Choti Sarrdaarni 10th January 2022 Written Update Raj in danger

Choti Sardaarni 21st January 2022 Written Update Miracle for Raj

Choti Sarrdaarni 10th January 2022 Written Update Raj in danger Raj thinks to apply pain relief ointment before Seher gets to know about it. Seher comes and applies it as Raj finds it difficult to find the ointment he took out of the drawer. Seher asks him why he lied? Raj tells he lied to her because she would have got worried about him. They recall the moment when they first met in Seher’s dance class. Raj and Seher promise each other that they will always stick together/ support each other. Ranna tells Raj that Seher is coming all decked up. Raj and Seher smiles at each other.

Harleen comes in Raj’s way and asks him if he is ready to follow all the rituals of Lohri for Seher. Raj replies yes with confidence. Kulwant Kaur returns with a bang and makes a unique entry. Raj tells Kulwant that his and Seher’s first Lohri would be incomplete without her. Ranna and Ginni tell Kulwant about Harleen’s trick to insult Raj through the Lohri Rituals. Kulwant says she will handle Harleen. Everyone including Seher and Raj takes rounds of Lohri bonfire. They wish strength and happiness for each other. Kulwant blesses Seher and Raj to have a happy future together. Everyone gives Raj and Seher some gifts for Lohri and blesses them with happiness. Karan wishes Seher and Raj to be a happy and strong couple like Sarab and Meher.

Param wishes the couple to always be together. Robbie and Harleen try to insult Raj by giving him a black goggles/specs as a gift. Raj takes the goggles and doesn’t show anyone that he is hurt. Harleen and Robbie announce and commence Lohri rituals. With other couples, Raj starts tying Seher’s hair in a “punjabi guth”. Seher thinks Raj is God’s form for her. She thinks she trusts Raj the most after Guruji. Some female guests make Raj feel bad by saying how he will tie Seher’s hair being blind. Raj successfully ties Seher’s Guth. Everyone claps for him and praises him. Karan and Param argue saying that Seher is their sister.


Raj feels bad that he can’t see how beautiful Seher is looking. Seher helps Raj feel her and see how beautiful she is looking. Raj recalls past moments with Seher and gets happy after feeling her. Harleen asks if they can start another Lohri ritual. She insults Raj using an idiom and phrase. Harleen says lets see if Raj can fulfill bhangra ritual. Kulwant insults Harleen with another phrase and idiom. Raj saves him from falling on the dance floor. Before Harleen could insult him, Kulwant and Ranna speak an idiom or phrase against Harleen. Raj recalls that Seher asked him to feel the dance floor before starting a dance. He again saves himself from falling. Robbie sees it and recalls how he spreaded pebbles on Raj’s dance floor.

Seher and Raj dance on two songs together. First they dance on some punjabi song. Secondly, they dance on “Bole Chudiyan”. Seher saves Raj from falling again. She becomes Raj’s dance partner as well as his support. They lovingly look at each other. Seher dances on “Mainu Ishq Tera Lai Dooba”. She dances with Raj and they hug each other tightly. Raj picks up Seher in his arms. Seher feels very good. It turns out to be Seher’s dream. Her dream breaks with someone’s tap on her shoulder. Kulwant asks everyone to do bhangra with their families. Raj and Seher do bhangra together. Other family members enjoy and perform bhangra too.

Kulwant prays for Raj and Seher’s jodi to remain forever. In the next episode, Robbie will tell Raj that he wants to make him meet someone. He will take Raj near the Lohri Bonfire. Robbie will excuse himself from Raj and will ask him to wait till he returns. He and Harleen will get happy seeing Raj moving towards the Bonfire. Seher will get worried seeing Raj walking towards the bonfire unaware.

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