Udaariyaan 5th January 2022 Written Update Fatejo love story

Udaariyaan 5th January 2022 Written Update Fatejo love story

Udaariyaan 5th January 2022 Written Update Fatejo love story Jasmin admits her crimes in front of Angad just to impress him and convince him that they can make a good team. She tells him that she will make sure that he gets Riya and also Tejo, then he will have a happy family. Angad goes mad at her knowing she had kidnapped Tejo. She tells that he can’t live without Riya and Tejo. Angad tells her that he will agree to accept her deal, because he also wants Fateh and Tejo separated. He asks her to never harm Tejo, because that’s the only thing that he can’t tolerate. He tells her that Tejo should not get hurt. She tells that she will not hurt Tejo, but Tejo’s heart will break for sure, when they plan against Tejo and Fateh.

Angad agrees to join Jasmin in her plans. They both conspire to separate Fateh and Tejo. Fateh apologizes to Gurpreet and Khushbeer. Khushbeer wants to talk to Tejo and get another chance for Fateh. Fateh wants to convince Tejo himself. He doesn’t want anyone to compel Tejo. Khushbeer wishes Fateh all the best in winning his love. Fateh meets Tejo at the college. He joins there as the sports coach. Tejo tells him that she will never forgive him. Fateh wants Tejo to forgive him only when she is convinced that he has reformed. He tells that he is ready to wait for her till she changes her mind herself. She asks him to return from where he has come.

He tells her that he has finally returned to the right place. He wants Tejo’s pain to end. He wants to fill love in her heart. Fateh and Tejo’s working in the same college creates situations for their romance and union. Fateh runs to take care of Tejo when he finds her in trouble. They both get under the rain. He wants to protect her. She was just a good friend for him before, but now she has become his love. He can’t stop himself from reaching her. Tejo realizes that Fateh really cares for her. Their love story begins again. Angad and Jasmin decide to leave for Moga. Angad tells Jasmin that he has a plan and she has to follow it. He doesn’t let Jasmin take control. What twists will their return bring? Keep reading.


Udaariyaan 5th January 2022 Written Update Fatejo love story:

Fateh tries to get Tejo’s forgiveness. He tells her that he is with her to get her forgiveness. She tells that this will never happen, she can’t forgive him. He still follows her like a shadow and protects her. They get into a moment. She asks him to mind his own work in the college and not create any scene, which spoils her name. She doesn’t want Fateh to distract her. She tells that he doesn’t need to protect her, she can protect herself like always. She goes home. Satti wants to talk to Tejo about Jasmin. Fateh goes home to his family. He speaks his heart out to Gurpreet. He tells that he wants to win Tejo’s heart, he wants to heal her wounds and win her forgiveness.

He asks Gurpreet will he succeed. She is sure that he will succeed this time, because his mind, heart and intentions are pure. She wants Fateh and Tejo to unite. She fears of losing Fateh even more after his return. She knows that Fateh will be happy with only Tejo. She also prays for her son’s happiness. Fateh attempts to win Tejo’s heart and seems to get close to her. Tejo starts melting her heart for Fateh, because of their sweet memories getting revived by his presence. On the other hand, Rupy and Satti are worried because of Jasmin. They don’t want any problem in Tejo’s life.

Fateh and Tejo are inseparable, but have to accept their fate. Tejo cries a lot thinking of Fateh. She thinks he cheated her and then he got cheated by Jasmin. She realizes that Karma has taught him a lesson, but still she feels bad for him. She wonders why is she thinking so much about him. She doesn’t want to forgive him so soon. Fateh also misses Tejo in his life. He thinks Tejo had asked him to return from where he had come, but there is no place where her memories won’t follow. He tells that he can’t go anywhere, because Tejo’s memories are everywhere he goes. He just wants to be with Tejo.

He wishes that his attempts bear some fruit. Gurpreet is worried for Fateh, while Khushbeer shows faith on his son’s struggle to get love. Later, Fateh takes the help of Tejo’s family to win her heart, but Rupy and Satti are unhappy. They don’t know they shall trust Fateh or not. They feel Fateh has ruined the lives of Tejo and Jasmin. Tejo goes to the college. Fateh’s family also plans to unite him with Tejo. They come up with a plan to unite the lovers. Both the families’ members decide to fix Fateh and Tejo’s date at the cafe. They call Fateh and Tejo, and trick them to come at the same cafe at the same time. Meanwhile, Angad comes across Jasmin and learns that she is going to Moga.

He doesn’t want her to hurt Tejo. He tells that his love is not selfish, he truly loves her and wants to protect her Fateh, who is a big sorrow source for her. He asks Jasmin to not compare her selfish love with his true love. He tells that he has a plan to make an entry in Tejo’s life. He tells about Khushbeer’s invite for the Lodhi festive. He aims to bring a big twist in the festive. Jasmin mocks him for being more evil and cunning than her. He asks her to just follow his plans and not go against him. Fateh starts making Tejo feel his presence and like it as well. Tejo smiles seeing him, which is a big success for him. He hopes to win her heart.

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  1. How shameful of Fateh to again go and join Tejo’s college and force himself upon her. Are girls so silly n stupid that they will reconcile with someone who has insulted & hurt her,humiliated her. When Fateh comes in front of her he looks like some extremely shameless person.what will such a person repent, regret. Knowing that Tejo still has feelings for her he is overjoyed, taking a chance. Shameless keep away from her. Let her discover you. Don’t show your face to get yourself.

  2. Sorry Radha – you are TOTALLY WRONG!!!

    It is time for Fateh to repent n to beg forgiveness from Tejo – they LOVE EACH OTHER – let FaTejo rock again pls!!!

    And how long are you going to keep that shrieking n ugly WITCH Jasmin – yr Ratings is going down – day by day – Wake Up, Ravi Dubey n Team!!

    Coz of that shrieking witch Jasmin in EVERY EPISODE – u are losing your audience!!! 🙁


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