Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th January 2022 Written Update Event twist

Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th January 2022 Written Update Event twist

Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th January 2022 Written Update Event twist Students in school laugh at Ruhi seeing her funny hairstyle. Ruhi wonders why is everyone laughing. Two boys make fun of Ruhi and ask her if she became a joker or a goat. Ruhi warns them to not touch her. The boy gets angry with Ruhi and troubles her. Saanchi comes and rescues Ruhi. She warns the boys of making a complaint against them to the teacher. The boys run away. Ruhi asks Saanchi why is everyone laughing at her? Saanchi asks Ruhi doesn’t she how hair looks.

Saanchi shows Ruhi her funny hairstyle in the mirror. Ruhi gets very angry and says Rudra made her ponies. She says she will punish Rudra for making a funny hairstyle out of her hair. After the school also Ruhi thinks of punishing Rudra. Outside, Yuvraj sees Ruhi in a funny hairstyle and laughs at her. Ruhi gets angry. Yuvraj apologizes to Ruhi and makes her sit on his lap. He asks her why she is getting angry like her mother. Yuvraj asks Ruhi why she is wandering with a funny hairstyle. Ruhi says everyone was laughing and making fun of her. Yuvraj asks her to tell him who was making fun of her as he will beat that person.

He asks Ruhi who made her funny hairstyle? Ruhi stops herself from taking Rudra’s name. She says Rupali made her funny ponies. Yuvraj asks Ruhi if her secret friend came to the New Year Friend. Ruhi tells Yuvraj that she can’t tell him anything about her secret friend as he is her secret. Yuvraj feels Ruhi’s secret friend can fail his plan. He thinks to get to know who Ruhi’s secret friend is? Saanchi brings a lunchbox for Rudra. She tells Rudra that Ruhi is very angry with him. Rudra asks why? Saanchi tells Rudra that everyone made fun of Ruhi because he made a funny hairstyle out of Ruhi’s hair.


She tells Rudra she is too angry with him but came on Ruhi’s insistence. Saanchi says Ruhi sent her saying Rudra must be hungry. Rudra tells Saanchi that he tried but failed as he never made anyone’s pony in his whole life. Saachi tells Rudra that he goofed up. She leaves telling Rudra that it would be very difficult to get Ruhi’s forgiveness this time. Rudra thinks how will he live without Ruhi? He thinks of doing something to get Ruhi’s forgiveness. Rudra dresses up in a joker’s outfit and puts on makeup. He reaches Ruhi’s room secretly and tries to sincerely apologize to Ruhi. Ruhi shows anger and doesn’t look at Rudra. She tells Rudra that she doesn’t want to talk to him.

Rudra says he wants to talk to her. He tries apologizing to Ruhi. Rudra explains to Ruhi that he doesn’t have a sweet daughter like her and thus doesn’t know how to make ponies. He holds his ears to apologize. Ruhi asks Rudra, even after his valid reasons, how can he send her to school making her look like a goat. She cries saying that everyone at school made a lot of fun about her. Rudra asks Ruhi to make fun of him now. Veena leaves after dropping Prisha at her home. Rudra acts like a joker and asks Ruhi to make fun of him. Ruhi tells Rudra that it isn’t working as she doesn’t feel like laughing.

Prisha hears Ruhi telling someone that there is no advantage of becoming a joker here as nobody is seeing him. She wonders who Ruhi is talking to. Ruhi tells Rudra that she was looking funny in school and everyone was laughing at her. Rudra feels guilty of his mistake and feels bad for Ruhi. Prisha reaches Ruhi’s room and sees her sitting alone. She asks Ruhi if she is alone in her room. Ruhi laughs and tells Prisha that she is also with her. Prisha tells Ruhi that she heard some male voice from her room. Ruhi tells Prisha that she kept Radio on and the voice came from it. Prisha doubts Ruhi and gets convinced that she may have heard male voice from Radio.

She leaves asking Ruhi to come for dinner. Ruhi recalls Rudra asking her if she would forgive him if the students who laughed at her will praise her? Ruhi asks Rudra how will it happen? Rudra says to Ruhi that they will think of something to make it happen. Rudra starts thinking like Ruhi. Flashback ends with Rudra leaving Ruhi’s room hearing Prisha’s footsteps. Next morning, Ruhi reaches Rudra. She gives breakfast to Rudra and says she is still angry with him. Rudra tells Ruhi that she should be called “Laal Tamatar” instead of him. Ruhi says it’s her right to be angry as everyone made fun of her. She tells Rudra that Village Head’s son “Rohit” laughed the most at her. She says Rohit holded her ponies to make fun of her.

Rudra tells Ruhi that Rohit will praise her the most now. Ruhi asks Rudra how he will do it. Rudra tells Ruhi that he will do magic. He asks Ruhi to sweet talk with Rohit today and asks him (Rohit) to bring all the kids to the ground behind the school. Ruhi asks Rudra why? Rudra asks Ruhi to tell Rohit that there is a big surprise for him there. He sends Ruhi saying he will do magic. At School, Rohit and his friend again make fun of Ruhi. Ruhi recalls Rudra’s words. She tells Rohit that she has a big birthday surprise for him. Rohit asks Ruhi if she is trying to fool him? Ruhi asks Rohit to see himself by bringing all the kids to the ground behind the school in the evening.

Rohit gets confused but agrees. Saanchi overhears Ruhi and Rohit’s conversation. She angrily asks Ruhi why she was behaving friendly with Rohit. Ruhi tells Saanchi that it’s Rudra’s idea. Rudra meets Bunty in a car. Bunty asks Rudra if he has any proof that he really saw Prisha. Rudra shows Prihsa’s bangle to Bunty. He tells Bunty that Prisha was wearing this bangle when he was holding her hand in the new year party. Rudra tries to make Bunty believe that it was really Prisha. Bunty asks Rudra if he has a plan to find Prisha. He asks Bunty to open a fake advertisement company and distribute its posters in the whole Rohtak village. Rudra asks Bunty to publish on posters that his fake company is doing a contest and the woman with the most beautiful hands will win and get an advertisement plus 1 lakh rupees.

Rudra further tells Bunty that this way they will find the woman with the same bangle which he thinks is of Prisha. Bunty asks Rudra how he is so sure that Prisha will come in the contest and that too wearing the same bangles. Rudra replies that he has a feeling that Prisha will come. Bunty agrees to help Rudra. He gives Rudra the clothes he asked him to bring. Rudra leaves and Bunty wishes that Rudra gets the person for whom he is putting so much effort. Ruhi gets ready in a very beautiful white dress. On Prisha’s questioning Ruhi tells her that she is going to Rohit’s birthday party. Prisha asks Ruhi why will Rohit call her to his birthday party.

She reminds Ruhi that Rohit’s father sent goons to their house to trouble them. She refuses to let Ruhi attend Rohit’s birthday party. Ruhi requests Prisha to let her go as they already paid the village head’s rent. She requests Prisha to let her go as a magic show will happen there. Prisha gets convinced seeing Ruhi’s innocence. Excited Ruhi kisses Prisha and leaves. Prisha thinks Ruhi is becoming very naughty like Rudra. She thinks to clean the store room unaware that Rudra is living there. She leaves to see an emergency patient. On the other hand, Rudra praises Ruhi’s look and calls her a fairy like Prisha said. Ruhi tells Rudra that she is looking like a fairy because she is his daughter. Rudra feels good hearing it.

Rudra tells Ruhi that he will reach the party safely and himself. Kids play and enjoy the party. Rohit comes up dressed like Rudra. Ruhi makes fun of Rohit, making other kids laugh at him. She asks Rohit to wait for sometime. Rohit warns Ruhi to not try fooling him. Rudra comes dressed up like a Sardaar. He sings a punjabi happy birthday song. In the next episode, Bunty will execute Rudra’s plan. Villagers and Prisha will hear the contest announcement. Prisha will decide to participate in the contest. Village ladies will show their hands. Prisha will reach the contest venue too. Rudra and Bunty will get shocked.

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