Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th December 2021 Written Update Rudra Prisha meet

Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th December 2021 Written Update Rudra Prisha meet

Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th December 2021 Written Update Rudra Prisha meet Yuvraj reaches Ruhi’s school. Ruhi’s teacher asks him who he is? Yuvraj says Ruhi is just like his daughter. He tells Ruhi’s teacher that Ruhi’s mom is his good friend. Yuvraj says he will forward her message to Ruhi’s mom. Ruhi’s teacher tells Yuvraj that Ruhi is not concentrating on her studies these days and scoring less. Yuvraj tells Ruhi’s teacher that recently some goons came and troubled Ruhi and her mother. He asks the teacher to understand that Ruhi got stressed by what happened at her house.

Yuvraj asks the teacher to understand Ruhi, help and handle her in her difficult times being her teacher. He reminds Ruhi’s teacher that teachers are like God to children. Ruhi’s teacher apologizes and says she will take care of Ruhi from now on. She asks Ruhi to concentrate on her studies now. Ruhi agrees. Yuvraj says he will too help Ruhi and teach her as he is good in mathematics. He promises Ruhi’s teacher that Ruhi will score good in mathematics. Yuvraj picks up Ruhi. Ruhi thanks Yuvraj for rescuing and helping her.

Yuvraj tells Ruhi to thank him as he is just like her father. He tells Ruhi that he will always protect her till he is with her. He asks Ruhi if she wants to stay with him. Ruhi says she has decided to convince her mother to make him (Yuvraj/Raj) her husband. Yuvraj gets happy and revolves Ruhi in his arms. He fakes love towards Ruhi. Yuvraj tells Ruhi that he prayed to God to make her his daughter. He further tells Ruhi that he likes spending time with her. Ruhi tells Yuvraj that she too likes spending time with him and he is the best choice to become her father.


Yuvraj asks Ruhi how she will convince her angry mother. Ruhi says she knows how to persuade her mother. She tells Yuvraj that she will try to get him and her mother to go on a date together. Ruhi says being at the same place, her mother will have to talk to him anyhow. Yuvraj asks Ruhi who gave her the idea of sending him and her mother on a date. Ruhi stops herself from blurting Rudra’s name and tells Yuvraj that her Ruhana teacher gave her this idea. Ruhi tells Yuvraj that her Ruhana teacher locks the two fighting kids in a room to talk and clear their misunderstandings.

Yuvraj tells Ruhi that he will make preparations for the date and will call her to bring her mother to the finalized place. Ruhi leaves, saying goodbye to Ruhi. Yuvraj thinks he did a lot of hard work to fool and trap Ruhi. He further thinks that Prisha will have to come to him for Ruhi’s sake some day. Ruhi meets Rudra and tells him that Raj saved her from her school teacher’s scolding. She tells Rudra that she has planned everything for her mother and Raj’s date. Ruhi says that she hopes her mother will forgive Raj. Rudra asks Ruhi to not worry as he too prayed to God to make everything go good.

He asks Ruhi to tell her mother to go on a date all decked up. Ruhi says she will do as he said. Ruhi leaves and takes out Prisha’s clothes and jewelry. Prisha asks what she is doing. Ruhi tells Prisha that she has to come with her to her school’s Christmas party. She asks Prisha to wear her chosen outfit to the Christmas party and look the most beautiful. Prisha asks Ruhi why she has to look the most beautiful? Ruhi tells Prisha that she has to look most beautiful because she is her mother. Prisha agrees to Ruhi and calls her “Nani Maa”. Ruhi asks Prisha, will she too call her “Nani Maa”? Ruhi stops herself from blurting Rudra’s name and says Ruhana mam calls her Nani Maa sometimes.

Ruhi runs away rubbing her nose. Prisha thinks who is Ruhana Mam? Ruhi takes decked up Prisha to a secluded place set up for a date. She apologizes to Prisha for lying to her. Yuvraj comes there and says Ruhi wanted her to meet him. Prisha asks Ruhi why she lied to her, when she asked her to stay away from Raj. She continues questioning Ruhi why she brought her to Raj? Rubi reminds Prisha that she only told her that conversation solves big problems. She asks Prisha to clear her misunderstandings with Raj. Prisha gets angry and asks her to return home with her.

Yuvraj takes Prisha aside and asks her to make a decision between her ego and her daughter’s happiness. Ruhi leaves, requesting Prisha to patch up with Raj. She goes and informs Rudra that his idea is going successful. Rudra feels happy seeing Ruhi happy. Ruhi tells Rudra that she wished that Raj and her mother would become good friends. Rudra asks Ruhi to not worry as God will do what is right for them. Ruhi tells Rudra that she is going to the Christmas party held at Saachi’s home. Rudra stops and tells Ruhi that he thought they enjoy, play and dance together. He feels bad thinking Ruhi will leave him alone.

Ruhi asks Rudra to come to Saanchi’s party with her. She gives Rudra the idea that how can he go to the party with her. Ruhi brings Rudra dressed up as Santa to Saanchi’s Christmas party. When Saanchi recognises Rudra she feels surprised. Ruhi tells Saanchi how she got Rudra dressed up as Santa and brought him to the Christmas party. Flashback shows Ruhi helping Rudra dress up as Santa. Father and Daughter’s beautiful bond can be seen in this flashback. Saanchi kisses and thanks Ruhi for the beautiful surprise. Ruhi picks up Saanchi and Ruhi and revolves them between all the kids, while “Jingle Bell” plays in the background.

Kids ask for gifts from Santa Rudra. Rudra starts playing games with kids to distract them from the gifts topic. Kids enjoy and play games. Ruhi gets angry when Rudra announces Saanch as the winner of the game. Rudra encourages Ruhi to not get upset as she can win in other games. Ruhi wishes that Raj would convince Prisha to patch up. At the date place, Yuvraj asks Prisha to not think of him as her old enemy and talk to him . Prisha reminds Yuvraj that he is her enemy only.

In the next episode, Rudra will feel some connection and happiness with Ruhi. Prisha will go to pick up Ruhi from Saanchi’s Christmas party. She will collide with Rudra in Santa’s costume. Both of them will feel and recognise each other.

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  1. Y’all dragging this too much, getting more boring than it already is. Please remember people are in lockdown due to pandemic which is kicking up every few weeks, so viewers need some entertainment. If you keep producing thus kinda crap then, goodbye to getting top rating👎


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