Kundali Bhagya 16th December 2021 Written Update Mahesh meets Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 16th December 2021 Written Update Mahesh meets Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 16th December 2021 Written Update Mahesh meets Preeta Preeta joins the clinic after reaching there with difficulty. She gets blessed that her life will turn better, when her Kundali Bhagya returns in her life, in the form of Karan. Preeta gets a shock when she finds someone in her cabin, hiding in the darkness. She screams. She tries to run away. Its Mahesh who reaches her to take help. Mahesh remembers her despite his ill condition. Preeta shouts to get free. The lights come. She gets to see Mahesh and is shocked by his state. Mahesh begs her to save him and his family. Preeta is in disbelief after seeing Mahesh in the worst imagined state.

Prithvi dominates the family. Sherlyn asks him if Mahesh dies, staying alone in the mental asylum. He tells that Mahesh won’t die, Mahesh’s life and death is in his hands now. Mahesh gets caught by the asylum staff. Mahesh sees Preeta and shouts to her. The staff angrily drag him to the van. She asks the hospital staff to leave Mahesh free. The staff man tells her that Mahesh is mentally unstable and he has turned more dangerous now, they have to take him. Preeta can’t believe that Luthras aren’t taking care of Mahesh. She worries for Mahesh. Preeta decides to rescue Mahesh.

Earlier in the show, Preeta finds a beggar in trouble and helps her. The lady blesses Preeta, after seeing her good heart. She tells her that her Kundali Bhagya has brought her back, she will get completed now by meeting her fate. She predicts that the fate will bring happiness for Preeta. Preeta feels restless. She wants to move on and not think of her past. She loses the clinic’s address. She looks for the chit. She recalls the same incident that happened before. She thinks her fate is playing a game with her. She finds the clinic. She thinks of not letting any fear make a place in her heart.


Kundali Bhagya 16th December 2021 Written Update Mahesh meets Preeta:

Preeta learns that a mental patient has got inside the hospital. The man asks everyone to shut the doors and be careful. Preeta screams seeing Mahesh. She tries to run away. Mahsh stops her. Preeta is shocked to see Mahesh when the lights get on. Mahesh asks her to save him and their family. He tells that Prithvi has ruined them and took over the house. The hospital staff catch Mahesh. Preeta asks them to wait. Mahesh asks Preeta to take her home for Karan’s sake. He doesn’t want to go with them. He gets dragged by them. Preeta tries to save Mahesh. She asks why are they taking him.

The man tells that Mahesh is really dangerous, he can attack anyone. She tells that Mahesh isn’t mad. Mahesh calls Preeta for help. The man tells that Mahesh is admitted in the asylum by his family. Preeta is shocked to know this. She remembers how Mahesh had always been a fatherly figure for her. She had promised him that she will always be with him as his daughter. Mahesh tells Preeta that he isn’t mad. Preeta struggles to save him. She follows the van to the mental asylum. Preeta recalls Mahesh’s words. She reaches the asylum to meet Mahesh. Mahesh gets injected and dumped in his ward.

Mahesh gets tortured by electric shocks. She asks the doctor to stop it. The doctor and the staff turn dead towards her. She watches Mahesh getting the electric shocks and cries. Preeta wants an answer from the doctor. She asks the doctor why is he treating Mahesh this way. She tells that Mahesh is her dad. She asks the reason for turning deaf towards her when she stopped him. He tells that she should be knowing about it. She tells that she wasn’t living with Mahesh since some years. He tells that Mahesh doesn’t stay in his normal self, he is getting the best treatment, but the chances to save him are too less.

She wants to meet Mahesh once. He tells that the ambulance would have taken Mahesh home by now. Preeta goes to look for the ambulance. Shrishti calls her and asks where is she now. Preeta asks her not to miss her much. Dadi asks Shrishti to apply hair oil to her head. Preeta returns to the clinic to see the patients. She stays disturbed thinking of Mahesh. She wants to finish her work and just leave early. Shrishti calls her again. Preeta tells that she will get late today, she is going for a home visit, its an old patient. She leaves for Luthra mansion.

Shrishti tells Sarla that Preeta will get late today. She feels strange. She tells Sarla that Preeta was sounding tensed. Sarla tells that Preeta has forgotten the Luthras. She asks Shrishti to forget Sameer. Shrishti tells that she has forgotten Sameer, she has moved on. Dadi asks her to get married to someone. Sarla is very sure that Luthras have forgotten Preeta by now.

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