Udaariyaan 6th January 2022 Written Update Fatejo date

Udaariyaan 6th January 2022 Written Update Fatejo date

Udaariyaan 6th January 2022 Written Update Fatejo date Fateh and Tejo reach the same cafe because of their family members. Mahi, Amrik, Navraj and others plan to unite Fateh and Tejo. They want Fateh and Tejo to meet again and again, so that the ice breaks and they get talking like before. They expect them to turn into good friends like before. Fateh reaches the cafe to meet Amrik and Mahi. He waits for them, unaware of their plans. Tejo reaches the cafe to meet Navraj and Dilraj. Even she doesn’t know about their naughty plan. She waits at the other table. Fateh and Tejo don’t see each other and sit other sides. They find a kid in need of help, and rush to hold him.

They still don’t get to face each other because of the colourful balloons blocking the sight. Jasmin also lands at the same cafe after tracking them. She gets to see them much before than they see each other. Jasmin stares angrily, while they get sensing each other’s presence. Fateh and Tejo get to see each other and feel the romance in the air. Will their differences get sorted on their first true date? How will Angad and Jasmin create a rift to keep them apart? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Angad tells Jasmin that he doesn’t want her to hurt Tejo. He tells that his love is not selfish, he truly loves her and wants to protect her Fateh, who is a big sorrow source for her. He asks Jasmin to not compare her selfish love with his true love. He tells that he has a plan to make an entry in Tejo’s life. He tells about Khushbeer’s invite for the Lodhi festive. He aims to bring a big twist in the festive. Jasmin mocks him for being more evil and cunning than her. He asks her to just follow his plans and not go against him. Fateh starts making Tejo feel his presence and like it as well. Tejo smiles seeing him, which is a big success for him. He hopes to win her heart.


Udaariyaan 6th January 2022 Written Update Fatejo date:

Fateh and Tejo meet at the cafe. Fateh tells her that he came there on his siblings’ call. She tells the same. She wants to go out of the cafe and avoid the so called fixed up date. Fateh tells her that they can have coffee and then leave. Tejo agrees to have coffee. Fateh thinks to make her smile. He tells her the funny stories of Sharma’s wife, Tanya to make her laugh. He realizes that she has smiled in his company, which is a good sign that she is soon going to forgive him. Tejo and Fateh have a moment, while Jasmin arrives there to create a new havoc.

Jasmin happens to see Tejo there. She insults Tejo like always, but this time she comes up with an emotional helpless drama. She sheds fake tears just to make Tejo feel guilty. She tells that she will win Fateh, he will be just of her. Tejo tells her that she isn’t interested in Fateh. She asks her to keep Fateh with her. Tejo leaves from the cafe, while Jasmin continues to anger Fateh by her cheap antics. He loses his cool. She makes him so frustrated. He asks her where did Tejo go. She tells that Tejo left on seeing her. Fateh learns that she has troubled Tejo. He reprimands her.

Tejo falls in Jasmin’s emotional trap. She thinks Jasmin also deserves to live with the family. She speaks to Rupy. She gets Rupy’s love. She knows that he loves Jasmin a lot, even the family misses Jasmin. Rupy hates Jasmin now. He warns Tejo to stay alert of Jasmin, who is really selfish. He knows that Jasmin will not care for anyone, except herself. Tejo reminds him their happy family. She asks him to forgive Jasmin and bring her home. Rupy doesn’t trust Jasmin. He asks Tejo not to worry for Jasmin so much. He wants Tejo to stay safe and away from revengeful Jasmin.

He knows that Jasmin will want revenge on Tejo and try to harm her. He tries to locate Jasmin and succeeds. Rupy confronts Jasmin. He asks Jasmin to spare Tejo, and take her revenge on Fateh, who broke her dreams. He asks Jasmin to hate him if she wants, but not Tejo. He tells that Fateh is the reason for all the mess, Tejo is innocent. He tells her that Fateh has told him the truth on the wedding day itself. He asks her not to blame Tejo, she got punished for her own sins. He reprimands her, while Simran hears the truth. Simran goes home and tells the family that Rupy was aware of Tejo and Fateh’s truths, but hid it from them. Khushbeer and Gurpreet get too upset. They want an answer from Rupy.

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