Yeh Rishta 17th December 2021 Written Update Abhi Aarohi wedding

Yeh Rishta 17th December 2021 Written Update Abhi Aarohi wedding

Yeh Rishta 17th December 2021 Written Update Abhi Aarohi wedding Parth says it seems Abhimanyu isn’t happy. Anand says they tried a lot to make Abhimanyu understand. He further says that this attitude will make Abhimanyu remain tense and not happy. Harshvardhan says it’s their duty to disperse Abhimanyu’s tension. He says to Anand that everything is going as they wanted and they should now get Abhimanyu married as soon as possible. Shefali says to Harshvardhan that Abhimanyu isn’t mentally prepared for marriage. Parth says they are talking about Abhimanyu’s life and whatever the latter told him, he said everything in anger. Harshvardhan says they should get Abhimanyu married as soon as possible as he (Abhimanyu) and the girl they selected both are ready for marriage.

Neil tries to make Harshvardhan understand that Abhimanyu took the decision of marriage in emotions. He says that there are different things going on in Abhimanyu’s heart and mind. Neil tells Harshvardhan that they have to listen to what Abhimanyu’s heart says. Harshvardhan asks Neil if he will tell him what to do. Neil says yes as he is not his son (Harshvardhan’s) but for sure he is Abhimanyu’s brother. Harshvardhan asks Neil to repeat what he said. Neil repeats and tells Harshvardhan that he is taking a wrong decision. Harshvardhan tries to raise his hand on Neil but the family stops him.

Mahima comes from behind and says that Neil is saying the right thing. She tells Harshvardhan that his decision is wrong as Abhimanyu is not in a mental state to get married right now. Abhimanyu goes to Manjiri’s room and sits near her feet. He tells sleeping Manjiri that he fought a lot but got defeated once again. Harshvardhan asks Mahima if his decision and Abhimanyu’s words are wrong? Mahima and Parth tell Harshvardhan that not Abhimanyu but he wants this marriage to take place. Harshvardhan says they can’t let Abhimanyu remain unmarried his whole life. He says that they should get Abhimanyu married soon. Mahima asks Harshvardhan, if he thinks marriage is a joke?


She says everything will get ruined if they will think about Abhimanyu’s marriage so soon. Parth requests Harshvardhan to give some time to Abhimanyu to get normal. Harshvardhan says Abhimanyu was never normal and will never get normal. He says to Anand that should fix Abhimanyu’s marriage as soon as possible with Aarohi. This shocks the whole Birla family. Harshvardhan asks what’s the problem in it? At the hospital Aarohi thinks soon she and Abhimanyu will be the best couple. She thinks that she will convince everyone, Goenkas as well as Birlas. Aarohi dreams of becoming Aarohi Birla. Parth tells Harshvardhan his decision is not right.

Harshvardhan asks Parth what qualities does Aarohi lack? He says Aarohi is beautiful, talented and saved Abhimanyu’s life two times. Harshvardhan says Aarohi will be a good doctor in their hospital and a good wife in Abhimanyu’s life. In a low voice, Neil says that Harshvardhan prioritizes the hospital’s name even before his own son. Mahima says Abhimanyu loves Akshara and Aarohi is Akshara’s sister and this will ruin the further matters. She asks why Goenkas will agree to this marriage. Anand says Aarohi will convince Goenkas. Harshvardhan says he will ask Aarohi to talk to her family. Harshvardhan says he will handle everything. Anand supports Harshvardhan.

Mahima says if everything settles, who will convince Abhimanyu to get married to Aarohi. Abhimanyu overhears his family’s conversation. Harshvardhan tells Abhimanyu that they want him to get married to Aarohi as he, Anand and Manjiri like Aarohi for him. Other family members request Abhimanyu to take a decision by thinking properly as it’s a question of his whole life. Abhimanyu agrees to Harshvardhan’s decision. Harshvardhan asks Abhimanyu if he will talk to Aarohi Abhimanyu agrees to talk to Abhimanyu. Neil gets tensed for not being able to help Abhimanyu. Mahima thinks everything will get ruined if Aarohi becomes the daughter in law of Birla family as Abhimanyu’s wife.

Abhimanyu reaches the hospital and sees Aarohi working. He recalls discussing his marriage decision with Manjiri. He reminds Manjiri that she only told him to marry who loves him not who he loves. Manjiri says she only wants his consent. Abhimanyu tells Manjiri he is doing everything with his consent and asks her to not worry. Flashback ends. Abhimanyu asks Aarohi if she is ready to marry him. Aarohi gets surprised by Abhimanyu’s question. She immediately replies that she wants to marry him. Abhimanyu asks Aarohi if she wants to marry him even after knowing that he is marrying her only for his mother’s happiness and still loves Akshara. Aarohi replies to Abhimanyu that she wants to marry him even after knowing everything. She tells Abhimanyu that she knows both of them will get well with each other one day.

Aarohi further says that she has an urge to get anything she wants. She tells Abhimanyu that one day she will win his love. Aarohi agrees to Abhimanyu’s each and every condition. In her mind, Aarohi thinks that she will make Abhimanyu fall for her anyhow. Abhimanyu informs Harshvardhan that he talked to Aarohi about marriage and tells Harshvardhan that he will reach wherever he will call him and at any time. Abhimanyu asks a nurse for some help. Aarohi asks Goenkas to have sweets. On the other side, Akshara reaches her NGO on being called. Abhimanyu saves Akshara from falling and tells her that he called her by NGO’s name.

At Goenka house, Aarohi shocks her family by telling them that she agreed to Abhimanyu’s marriage proposal. Abhimanyu too shocks Akshara by revealing that he is getting married to Aarohi. He asks Akshara to prepare a dance performance on “Jinke aage ji”. He congratulates Akshara on Aarohi and his marriage. Manish refuses to get Aarohi married to Abhimanyu. Swarna also doesn’t agree to this marriage. Aarohi argues and asks her family what their problem is.

Manish still refuses to get Aarohi and Abhimanyu married Abhimanyu leaves Akshara alone. Akshara breaks down recalling her moments with Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu stops somewhere and feels broken. Aarohi on the other side feels angry with her family’s refusal. In the next episode, Abhimanyu will bring a marriage proposal for Aarohi with his family to Geonka house. Kairav will tell Abhimanyu that they can’t accept a marriage where there is no love. Abhimanyu will say that it will be an arranged marriage, where there will be no love but an intention to support each other. He will request Manish to give his consent for his (Abhimanyu) and Aarohi’s marriage as everyone’s happiness is in his hand now.

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