Ziddi Dil Maane Na 7th January 2022 Full Written Update

Ziddi Dil Maane Na 7th January 2022 Full Written Update

Ziddi Dil Maane Na 7th January 2022 Full Written Update Kundan introduces Sanju as fiance to Sid. Sid gets shocked and Sanju feels guilty. Angry Sid requests the musicians to stop the music. He stares at Sanju with questions and betrayal in his eyes. “Ziddi Dil Maane Na” sad instrumental music plays in the background. Sanju’s guilt grows looking at Sid. She finds it difficult to look into Sid’s eyes and tries to see somewhere else. Unaware of the reality, Kundan introduces Sid as his friend to Sanju. He tells Sanju that he wanted to make her meet Sid in the hotel but failed.

Kundan tells Sanju that today he got the opportunity to make her meet Sid. Sid recalls his and Sanju’s beautiful and lovey-dovey moments. Sanju’s eyes glinted with tears. Sid asks Sanju why she didn’t tell him about her marriage? Sanju feels scared. Kundan tells Sid that he has been telling him about his marriage since he met him. He laughs unaware of the real situation. Kundan asks Sid if he forgot everything after seeing his fiance? He tells Sid that he isn’t at fault as his fiance is really very beautiful. Kundan keeps his arm over Sanju’s shoulders making Sanju and Sid feel bad.

Kundan tells Sid that Sanju is his now. Sid feels very bad. Kundan tells Sid that the one who first throws the handkerchief on the seat gets the seat first. Sid and Sanju feel disgusted with Kundan’s cheap thinking. Sid looks at Sanju. It seems like Sid is asking her if she really chose a disgusting person like Kundan over him? Kundam asks Sid to stop staring at his fiance otherwise he will forget that he is his friend. Sid smirks in bewilderment. Sanju looks at Sid with guilt. Sid turns and tries to calm himself. Sanju apologized to Sid. Kundan asks Sanju why she is apologizing for being so beautiful? Sanju again apologizes to Sid saying that she should have told him earlier.


Sid looks at Sanju with anger and betrayal. Confused, Kundan asks Sanju what she should have told earlier? Sanju says that she arrived a little late. Kundan asks Sanju to be careful next time and tell him if she faces any issue. Sanju says now there is nothing that could be said. She looks at Sid and says that she just wants to say sorry. Sid smiles and turns. Kundan tells Sanju it’s fine as he is a very good hearted person. He tells Sanju that he forgives her. Sanju smiles with tears in her eyes. Kundan tells Sanju that it’s a big day for him and Sidm he reveals to Sanju that Sid came to propose to his girlfriend today. He says Sid’s girlfriend may be coming soon.

Sid turns and wipes his tears. He blows the candle with his fingers, which hurts Sanju too. Sid tells Kundan that his girlfriend went to someone else. Kundan feels shocked. He asks Sid to tell him who his girlfriend is with and where. Sid tells an angry Kundan it doesn’t matter now. He further says it’s not important that the person whom we love, love us back as he is not that lucky. Sanju grows more guilty. Kundan tells Sid that his girlfriend should atleast have the guts to come and say no to him. Sid stares at Sannu and says his girlfriend doesn’t need to explain anything now as he understood everything.

Sanju feels very bad. Kundan stops Sid from leaving, telling him that he won’t leave him alone in this condition. Sid continuously looks at Sanju with anger. Kundan takes Sid with him. Monami calls Bala and asks him to bring Sid directly to the academy. Bala asks Monami why she is sounding tense. He asks if something went wrong? Bala asks should he go and see what’s happening between Sid and Sanju? Monami asks Bala to let Sid and Sanju talk first as their conversation is important. Monami feels tensed for Sid and wipes her tears. Karan sees Monami and thinks to tell Monami that he loves her a lot. He changes his decision seeing Monami upset about something.

Monami falls and hurts her head after colliding with a sofa. Worried, Karan and Aneesh run to injured Monami. They ask her if she is fine? Karan asks her to breathe. They get more tense seeing Monami bleeding. Monami asks Aneesh and Karan to calm down. On the other hand, Kundan offers whiskey to Sid to forget the pain of betrayal. Both men drink. Kundan tells Sid that men don’t cry in pain. He tells Sid that girlfriends go and come. Kudan asks Sid to forget his girlfriend saying that she is not worth him. Sid warns Kudan to not say rubbish about his girlfriend as then he would forget that he is his friend. Sanju and Sid look at each other. Sid tells Kundan that it’s fine that his girlfriend doesn’t love him as he loves her a lot. Sanju grows more guilty. Kundan offers more whiskey to Sid and asks him to let his girlfriend go. Sid asks Sanju won’t she drink. Kundan and Sanju get shocked by Sid’s words. Kundan asks Sanju to forgive heartbroken Sid as he didn’t mean to disrespect her. Sanju sings yes to Kundan with a smile. Kundan asks Sid how can someone reject him? He also asks Sid can’t his girlfriend see true love in his eyes if he can see it too? Sid tells Kundan that his girlfriend might have thought that it’s right to ignore his love. Sanju feels very bad again. Aneesh examines Monami’s wounds. Monami screams a little in pain. Karan tells Aneesh that Monami is feeling pain.

Aneesh asks Karan to back off as he is the doctor here. He tells Monami that simple dressing will help heal her wound. Karan saves Monami from falling as Aneesh tries to grab her towards the academy dispensary. He takes Monami in his arms and asks her not to worry as he is with her. Aneesh feels jealous seeing Karan taking Monami away. On the other hand, Sanju indirectly tries to tell Sid that she didn’t betray him. She indirectly gives a hint to Sid that she is pressured to marry Kundan. Kundan says women should not be trusted. He tells Sid and Sanju that he won’t forgive the person easily who would try to betray him. Sid feels angry while Sanju feels disgusted. Sid raises a toast to Kundan and Sanju. Kundan tells Sid that he would surely get his dream girl. Sanju and Sid feel shocked.

Sid laughs and tells he isn’t interested anymore. He says he will stop sleeping to stop dreaming about his dream girl. Sid changes the topic and asks Sanju when she and Kundan are getting married? Kundan asks Sid to call Sanju either “Sister in law” or “Sanjana Ji”. Sanju says her and Kundan’s marriage is in 6-7 months. Sid asks Sanju what if she falls for someone else in 6-7 months? Kundan and Sanju feel shocked. Due to his mother’s call, Kundan gets interrupted in informing Sid and Sanju that his and Sanju’s marriage got preponed. Kundan takes Sid to meet his mother.

Sid watches Kundan’s mother’s behavior towards Sanju. Kundan makes Sid meet Sanju’s parents too. Kudan’s mother makes Sanju stand with Kundan. Sanju looks guiltily at Sid. Kudan’s mother twirls the notes around Kundan and Sanju and blesses their jodi. She gives the money to a servant. Kundan’s mother shocks Sanju and Sid by saying that Kundan and Sanju’s marriage is in 10 days.

In the next episode, Sid will leave from Kundan’s house, heartbroken, when Kundan’s mother will call Sanju as Kundan’s amaanat. Sanju will tell Kundan that he should have asked her before preponing their marriage. With confidence, Sanju will tell everyone that she will not get married within 10 days. Sanju’s confident behavior will shock Kundan’s as well as her family.

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