into what he wants her to. Vanraj apologizes to Kavya and tells her that their story ended here. He sees Anupama behind and leaves the room. Anupama looks at Kavya with shock and sympathy.

In the next episode, Kavya will hurt herself. She will tell Vanraj that she will complain to the police that he hurt/wounded her. Vanraj will shout Kavya. She will ask Vanraj to lower his voice otherwise neighbors will become witnesses in her case of domestic violence against him. Kavya’s words will shock Vanraj and Anupama. Anupama will tell Kavya that Vanraj never cheated, torture and beat her. Kavya will ask Anupama to think that she is taking her (Anupama’s) revenge. Anupama will get shocked and confused. Kavya will say that she will take revenge for everything she faced in Shah house.

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