Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th December 2021 Written Update Close meet

Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th December 2021 Written Update Close meet

Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th December 2021 Written Update Close meet Yuvraj asks Prisha to talk to him for just five. He asks Prisha why she is behaving like he is her biggest enemy. Prisha asks Yuvraj then who is he if not her enemy? She tells Yuvraj that he is even worse than her enemy as attacks behind her back. Yuvraj asks why she always brings the past as human changes. She tells Yuvraj that he is not human as he is using a little innocent kid Ruhi for his evil purpose. She asks him why he came back into her life when she asked him not to.

Yuvraj tells Prisha that he always obeys her. He tells Prisha that he came because of Ruhi as she brought him back. Prisha calls Yuvraj a liar. Yuvraj asks Prisha to remember that Ruhi asked them to patch up. He asks Prisha to see how much effort Ruhi has put on their date decoration. Yuvraj further asks Prisha if she didn’t see tears in Ruhi’s eyes. He says that he has so much humanity that he will come wherever Ruhi will ask him to, seeing her tears and innocence. Prisha asks Yuvraj to shut his nonsense. Yuvraj reminds Prisha that she used to love him at some point of her life.

On the other hand, Rudra is seen playing games with kids in Santa’s costume. Saanch again wins the game. Ruhi gets sad because of not winning any game and sits aside. Yuvraj reminds Prisha that he was the hero of their story initially and became a villain. He blames change in Prisha’s attitude towards him and says that made him a villian. Prisha starts leaving but Yuvraj stops her. Yuvraj asks Prisha to think why little innocent Ruhi came to him. He asks Prisha to question Ruhi about why she came to him. He says Ruhi came to him because he saved her from the goons. Prisha gets shocked and worried. She asks Yuvraj which goons he is talking about. Yuvraj sarcastically says, he sent goons to kidnap Ruhi.


He then becomes serious and tells Prisha that they were the same goons who tried to damage her house. Prisha says Ruhi didn’t tell her anything about goons. Yuvraj tells Prisha that Ruhi is similar to her in nature; intelligent, sensitive and sensible. He tells Prisha that Ruhi can’t see her tense and thus may have hid about the goons. At Saanchi’s Christmas party, Saanchi again wins another game. Ruhi again sits aside, getting sad. At the date venue, Yuvraj tells Prisha that every woman needs a strong life partner once in life. He asks Prisha if she wants Ruhi to face the same things that Saaransh faced in school and went through in his life.

Yuvraj tells Prisha that he understands that she doesn’t need a husband. He asks her to understand that Ruhi needs a father and he needs a daughter. Yuvraj gets fully dramatic to fool and trap Prisha. At Saanchi’s Christmas party, Rudra asks Ruhi if she got tired by playing or by losing again and again. Ruhi asks Rudra to not make her angry. Rudra asks her why is her mood so bad? Ruhi tells Rudra that he is a bad referee as he made her lose. Rudra asks how he made her lose? Ruhi says he didn’t make her win any game. She asks Rudra shouldn’t he have announced her as the winner instead of others as she brought him to the party not anyone else. Rudra asks Ruhi if she is asking him to cheat.

He asks her if should go and complain to her mother? Ruhi says she will complain to her mother that he is always making Saanchi win. She asks Rudra if he is her Rudra or Saanchi’s? Rudra smiles. Ruhi asks Rudra why is he smiling, when she is angry? Rudra tells Ruhi that he is smiling because she looks cute just like Prisha in anger. Ruhi asks what? Rudra changes his words and tells Ruhi that she is his favorite. Ruhi asks Rudra then why he didn’t take her side. Rudra says he is Santa. He asks Ruhi to think if someone else would have been Santa in his place and he would have preferred the other kid, wouldn’t she and other kids have felt bad and unfair treatment.

Rudra further asks Ruhi wouldn’t she have felt bad if other kids would have called him a cheater. Ruhi understands Rudra’s perspective. Ruhi says to Rudra that being younger than other kids she would never win. Rudra tells Ruhi that he will make everyone play the game in which only Ruhi will win. On the other hand, Yuvraj thinks that he will keep trying to convince Prisha to come to him for Ruhi. He fakes concern for Ruhi. Yuvraj tells Prisha that he will keep fighting for Ruhi. He tries to make Prisha realize that Ruhi is breaking from inside and wants a father. Yuvraj goes on his knees and requests Prisha to let him become a part of her life for Ruhi. He tells Prisha that he can’t live without Ruhi.

Prisha asks Yuvraj to stay away from her. She tells Yuvraj that she knows what is best for Ruhi. Prisha tells Yuvraj that Ruhi wants a father but. She tells Yuvraj that he is not capable of becoming Ruhi’s father. Prisha further tells Yuvraj that if Ruhi really needs a father then God will fulfill her wish. At the same time on the other side, Rudra makes everyone’s pairs and announces “Dum Charades” game with headphones twist. He becomes Ruhi’s parent for the game. Saanchi and her mother start the game. Saanchi’s mother fails to recognise the song. Everyone else also plays the game and enjoys it. Then Ruhi and Rudra’s turn arrives.

Ruhi sings “Will You Marry Me”. After some tries Rudra successfully guesses the song. Flashbacks of Ruhi and Rudra’s spent time are shown. Rudra sings the same song and dances with Ruhi. Rudra reveals to Ruhi that he was intentionally taking time to guess the song to tease her. Ruhi tells Rudra that she is very similar to him and went on with him rather than her mother. Rudra hugs Ruhi tightly and kisses her forehead. On the other hand, Prisha tells Yuvraj that God will bring a good father for Ruhi, who will understand her feelings, keep her happy, love her and protect her more than his own life. At the same time, on the other hand, Rudra saves Ruhi from a falling Christmas tree.

Prisha tells Yuvraj that Ruhi would get a father if it would be written in her fate. She warns Yuvraj to not even think of taking Ruhi’s father’s place and asks him to leave her life. Prisha leaves the venue threatening Yuvraj. Yuvraj gets angry for failing in trapping and brainwashing Prisha. Rudra asks Ruhi if she is fine. Ruhi tells she is okay and says, “I love you” to Rudra. They hug each other tightly. Everyone enjoys the Christmas party with dance. Ruhi helps Rudra with his Santa beard. On the other side, the Village head plans to take revenge on Prisha by destroying her clinic. His goons burn Prisha’s clinic.

Prisha leaves to pick up Prisha. Rudra feels itchy because of Santa’s beard. He goes outside to take some relief from beard. Prisha passes from behind him. In the next episode, Prisha will cry seeing her broken and burnt clinic. Ruhi will get sad hearing village head’s goons threatening Prisha for clinic rent. Ruhi will share about it with Rudra, who will feel sad for Ruhi. Rudra and Prisha will collide and feel each other’s presence.

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