Udaariyaan 16th December 2021 Written Update Party twist

Udaariyaan 16th December 2021 Written Update Party twist

Udaariyaan 16th December 2021 Written Update Party twist Fateh gets bothered by Tanya in the party. He stays away from Tanya. Angad and Tejo get under the limelight when Sharma and Tanya insist them for a dance performance. Sharma asks Angad and Tejo to kickstart the evening with their energetic performance. Tejo receives compliments for the dress Angad gifted her. Angad convinces Tejo for the dance. They both dance on the stage, when Fateh arrives there and finds them together. Fateh is shocked to see Tejo with Angad, which was much expected by him. He wishes that Tejo always stays happy with Angad, but didn’t expect them to be in Rampur. Fateh tries to hide from Tejo. He had seen Tejo and Angad at the petrol pump before, and chose to hide.

He again chooses to hide from Tejo, just to make her move ahead in her life. On the other hand, Jasmin gets Angad’s address by constantly troubling his office staff. She learns about Angad attending the engagement party in Rampur party hall and reaches there with a hope to find Tejo and Fateh. Jasmin’s guess really works because both Tejo and Fateh are in the same party, though away and unaware of their fate’s plan of bringing them together. Jasmin finds Tejo very happily dancing with Angad. She can’t see Tejo happy, when sorrow has come on her side. Jasmin plans her revenge on Tejo. How will Fateh protect Tejo’s happiness? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Jasmin plans to meet the trio at the engagement party and ruin their happiness. Jasmin plans her revenge, unaware that Tejo and Fateh aren’t together. Fateh and Tejo reach the same engagement party. Tejo gets restless with the feeling of Fateh’s presence. She looks for him and goes with Angad. Fateh is troubled by Tanya, who wantedly touches him and flirts. Fateh tries to get rid of her. Fateh will finally get to see Tejo in the party.


Udaariyaan 16th December 2021 Written Update Party twist:

Fateh misses to see Tejo entering the party hall. Angad cheers up Tejo by his charming side and makes her smile. They together pose for a perfect picture to keep it as a memory when they part ways after ending their fake engagement. Angad and Tejo meet Sharma and his wife Tanya. Tanya openly flirts with Angad and makes him uncomfortable. Angad asks Tejo to keep him away from Tanya, because he feels his respect is under threat when Tanya is around. Tejo laughs on him.

Sharma asks Tanya to stop flirting with Angad and others. Later, Fateh gets Sharma’s call who asks him to bring the charger from the car. Fateh takes his orders and enters the engagement hall, where Sharma’s niece Nupur gets engaged. Angad tells Tejo that their fake engagement was much more fun than this real boring engagement party. However, Tanya adds fun to the party by her bubbly dance performance. Angad tries to get away from Tanya, because of her flirting. Tanya and Sharma drag Angad and Tejo on the dance floor, and wait for their romantic dance performance.

Fateh gets to see the unexpected when he finds Angad and Tejo dancing on the stage. He just wants to hide from Tejo, and never let her know that he didn’t go to Canada with Jasmin. Jasmin also rushes to Rampur to find Angad, Tejo and Fateh. She wants to exact her revenge some how. Jasmin gets delayed in reaching the party hall, while Fateh plays hide and seek with Tejo. He doesn’t want Tejo or Angad to see him. He escapes closely when Angad is about to see him. He faces further problems when Tanya flirts with him and makes him uneasy. Fateh tells that he is not looking for anyone, but just present there for Sharma.

Tanya asks him to get wine for her. Fateh asks her choice. She thinks Fateh can’t be a driver, because he holds knowledge about wine. She wonders who is he and why is he working as a driver for Sharma. She decides to find out the truth. Jasmin steals the taxi when the driver delays her from reaching the destination. He stops at the dhaba to have tea, while she flees with the car just to reach the party in time. She informs Sweety about the car theft, which is just one thing done to reach Tejo and Fateh. Angad takes care of Tejo. Fateh happens to see them happy and thinks its better if he leaves from Tejo’s life forever. He doesn’t want to give them any sorrow by showing his face.

Fateh goes out and cries in Tejo’s memory. Tejo still feels his presence and gets restless. Angad comforts her and makes her smile like always. Jasmin finally reaches there. She gets to hear Fateh’s voice when he talks to the fellow drivers. She learns about Fateh’s presence, and even Fateh gets aware of her. Is this for real or again a hit and miss? Jasmin enters the party finds Tejo’s smiling face, while Tejo is busy dancing with Angad. Fateh and Jasmin get to see Tejo living her life happily with Angad, by forgetting her past. Which ways will they pick now? Keep reading.

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