Kundali Bhagya 30th December 2021 Written Update Preeta’s pledge

Kundali Bhagya 30th December 2021 Written Update Preeta's pledge

Kundali Bhagya 30th December 2021 Written Update Preeta’s pledge Preeta asks the family to stay according to her rules and regulations. She tells that those who aren’t ready to obey her can leave the house. She gives time to everyone to decide if they want to leave. She tells that nobody moved from their places, it means they are ready to accept her as the house owner, and also accept to stay according to her rules. She tells that she is really tired, she wants to take some rest. She asks Girish to prepare the biggest room of the house for her. She knows that Prithvi would have occupied it by now. She asks Natasha who is she.

Natasha introduces herself as Sherlyn’s younger sister. Preeta hopes that Natasha isn’t like Sherlyn. She asks Girish to throw out Prithvi’s belongings and clean the room. She tells that she will give one day for the professional cleaning. She tells that she will take Karan’s room for a day. She asks Prithvi to get lost if he doesn’t agree to her. She tells them that the one who got Karan so drunk will take care of him. Sherlyn stops Natasha from going to Karan. Preeta goes to Karan’s room. She gets emotional recalling the moments spent with Karan in the room. She tells that she loves Karan a lot, she was much hurt by the past wounds, but her wounds healed on hearing his confession.

She wishes to tell him that she also loves him a lot. The family takes care of Karan. Natasha tells that its good that Karan is so drunk, he got saved from Preeta’s shock. Kritika tells that Karan will be hurt when he realizes Preeta’s motives, he won’t be able to come out of this shock. Kareena and Bani get angry on Preeta, thinking Preeta is really a fraud. Sameer thinks whatever happened is good. He feels its better that Preeta is the owner instead Prithvi. Natasha asks him if he always supported Preeta. She knows that he will favor Preeta. She brainwashes the family against Preeta. The family likes Natasha. Kareena thinks of Mahesh’s reaction to Preeta’s return and the fraud.


She tells that Mahesh trusted Preeta so much, but Preeta took an advantage of his goodness. She cries thinking he will be so heartbroken. Kritika tells that they have lost everything to Prithvi and Preeta. Prithvi calms down his anger. He doesn’t want Preeta to snatch anything from him. He tells that just he will rule over the Luthras. Preeta hugs Mahesh’s picture. She promises that she will take care of the family and return Mahesh’s lost pride. She wants Mahesh to lead the family with the same powers. She tells that she will prove that Mahesh isn’t mentally unstable. She pledges to get back the lost Kundali Bhagya.

Sherlyn asks Natasha to go close to Karan and pretend their intimacy, once Natasha becomes Mrs. Karan Luthra, then their motives will be fulfilled. She is worried that Preeta has come back. Natasha asks Sherlyn to make Bani out of the room, Karan is in Bani’s room. She plans to go to stay with Karan in Bani’s room. Sherlyn tells that Preeta is really cunning, she will understand their plan. She is stressed that Karan confessed love to Preeta in front of everyone. Natasha asks why didn’t Karan go to Preeta’s house if he loves her. Sherlyn asks her not to trouble her. Natasha asks Sherlyn what does she want.

Sherlyn asks her to talk to her in low tone. She threatens to throw Natasha out of the house. She tells that its too tough to defeat Preeta, she will always come back. Natasha tells that Preeta has come back to rule. Sherlyn tells that she felt Preeta will never come back, but Preeta has come back once again, Preeta and Karan love each other a lot, though they fight a lot, if Preeta knows that Natasha is planning something against her, then Preeta will throw her out. She asks Natasha to wait for her orders. Natasha asks why is she lecturing her. Sherlyn tells that no plan can get executed when Preeta is around.

Natasha tells that Sherlyn was wrong to underestimate Preeta. She asks Sherlyn not to underestimate her also. Preeta thinks everyone has gone to sleep. She goes to meet Mahesh, but comes across Rakhi. Rakhi tells that she always knew Preeta well. She believes that Preeta is still the same. She just wants to tell Preeta that she is still standing by her. She asks Preeta to tell her whatever is there in her heart. She promises to not tell anyone about it.

Preeta pretends that she doesn’t understand anything. Rakhi asks why is she doing this. She tells that nothing stays hidden from a mother. Preeta tells that she really has the will papers. Rakhi isn’t talking about the papers, but Preeta’s pretence. She asks the reason for the false put up. She tells that her Preeta was the one who took care of everyone. She can’t accept that Preeta married Karan for the sake of money. She knows that Preeta can never make relations for money.

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  1. Same story repeated earlier in KUMKUM DURBHAGYA, all girls of moti sarla , bring DURBHAGYA to Mehra and Luthra family , don’t watch KUNDALI DURBHAGYA

  2. I am going to suit the company because always Prithvi ask The God to save him and his wish fullfill by The God and when good character ask for help they never get relief from God,It means that The God of good people don’t work for them but The God of evils always work for their people, in other words our God has no power to save him believer , that is why Prithvi, Sherlyn,Aliya,Tanu are enjoying life and other are living miserable life.

  3. Same story repeating all the time. It’s getting so boring. Why Sherlyn never get caught yet for all her wrong doings. Always the good ones get separated. Every series sames story. Come on writer you can do better than this

  4. Always running around circles, all stories look alike. Evil Always walks free. I still can’t believe sonakshi went scot-free without her being exposed imagine she killed a child for goodness sake!!! Are you guys encouraging us to do evil or what because that’s all we are seeing

  5. This show is useless from the beging me and my family have stop watching it .this is not fate or kundali bhagya this is nonsense always the evils win .pls stop wasting our time or using the show to make money by prolonging nonsense the thing that is get me angring about the writer is that as preeta have come back in her avatar form sherlyn and prithvi will still win and the luthra will throw her out of the house again still acting thesame thing pls writer that is foolishness rubbish. If u want to prolong it make it like kumkum bhagya at less pragya manage to teach Aliya tanu and nikel a lesson pls use ur sense for once stop acting rubbish because this is no fate but this is rubbish for Godsake

  6. This is the useless show I have ever watch in my live I think the writer is a bad person that’s why sherlyn and prithvi always win. pls do away with prithvi and sherlyn and bring a new villian if u want to prolong the serie. Me I have change to bad person because good things goes to bad people and bad thins goes to good people. Reason I am still watching the series is because I hope sherlyn and prithvi get the punishment of there life by preeta. The only senseable person in kundali bhagya is Sala
    I think I will stop watching the show because I think the writer and the producer are doing all this for game and purpolaritie that’s why they are acting rubbish and thesame think. I Kwon how the show will end Karan and preeta will die after all there plight by prithvi.


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