Kumkum Bhagya 14th January 2022 Written Update New savior

Kumkum Bhagya 14th January 2022 Written Update New savior

Kumkum Bhagya 14th January 2022 Written Update New savior Inspector tells Prachi that they found the necklace in her room, Rhea’s complaint is totally true, because he has seen the marriage photos and verified the same necklace worn by Rhea in her marriage. He tells that he has to arrest Prachi as per the theft charges on her. Prachi is helpless. She gets arrested, while Dida and Shahana get worried. Shahana thinks just Ranbir can save Prachi. She tries contacting Ranbir, but in vain. She contacts Jai who informs her that Ranbir will be on flight right now. She asks him where is Ranbir going.

He tells her that Ranbir is much stressed because of Prachi and Rhea, he wants a break and left the city for some time. He adds that Ranbir left for London. Shahana worriedly goes to meet Prachi. Prachi lands up in the lockup because of Rhea. Shahana tells her that there is nobody who could help her, except her. Prachi questions Shahana about the lady she is talking about. Shahana tells that the lady is their last hope now, she can do anything if she wants. Who is Prachi’s last hope? Who will be coming to rescue Prachi? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Rhea asks Dida to show Prachi’s room to the police. She taunts Dida who came ahead to support the fake officers. Dida tells that she has seen the world, Prachi didn’t steal anything. Pallavi helps Rhea in proving the theft blame true. Rhea tells that she will punish Prachi now. Prachi tells that she will always raise the voice and courage to fight Rhea’s evil. Rhea asks her to get ready for the arrest. She remembers planning to keep the diamond necklace in Prachi’s room to get her arrested. Prachi sees Rhea and Aaliya’s wicked smile. She knows that Rhea has hidden the necklace in her room to trap her.


Kumkum Bhagya 14th January 2022 Written Update New savior:

Prachi confronts Rhea for hiding the necklace in her room. Rhea asks her to talk in front of the police. Inspector discovers the necklace. Rhea tells that its her necklace, Prachi would have stolen it. Prachi calls Rhea a liar. He tells that Rhea’s complaint isn’t fake, its really Rhea’s necklace. He adds that he has to arrest Prachi. Dida tells that Prachi is innocent. Vikram asks Dida to let the police do the duty. Dida asks him to help Prachi. Shahana tells that Prachi is framed. Inspector asks her to prove it in the court. Prachi asks him to give her five minutes. He refuses.

Rhea asks him to let Prachi struggle to get some help from her husband. Pallavi doesn’t want anyone to pity Prachi. She tells that she won’t let Ranbir help Prachi. Prachi asks Inspector to give her five minutes, she will change her clothes and comes. He allows her to go. She goes to change. She takes the medicines for the baby. She apologizes to the baby for giving stress. She promises to return home soon. Rhea tells Prachi that she lost the challenge. She asks Prachi to accept that she lost. She reprimands Prachi for cleverly stealing the papers.

She tells that the thief tag suits Prachi, because Prachi has stolen Ranbir from him. She vents out her anger on her. She tells that Prachi snatched her room, and now she has snatched the house from Prachi. She asks Prachi to stay in the jail, its her Sasural. She insults Prachi further. Prachi promises that tomorrow will be her day. Rhea asks her is she still dreaming of return. Prachi tells that they were sisters, but now Rhea is her illegal Sautan. She tells Rhea that Ranbir is just in her imagination. She threatens Rhea. She tells that she is very strong, she will come back and oust Rhea.

Rhea tells that its the end of Prachi’s story. Prachi tells that its a new start for her, its all about perspective. Rhea tells that she got her right place now. Prachi tells her that she didn’t get anything, even when she tried to marry Ranbir. She angers Rhea by showing her right place. She tells that Rhea can never do anything. She asks Rhea to look at the room well, it belongs to Ranbir and her. She adds that Rhea can never stay in her room. Rhea tells that Ranbir is her husband now. She shows her nuptial chain.

Prachi makes fun of Rhea’s belief. She tells that people don’t remember the second person, but just the first person. She tells that she is Ranbir’s first wife, he married her first, his second marriage doesn’t matter. She asks Rhea to take a lesson. Rhea expresses her happiness seeing Prachi’s arrest. Prachi asks her to try and talk sensible. Vikram tells Dida that he can’t help Prachi. Dida asks him to help Prachi when he wanted to support the right person. He tells that he can’t do wrong, he can never go against the family. He wants to stay away from this matter. Dida wants Vikram to understand.

Prachi gets arrested. Shahana asks Rhea to save Prachi. She begs the Kohlis to stop the arrest. Prachi asks Shahana to go home. Shahana tells the police that Prachi didn’t steal the necklace. She wants to call Ranbir. Prachi asks her not to call Ranbir for help. She asks him to better ask Sarita for help. She leaves with the cops. Shahana asks Kohlis to save the family bahu from going to the jail. Rhea asks Shahana to just shut up. Dida tells that Prachi shouldn’t get punished for a small mistake. Rhea tells that Prachi did fraud with her.

Shahana tells that Rhea cheated Prachi first. Aaliya asks her to get out, because Prachi isn’t here. Shahana tells that they are really stone-hearted. She goes to help Prachi. Rhea thanks Pallavi for supporting her. Shahana calls Jai and asks for Ranbir. He tells that he doesn’t know why is Ranbir unreachable. She informs him about Prachi’s arrest. She tells him how Rhea has framed Prachi. She wants his help to rescue Prachi. She tells that Prachi asked her not to take help from Ranbir. He asks her to relax. He calls the driver to find out about Ranbir. He learns that the driver dropped Ranbir at the airport.

Jai tells Shahana that Ranbir left for London. He assures that he will speak to Ranbir. Prachi faces an emotional turmoil when she goes behind bars. She regrets to put her baby in risk. She thinks she should have stayed with Sushma, she should have taken help from Ranbir for the sake of her baby. Prachi sheds tears of sorrow.

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  1. What a bleedy joke? Ranbir stressed coz of Prachi n Rhea ,but ranbir is the same mute idiotic moron who agreed to Marry Rgea n move on in his life without even bothering if Prachi alive or dead.
    He wasnt stressed when he put the sindoor n mangulsutra,on Rhea or when his mom was getting rid of Prachi stuffs.
    They have destroyed Ranbir character.I hope is one handsome man who going to save her n Ranbir could stay in London forever.Prachi needs to move on with someone else.

  2. But Alliya and Rhea had ised this same conspiracy of planting jewellery on Prachi to say she is a theif and send her to jail? why the atse they keep repeating every shit in this serial?

  3. Ranbir is on3 selfish man who will say his wife “prove your love to me or ask me for something and I will think about whether to help you or not.” After marrying Prachi, Ranbir took responsibility for her, and whatever happened to her, he had to help her, no matter what their relationship is now, she has been his wife for 2 years, and not say, “let her ask for help from me.” The same with Rhea, by marrying her Ranbir is responsible for everything she does. Now he must decide which side he will take and whose interests he will protect. And I don’t understand how it will be, Ranbir will come to jail and say that Prachi is his wife or he won’t say that they are married. If he says that both Prachi and Rhea are his wives, then he can be arrested right there for bigamy or how will it be, how will Ranbir explain his relationship with Prachi if Rhea is his wife fvor everyone now. How will Ranbir communicate with his family now, will he continue to support them or will he still side. with the truth.
    He screaming and crying he loves prachi alot but still wants her to beg n tell him her feelings.Why does not he grow some balls and tell prachi the truth about his feelings n if she accepts u ffine if not tell prachi that is fine as well coz he screwed up n it is his punishment to get prachi hatred .Ranbir is a selfish egotistic arse

  4. What I don’t understand about you people of Zee world your stories
    Doesn’t have Justice, its evil one way, Are you supporting evil or what?

    I really liked Twist of fate , but the way you are writing, its boring

    What i hate the most its plotting the whole story

    Try to write something like Jodarh and Akbar. Please !!!!!

    Thus the only story made sense


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