Sasural Simar Ka 18th December 2021 Written Update New vow

Sasural Simar Ka 18th December 2021 Written Update New vow

Sasural Simar Ka 18th December 2021 Written Update New vow Aarav returns home in the morning. Sandhya and Badimaa are relieved to see him fine. They question about his absence at night. Aarav tells that he wanted to stay out of the home at night. He adds that he has lost his life’s meaning, he has nobody to care for him, and even he doesn’t care for his life. He apologizes to them. Badimaa is happy that he is safe. Mohit couldn’t harm Aarav. Chitra asks him how will he kill Aarav. She scolds him for failing in his love. She asks him how will he proceed.

Mohit points the gun at her. He tells that he will kill Aarav, he isn’t scared of anyone. Rana stops his madness. He tells that Gitanjali will not spare him. Mohit tells that he isn’t scared of Gitanjali. He threatens to kill Gitanjali before Aarav. Chitra lies the idea. She tells that Gitanjali shows that she is immortal but she is also a human, who can die anytime. She asks Mohit to spare Aarav for some time and target Gitanjali/Badimaa first. Mohit tells that great minds think alike. Chitra asks how will they kill Gitanjali. Giriraj meets them.

He learns Chitra’s plotting against his mother. He takes Chitra aside to rebuke her. He asks her not to talk about killing his mother. She tells that she hates his mother. He asks her to think if Gajender will sit silent and spare them. He tells that Gajender will destroy them. He asks her to plan their re-entry in Oswal mansion. He tells that they have to wash their sins first. Yamini asks Simar if she has agreed for marrying Samar by her wish.


Simar tells that she has agreed by her self will. Yamini tells that nobody will get her married against her will. She asks Simar to tell the truth. Indu watches Yamini instigating Simar. Simar introduces Indu to Yamini. Indu asks her how did she come home. Yamini tells that she came to know about Simar’s roka with Samar. Simar drops the tea cup by mistake. Indu tells Yamini that things once broken can’t be fixed. She angrily taunts Simar and goes away with Yamini, leaving Simar alone. Aarav gets restless that he lost Simar’s mangalsutra. He thinks he left it at Yamini’s house.

Yamini defends Aarav when Indu tells how Simar was insulted and ousted from Oswal mansion. Yamini tells that she knows the pain of a heartbreak, she has seen Aarav and Simar’s pain. She tells that she is also like Simar’s mum. Indu asks her to leave if she wants to defend Aarav. She doesn’t entertain Yamini and asks her to go away. Samar finds Yamini in the house. He regrets that she chose Aarav over him. He asks Yamini not to explain him anything. She tells that she didn’t choose Aarav between Aarav and him. He tells that he loves her as a son, and wanted to bring Simar to her house after the marriage, but now he won’t.

Yamini wants to explain him that she supports true love. She doesn’t want Aarav and Simar’s love to lose. Reema meets Simar to share some facts. She tells that Aarav had agreed to move on, but when he knew that Simar came to meet him, he had lost his mind again. She blames Simar for provoking Aarav. She tells that Aarav had got overdrunk and didn’t return home at night. She asks Simar if she wants to become a reason for Aarav’s destruction. Simar tells that she wants Aarav’s betterment. Reema asks her to just do the right. Yamini finds Aarav home. He asks for the lost mangalsutra. She promises to save Aarav and Simar’s relation.

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  1. How come reema playing such a dirty game with her own sister, why can’t they show sibling bonding, these serials off late too much destroying Indian culture and trying to teach youngsters how to plan evil things.. i feel if you are too obedient and faithful, you are bound to suffer..we need to be selfish…


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