Anupama 11th January 2022 Written Update Bold message

Anupama 11th January 2022 Written Update Bold message

Anupama 11th January 2022 Written Update Bold message Anupama starts singing lori for Malvika to calm her. With the lori, she continuously taps her shoulders to make her fall asleep or feel comfortable. Anuj and Vanraj keep looking at Malvika in tension. Vanraj sees Anupama signing something to Anuj. He leaves the room. Anupama hugs, kisses and caresses Malvika. Guilty Anuj too leaves the room as Malvika falls asleep. Anupama feels emotional for Malvika. She gets out of Malvika’s room. Anuj asks her about Malvika. Anupama tells him that Malvika fell asleep. Vanraj keeps his hand on Anuj’s shoulder to give him strength to face the present situation.

Vanraj says they should prepare themselves before Malvika wakes up as they don’t know how she would react. Anuj wears his specs back again. Vanraj asks Anupama to get some rest as morning may be even more difficult than night. Anupama asks how can someone ill treat someone like this. She says no one even behaves this badly with an animal. Angry Anupama asks how could a man ill treat his wife to this level? She feels disgusted about Malvika’s husband. Anupama asks how can a man ill treat somebody whom. he took seven pheras with, took responsibility for her happiness and gave the promise to protect her whole life.

Vanraj feels bad realizing his past mistakes. She thinks how a soft hearted/childish girl like Malvika would have faced all this? Anupama says a wife’s self respect and existence gets deeply hurt even if her husband tries to raise his hand on her. She says people tell the women so easily that it’s okay if her husband beat her with a belt. They ask the women to tolerate everything by the husband as at least he returns back to family and house. Anupama feels frustrated by thinking that Malvika’s ex-husband beat her like an animal. She explains that deepest wounds are the ones which a woman gets in their heart, which becomes difficult to heal for whole life and can’t be seen either.


Anupama says women just live suffocated for her whole life. She says people in this country can’t understand women’s heart wounds as they advise women to hide their visible wounds too. Anupama asks why don’t people understand that mental wounds should also get treated by a doctor. Anuj cries holding his head. Anupama says she helped Malvika to scream out her pain once but this does mean she got better. She says Malvika needs a doctor, treatment and everyone’s support too together. Anupama says Malvika’s wounds are the deep ones which could take years to heal. She asks how can a person who broke so badly heal in one try?

Anupama says the person who broke by pieces will get back together piece by piece only. Vanraj recalls his past ill treatment towards Anupama. Anupama says GK was reading a book by Dr. Immoto. Vanraj helps Anupama with pronunciation of difficult words. Anupama says that the doctor wrote something important in his book. She says the doctor wrote that he took two bottles of water and talked rudely with the first bottle and gently with another bottle. Anupama says the doctor then kept both the bottles to freeze. She further tells that when the doctor saw the same bottles with a microscope, he saw water crystals in the rudely talked bottle broken and crystals in the other bottle whom he talked gently were absolutely fine.

Anupama says if opinions and words can affect water so badly then how deeply they could affect a person’s heart. She says each and every woman’s heart gets wounded at least once in her lifetime. Anupama says the tensed husband vents his anger out on his wife and later apologizes saying he was tensed. She asks, doesn’t a woman get worried or angry sometimes and if ever any woman vented out her anger like husbands? Anupama asks if a woman is a punching bag for men? She asks till when all this will happen? Vanraj replies till men will change themselves, this would happen. Anuj says nothing will happen till people’s mindsets change.

He says men and women together make this world. Anuj explains that men too face mental abuse, physical abuse and domestic violence. He says it can happen with any person of any age or any gender regardless of their caste or creed. Anuj says it’s wrong even if it happens with an animal. He says this won’t change till they stop it. Anuj asks people to stop mental and physical abuse if it happens in a nearby home or raise voice if it happens in your home even. He says this is everyone’s fight and they will have to fight it together. Anupama says she will bring tea. Anupama sees New Year gifts and recalls last night’s incident. She shows them to Vanraj through sign language. Vanraj understands Anupama’s signs.

Anupama takes out her phone and goes to the kitchen. She makes a video call to Pakhi and apologizes to her for not being able to attend the New Year party and meet her. Pakhi asks Anupama if she and Malvika are fine? Anupama changes the topic and asks Pakhi to make her talk to other family members. She apologizes to the whole family for not being able to meet them on New Year. Anupama and Shahs wish New Year to each other. Baa tells Anupama it would have been if she had met family. Anupama tells Baa that something very urgent stopped her and she too is not feeling good without them. Kavya asks Anupama what happened that stopped her from meeting her family too.

Pakhi tells Anupama that she understands that something of major importance happened that she couldn’t come to meet them. Kavya asks Anupama about Vanraj’s whereabouts and Malvika’s condition. Anupama replies to Kavya that Vanraj is with Anuj and Malvika is resting. Kavya asks Anupama to send Vanraj back if everything is fine now. She also asks what major happened that they have made Vanraj stay there with them? Bapuji scolds Kavya and asks her to talk sensibly. He tells Kavya that Anupama will tell what happened, if she will be able to tell anything. Paritosh, Kinjal and Samar ask Anupama to take care of herself and call them in any need or trouble.

Baa also understands Anupama’s condition. This makes her feel good. Anupama spreads pure smoke (dhoop) in the whole house. She prays for the trouble free life of her family, Anuj and Malvika. Anupama prays to Lord to keep extra care of her loved ones. Vanraj reaches his room and wonders where Kavya went. He hears a voice note by Kavya. In the voice note, Kavya tells Vanraj that he didn’t understand her love and care towards him. She further says that she is going a little away to clear her mind. Vanraj asks Kavya to leave him forever and it will give him some peace. He takes Baa and Bapuji’s blessings. Baa and Bapuji wish a peaceful new year to Vanraj. Vanraj tells his parents that careless Kavya went somewhere without informing anyone. Bapuji says Kavya informed them.

Vanraj asks Bapuji why he let Kavya go. Bapuji explains to Vanraj that in today’s time people need “me time” too, to clear their mind. Baa asks Vanraj why Kavya’s absence is affecting him when he was ignoring her earlier? Baa and Bapuji ask Vanraj to not feel tense as Kavya told that she will keep them informed about her. Baa and Bapuji discuss that Vanraj and Kavya may come closer by living away from each other. Baa asks Bapuji what to do about what Kavya told them before going away. They feel tense.

On the other hand, Malvika suddenly wakes up. She recalls how she screamed out her pain last night. Malvika thinks that her medicine and illness truth came in front of Anuj, Anupama and Vanraj too. Anupama runs to Malvika asking her to come to Anuj. Malvika asks what happened to her brother.

In the next episode, Anuj and Anupama will be seen trying to cheer up Malvika with a dance on “Chak De Saare Gham”. Anupama will meet Shahs and will say that they should write happiness, love and good words on New Year’s 365 days. Shahs and Kapadias will be seen on a picnic together. Anuj will join Vanraj in a meeting with someone named Dheeraj Patel on a holiday day. Anupama will think that why she feels scared that something wrong will happen, seeing Anuj and Vanraj together.

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