Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th January 2022 Full Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th January 2022 Written Update Revealed

Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th January 2022 Full Written Update Ruhi leaves saying goodbye to Yuvraj. Yuvraj thinks he has to do something big as both Ruhi and Prisha always run away ignoring him. Ruhi meets Rudra in a woman’s disguise. She angrily asks him what he is still doing in the party when she asks him to leave to get saved from goons. Rudra tells Ruhi that he can’t leave without finding the person he is searching for. Ruhi tells Rudra that he won’t be able to do anything if goons find him. Suddenly the lights of the party go off. Rudra says maybe because of the new year countdown, they switched off the lights.

Ruhi leaves, asking Rudra to not invite any trouble. Rudra says okay. Villagers announce to burn crackers to welcome the new year. A little girl runs away giving a gift to Ruhi. Saanchi and Ruhi wonder who gave it. Yuvraj gives a big amount of money to the girl who gave his gift to Ruhi. Ruhi and Saanchi get happy finding crackers in the gift given by Yuvraj. Yuvraj talks to the viewers. He reveals that the crackers he gave to Ruhi are defected and can even burn her face. Yuvraj further reveals his plan that he will save Ruhi from the defected crackers and become a hero in front of everyone. He thinks that after this Prisha will not refuse to marry him.

Prisha searches for Ruhi in the dark. On the other hand, Ruhi and Saachi fire the defective crackers. Yuvraj waits to make an entry and save Ruhi. Rudra notices the defect in the crackers and gets worried about Ruhi. Yuvraj hopes that Ruhi goes near the fired cracker. Rudra gets worried thinking that Ruhi can get burnt due to the defective crackers. He runs and saves Ruhi, failing Yuvraj’s plan. Yuvraj gets shocked to witness this. Villagers announce Happy New Year after finishing the count down. Yuvraj wonders how another hero came and failed his plan. He feels like killing this person. Yuvraj sees that the person is wearing the jacket that Ruhi purchased for her secret friend.


He decides to find who this man is, who is trying to impress Prisha and Ruhi. Worried, Prisha searches for Ruhi. Yuvraj’s defective crackers create trouble for villagers. He decides to leave the place before something wrong happens. Crackers hit Yuvraj too. Worried, Prisha searches for Ruhi in between the burning crackers. Ruhi cries and tells Rudra that her mother is still at the fair. Rudra asks Ruhi to wait at the safe place and goes to find Prisha in the fair. Both Prisha and Rudra feel each other’s presence in between the burning crackers. Ruhi runs and hugs crying Prihsa. Prisha takes her away from burning crackers. Ruhi signs Rudra that she is leaving with her mother.

Rudra fails to see that Prisha is Ruhi’s mother. He thinks of searching for Prisha in the fair after feeling her presence. Village head’s goons find Rudra and run to catch him. Rudra successfully escapes the goons. He gets sure that Prisha is alive in the village on finding her bangle/bracelet in the fair. Rudra gets more determined to find Prisha. Prisha reaches home and thinks if she really felt Rudra’s presence. She wonders where the bangle went, Veena gave her. Next morning, Rudra thinks of calling and talking to Bunty through PCO. He hides seeing Village head goons. On the other hand, Prisha recalls feeling Rudra’s presence last night.

Ruhi brings Prisha out of her thinking and says that her paratha got burnt. Prisha tells Ruhi that she was thinking about one of her patients. Ruhi asks Prisha to make her pony tails. Veena takes Prisha with her to help a pregnant woman. On the other side, Bunty informs and leaves to meet Rudra. Sharda asks Bunty to ask Rudra to return as she, Vejanti and Saaransh are missing him. Rudra calls Bunty and tells him that he found Prihsa. Bunty refuses to believe him. Rudra asks Bunty to believe him as felt Prisha and got her bangle as a proof from the New Year party. Bunty asks Rudra didn’t he himself saw Prisha dead 5 years ago in the hospital. Rudra tells Bunty that it was a lie as he can guarantee that Prisha is alive.

He convinces Bunty to come and help him. Phone calls get disconnected. Bunty thinks about how to make Rudra understand. He thinks how can Prisha be alive. Bunty turns and gets shocked to see Saaransh. On the other hand, Ruhi is seen trying to tie her hair without Prisha’s help. She thinks of taking Rudra’s help. Ruhi jumps out of the window to meet Rudra. Back at Khurana Mansion, Bunty asks Saaransh how his studies are going on? Saaransh takes out his headphones and asks Bunty to repeat his question. Bunty repeats his question. Saaransh asks Bunty what happened as he never asked him such a question before.

Bunty says everything is fine. He asks Saaransh if heard his conversation on call. Saaransh tells Bunty that he isn’t interested in hearing anyone’s conversation and was listening to his music. Bunty gets relaxed on hearing that Saaransh didn’t hear anything about Prisha. He tries to find out what Rudra is talking about. Rudra reaches the store room before Ruhi comes to meet him. He feels relaxed about it. Ruhi asks Rudra to help her make her ponies. Rudra tells Ruhi that he doesn’t know how to make ponies. Ruhi asks Rudra how he ties his hair. Rudra says that he casually and simply ties his hair. Ruhi asks Rudra to tie her hair the same way.

She tells Rudra that she would get scolded if she goes to school with open hair. Rudra asks Ruhi to take her mother’s help. Ruhi tells Rudra that her mother went to the clinic for some emergency. She convinces Rudra to make her ponies. Rudra tries to make Ruhi’s ponies. Ruhi asks Rudra to be fast as she could get late. Rudra completes Ruhi’s hairstyle and sends her to school. Everyone laughs at Ruhi’s funny ponies, shocking her.

In the next episode, Saanchi will give Rudra his tiffin. She will tell Rudra that Ruhi is angry with him. Saanchi will further tell Rudra that everyone at school made fun of Ruhi as he sent her to school with a funny hairstyle. Rudra will make funny ponies of his hair and will try to apologize to Ruhi. Ruhi will tell Rudra that she doesn’t want to talk to him. Prisha will search for Ruhi. Ruhi will tell Rudra that nobody is seeing him in this funny state, so she won’t forgive him. Prisha will hear and wonder whom Ruhi is talking to. She will reach Ruhi’s room and get shocked on opening the door.

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  1. She will get shocked entering Ruhi’s room, but I’m sure she will not see Rudra but something else, producers will drag this hit and miss so long, it’s boring now.
    Please management, spear the viewers from boredom


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