Sasural Simar Ka 9th December 2021 Written Update Simar’s decision

Sasural Simar Ka 9th December 2021 Written Update Simar's decision

Sasural Simar Ka 9th December 2021 Written Update Simar’s decision Reema is much upset while thinking of Simar and Aarav’s broken up states. She recalls Badimaa’s words. Vivaan comes to the room and is much sad. Reema asks him the matter. He cries and hugs her. He asks her to never leave him and go. She asks him to tell her what is the matter. She can’t see him shattered. He tells that he can’t see his brother Aarav shattered. He tells that Aarav is his hero, he can’t see him shattered and defeated like this. He tells that Aarav is losing himself. He requests her to help Aarav move on, like she is helping Simar move on in her life. He tells that he has seen her efforts.

Reema promises him that he will help Aarav and not let him lose his path. Aarav goes to meet Simar, but gets blocked by the neighbors, who think he is some roadside romeo trying to trouble the Narayan family. They stop Aarav from going inside the house. They compel him to leave. Samar finds Aarav at the gate. Simar still misses Aarav. She has many emotions in her heart, which she wants to speak to Aarav. She doesn’t know what to write to bring out her emotions. She begins writing her emotions on the paper, by following Samar’s advice. She thanks Samar for giving her a new hope and courage to move on.

She wants Aarav to get such a reason to move on. She wishes that they both forget each other and stay happy. She prays that Aarav gets someone in his life. Reema meets her and throws the pictures of the girls on the table. Se asks Simar to choose the perfect girl for Aarav. She tells that Aarav has promised Sandhya that he will move on, who is ready to forget Simar, who isn’t stuck in his past. Simar is shattered to hear this.


Reema asks Simar to agree for the marriage, like Aarav has agreed for getting remarried. Indu finds Reema requesting Simar to move on. She tells that Simar has become history in that Sasural. She adds that everybody changes their colours in Oswal mansion so quickly. Simar asks what is she saying. Reema tells her that Sandhya has sent her with these pictures. Simar can’t believe it. Sandhya tells Aditi that she has sent Reema with the girls’ pictures, Reema was bothering her a lot so she asked Reema to ask Simar about it.

She thinks Simar knows Aarav’s choice well. Aditi asks Sandhya how could she get so insensitive. Indu gets angry on Sandhya when she hears this from Reema. Reema tells that she understands Simar, there is no need to check the profiles. She recalls Badimaa’s words and stops herself from becoming emotional. Simar asks Reema to leave the pictures with her, she will do this task and find a perfect life partner for Aarav. Reema feels guilty. She connects with Simar’s emotions. She leaves. Aditi asks Sandhya why did she hurt Simar’s wounds once again. She feels everything is going wrong. She goes to tell everything to Aarav.

Badimaa stops her from waking up Aarav. She asks Aditi to not disturb him and talk to him in the morning. She sends Aditi out. Aditi can’t let Simar suffer. She calls Gagan to take his help. She tells him everything done from her family’s side. Gagan asks how long will everyone break down Simar. Aditi asks him to explain Simar not to go through this torture. He thanks her for sharing the matter with him. He goes to meet Simar and stop her from hurting herself.

Indu asks Gagan to leave Simar alone at this time, she needs to become her own strength, she should gather herself back in a way that nobody breaks her down next time. Simar cries while seeing the girls profiles. She misses Aarav and recalls his words. She realizes that he always wanted a girl just like her, he just loved her, no one else. She feels Aarav is still with her. Aarav wakes up from sleep taking her name, and feels she is with him. They both cry for each other. Simar decides to marry Samar, just to help Aarav move on in his life. Keep reading.

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