Sasural Simar Ka 31st December 2021 Written Update Painful love

Sasural Simar Ka 31st December 2021 Written Update Painful love

Sasural Simar Ka 31st December 2021 Written Update Painful love Avinash answers Gitanjali’s accusations on Simar. He tells that Simar was innocent, she married Aarav just to save her parents’ respect, but the marriage was proved as a punishment for Simar. He tells that Aarav didn’t get destroyed because of Simar. He tells that Aarav has destroyed himself on his own, Simar is innocent, she has nothing to do if Aarav’s life is wronged. He tells that Aarav isn’t any little kid to get spoilt by Simar, he is just adamant to get Simar, so he forgot everything. He protects her daughter’s name from the mess.

He tells Gitanjali/Badimaa that Aarav had come to ask Simar to elope with him, but Simar refused to Aarav. He tells that Simar’s relation with music is pure, they are proud of her. He tells that one who can’t understand this doesn’t deserve Simar at all. He insults back Gitanjali. He tells that now their terms are just because of Reema, the families should remember that. He tells that they will not have any new relation between the families. He clears the matter to Badimaa and asks her to leave. Badimaa leaves from the house with her family, while Aditi stands crying. Gajender takes Aditi with him. Simar breaks down. She can’t go against her parents.

Avinash asks the family members to prepare the rituals for Simar and Samar’s marriage. Simar is doing everything for Aarav, because she can’t see him in he jail. Aarav isn’t freed from the jail. Aarav recalls how Simar refused to come with him. Badimaa stops Reema from coming with them. She tells that they have to keep their relations because of Reema. She permits Reema to handle Simar’s marriage arrangements. She asks Vivaan to stay back with Reema. She tells that he can ask Gajender and her help if needed. Vivaan and Reema are thankful to her.


Badimaa calls the Inspector. She asks him to take care of Aarav in the lockup. Aarav is provided the food in the lockup, but he doesn’t eat anything. The family gets busy in the arrangements. Avinash and Indu are happy that Aarav is away and Samar is in Simar’s life. Chitra learns that Aarav is sent to the jail by Badimaa. She is happy that Vivaan has taken Aarav’s place in Badimaa’s eyes. She also wants to enjoy Simar’s marriage. Simar comes for her haldi rituals. She asks Indu to get Aarav freed from the jail soon.

Reema and Roma apply the haldi to Samar. Simar and Samar’s haldi rituals go on. Chitra also meets Simar to wish her all the best for a new start. Simar just thinks of Aarav. Samar is very happy that Simar will be marrying him. Simar goes away to see Aarav’s picture. She applies the haldi to his picture. She just loves Aarav. Samar finds her crying and gets worried.

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