Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd December 2021 Written Update Warped fate

Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd December 2021 Written Update Warped fate

Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd December 2021 Written Update Warped fate Ruhi reaches a FM radio office. She tells the receptionist that she wants to give an advertisement on Radio. Receptionist asks Ruhi, who she came with? She asks Ruhi about her parents. Ruhi replies saying that she came alone. Receptionist asks Ruhi, what type of advertisement she wants to give? Ruhi tells the receptionist that she wants to give an advertisement to get a good husband for her mother and a father for her. Receptionist asks Ruhi not to play any prank and leaves.

Ruhi tells the receptionist that she is not playing a prank and shows her piggy bank. Receptionist angrily asks Ruhi to leave. A RJ comes outside and picks up Ruhi. He asks who this cute baby is. Receptionist tells RJ that she will handle naughty Ruhi and send her home. Ruhi says she is not playing any prank and instead came to give an advertisement to search for a good husband for her mother. RJ laughs and takes Ruhi with himself to his station. He shows his working station to Ruhi and asks her what type of advertisement she wants to give. Ruhi says she wants to search for a good husband for her mother as she is alone and needs someone to take care of her.

RJ asks Ruhi about her mother’s name and profession. Ruhi replies that her mother is a doctor and her name is Dr. Priya Sharma. RJ asks Ruhi what type of husband she wants for her mother? Ruhi cutely replies that she wants someone who can take care of her mother, save her mother from any problem, who is strong enough to beat the goons and love her and her mother a lot. RJ asks Ruhi to say her cute request herself on the radio to the listeners. RJ starts his show and tells his viewers that a cute kid wants to make some request on the show.


Ruhi starts with introducing herself. She tells the listeners that she is searching for a caring and loving husband for her mother. She gives the address, name and other details of her mother. RJ too requests his listeners to fulfill this innocent child’s wish as soon as possible. He tells that little innocent Ruhi is searching for a good husband for her mother and responsible father for herself as she loves her mother a lot. Ruhi says yes she loves her mother a lot. RJ requests his listeners to meet Ruhi’s mother at her clinic. He plays some songs for his listeners. Ruhi thanks the RJ. RJ asks Ruhi to thank him when she will successfully find a good husband for mother.

Ruhi asks RJ to take her piggy bank which has a lot of money for helping her. RJ calls Ruhi sweet and refuses to take any money from her. Ruhi asks RJ when will her advertisement reach people. Rj tells Ruhi that her advertisement has already reached and got heard by the whole country. Ruhi says that it’s a surprise for her mother. She leaves the station and RJ hopes for Ruhi’s best. Ruhi goes to Rudra and tells him that she already gave an advertisement on live Radio for her mother. Rudra continuously asks Ruhi what advertisement she gave for mother? Ruhi tells Rudra she can’t reveal as it’s her personal matter.

Rudra says to Ruhi that he also told her his personal matter that he is searching for someone. He requests Ruhi to tell him what her mother wants for which she gave an advertisement. Rudra tickles Ruhi from a distance. He plays and enjoys playing with Ruhi a lot. After a lot of tickling by Rudra, Ruhi starts telling Rudra about the advertisement she gave on Radio. But before she could tell further she runs away hearing Prisha’s footsteps outside the home. Rudra suddenly realizes that Ruhi brought his smile back and he didn’t even drink a little because of Ruhi. Next morning, get ready early for her school.

Prisha gives Ruhi her tiffin. Ruhi starts singing Khurana’s family song, “Will You Marry Me”. Prisha recalls her moments with Rudra singing the same song. She continues recalling Rudra and her kisses. Ruhi brings Prisha out of her flashback. Before leaving for school Ruhi asks Prisha to give her the good news when she returns from school. Prisha asks what type of good news. Ruhi tells Prisha that she is the best mother in the world and should get the best only. She leaves saying, “I Love You” to Prisha. Prisha thinks about why Ruhi is behaving differently. She thinks that she is leaving easily because of and for Ruhi only.

At the clinic Veena tells Prisha that a lot of patients are waiting outside her clinic. Veena laughs informing Prisha that only male patients have arrived outside the clinic. Veena sends a person. Prisha finds the person and his words weird. She angrily sends the person away. Second person enters and makes Prisha irritated and angry with his words too. She sends the person outside. Third person speaks a shayari and offers Prisha a rose. Prisha throws everyone outside one by one. She and Veena feel weird with everyone’s behavior. A person makes Prisha and Veena hear Ruhi’s advertisement on Radio. He tells Prisha’s daughter herself gave a marriage advertisement for her mother on Radio.

Prisha and Veena send the person outside. Prisha feels bad with Ruhi’s behavior. Head of the village misunderstands Prisha and tries to teach her a lesson. Veena asks Prisha to not scold Ruhi. Prisha says she needs to make Ruhi understand. Ruhi asks Prisha how her surprise was? She also asks Prisha to give her the good news. Prisha angrily asks Ruhi why she gave such an advertisement on Radio. She asks Ruhi who taught her to give her marriage advertisement? She continues questioning Ruhi and asks her why she thought that her mother needed a husband. Prisha asks Ruhi did she let her feel a lack of something.

Ruhi apologizes to Prisha saying that she did all this to make her happy. She tells Prisha that she heard Veena telling her that everyone troubles her because she is a single mother. Ruhi says she also heard that if Prisha will have a husband, then nobody will trouble her. Prisha feels shocked and emotional with Ruhi’s words. She tells Ruhi that she doesn’t need anyone as she has her (Ruhi). Ruhi says to Prisha that she can’t help her now as she is still a little child. She tells Prisha that she will help her after growing up. Ruhi tells Prisha that for now she needs someone to help her. Prisha tells Ruhi that she doesn’t need anyone. Ruhi says she also needs a father.

In the next episode, Prisha will ask Ruhi if she ever made her feel that she needs a father? Ruhi will tell Prisha that she needs her father and mother both. Rudra will see goons throwing Ruhi’s house stuff here and there. He will beat the goons badly. Prisha will wonder who did all this? A person will come and say that he beat the goons. It seems to be Yuvraj’s voice. Stay tuned.

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