Sasural Simar Ka 19th January 2022 Written Update Simar answers

Sasural Simar Ka 19th January 2022 Written Update Simar answers

Sasural Simar Ka 19th January 2022 Written Update Simar answers Badimaa gets angered seeing the intolerant side. She tells Gajender that they have to take some decision on Aditi before Simar spoils her. She calls Simar a poison. Aditi tells that Simar isn’t a poison, but her sister, who always stood by her. Sandhya asks Aditi to shut up and takes. Vivaan tells that its not Aditi’s mistake. Badimaa rebukes him for inviting the outsiders home without taking her permission. Vivaan tells her that he has done the right thing, he is respecting the newly weds. Reema tells that Simar is trying to make her place more firm in the house. She shows the suhaag items kept there.

Simar tells Reema that those things aren’t ordinary, but its her love. She asks Reema not to rate those things, its priceless. Badimaa asks Reema to explain Vivaan that she can snatch back the CEO rights from him anytime. Chitra and Giriraj worry. Badimaa tells that Vivaan will lose his position if she breaks the promise. She calls Aarav and Simar shameless to enjoy themselves on the name of the so called marriage. Giriraj asks Vivaan not to hurt Badimaa. Chitra, Reema and Giriraj take Vivaan with them. Badimaa criticizes Simar. She tells that she will not let Simar enjoy her shamelessness in the house which is like a temple.

Aarav tells that Simar is his wife. Badimaa tells that she doesn’t accept Simar as his wife. She insults them further. Aarav turns raged, while Simar pacifies him. She tells Badimaa that Aarav and she are married, the relation will not become filth by anyone’s words. She asks Aarav to fill sindoor once again and prove it to the world. Aarav fills the sindoor in Simar’s hairline. Badimaa and Gajender look their love drama. Badimaa tells him that she can’t understand if she should applaud them for their courage or turn away seeing their shamelessness. She calls the guards upstairs. She asks them to clear the decoration and lock the terrace.


She flops Aarav and Simar’s celebrations. She tells that the family will not celebrate anything. Aarav and Simar find the guards destroying the decorations. They feel hurt. Sandhya asks Aditi to stay in her room. Aditi tells that Badimaa always commands the children. Sandhya locks Aditi. Aditi feels everyone hates love in her house. She gets stunned to see Gagan in her room. Gagan tells her that love isn’t a bad thing. She asks him why is he still here. He tells that he couldn’t leave her alone. Reema gets glad that Simar and Aarav’s romantic plans got cancelled. She asks the servants to follow Badimaa’s rules strictly.

Badimaa tells Chitra that Simar has much sympathy for the poor. Chitra tells that Simar is selfish, she doesn’t think of everyone. Badimaa tells that they will know the truth soon. She asks Chitra to just wait and watch. Aditi asks Gagan to leave. He tells her that he stayed back for a reason. She asks the reason. He apologizes for wronging her life. He asks her to forgive him and accept his love. Aditi slaps him in anger. She commands him to go away. He doesn’t move. He tells her that he deserves her slap, but he doesn’t want to go away from her. She asks him to leave her like he abandoned her before. Gagan doesn’t listen to her.

He makes a sincere apology to her. He tells her that he is really feeling sorry, he has realized his mistake. He feels sunken in guilt. Aditi and Gagan cry. Vivaan asks what does his parents want. Giriraj asks him not to stay behind Aarav all the time. He wants Vivaan to take over the business. Vivaan agrees to them when they brainwash him. Giriraj asks Vivaan to start going to office and prove Badimaa’s decision right.

He wants Vivaan to win Badimaa’s trust. Aarav is frustrated on recalling Badimaa’s disgusting words to malign their marriage. Simar tells that Badimaa is angry and upset. She asks him to understand Badimaa’s emotions. He asks her if she feels the same that he has wrong intentions for her. She tells that she believes him and his love. She can see the respect in his eyes. She cheers up Aarav by rekindling their old romance. Aarav hugs her happily.

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  1. Bravo SIMAR!!

    Aarav – enuf of being a weakling – pls be strong n FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT!!

    Bravo Vivan too – continue doing good for SiRav 🙂

    Aditi – Yeah – proud of you!!

    Possible to get rid of one of them – Reema or Chitra???
    Bari Ma is strong enough by herself – Sandya is getting influenced now!!

    YAMINI jee – Choti Ma – where are you???

    Today Rating 5/5 – Awesome!!

    Keep it up!!


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