Balika Vadhu 20th January 2022 Written Update Anand proposes Anandi

Balika Vadhu 20th January 2022 Written Update Anand proposes Anandi

Balika Vadhu 20th January 2022 Written Update Anand proposes Anandi Anand tells Bhairavi that she can’t even do one thing for him. He says to Bhairavi that she couldn’t keep Anandi for just one day. Bhairavi tells Anand that Anandi is well and left. She asks Anand to focus on his US going preparations. Bhairavi tells Anand that jis flight is for the next day. Anand tells Bhairavi that she is wasting her money saying that he won’t go anywhere. He also tells Bhairavi that he won’t stop helping Anandi. Anand leaves telling Bhairavi that she can throw him too out of the house like she threw Anandi.

His words shocks Bhairavi and Diya. Anandi hears a sound and thinks it can be Jigar. She prepares to beat Jigar. Anand scares Anandi from behind. Anandi scolds him for doing it. She asks Anand why he came to meet her when Bhairavi asked him not to. Anand asks Anandi to leave this matter. Anandi tells Anand that she is already worried and asks him to not worry her more. She asks Anand if he got any proof for the case. Anand tells Anandi that he didn’t get any proof. Anandi feels bad. Aannd asks her to become Jigar’s friend to solve her problem. Anandi cries more. Anand stops Anandi from crying and shows her her child marriage video. Anand explains to Anandi that her marriage occurred on a moving truck, which is not allowed. He says marriages can’t occur on moving vehicles as per the law. Anandi makes Anandi happy by telling her that this way her child marriage can get null and void.

Anandi gets a little relaxed. Anand tells Anandi how he get her child marriage video. He further tells Anandi that he felt a mother like figure in Sheila. Anand at last tells Anandi that Shiela’s friend got ready to give a statement in court in her favor. Anandi jumps in joy hearing this. Flashback shows how Sheila convinced her friend to help Anand as he loves Anandi. Flashback also shows that Anand told Sheila’s friend (Gauri) that he will come to pick her up on the day of court hearing. Anandi asks Anand to tell her what she can do in return for his help. She says she would do anything. Anand proposes Anandi. He tells her that he loves her. Anand confesses his feelings towards her. Anandi is seen shocked with the proposal.


Anand tells Anandi that he wants to give her the respect she deserves. This turns out to be Anand’s dream. Anandi brings Anand out of his dream. She asks him what he wants. Anand leaves without saying anything. Anandi receives Usha’s call. Usha tells Anandi that she took tomorrow’s date for her annulment case hearing. She tells Anandi that she did this so that Jigar doesn’t get time for creating any other issue. Usha asks Anandi to be careful of video proof and witness. She tells Anandi that witness is important as video can be proven tampered by anyone. Anandi tells Usha that she understood. She calls and tells Anand about whatever Usha told her.

Anand reaches Devgarh to pick up Gauri. Gauri gets scared and refuses to give a statement. Sheil tries to convince Gauri. Gauri gets convinced and asks Sheila to come with her. Anand requests Sheila to come. Sheila gets ready. Jigar overhears their conversation. He does something with Anand’s car secretly and smirks. On the other hand, Anandi reached court the next morning. She calls Anand and asks him if he picked up a witness. Anand replies that he is on his way with Gauri. Usha asks Anandi if she brought a witness. Anandi tells Usha that Anand went to pick up the witness. Usha confirms from Anandi that a witness will surely arrive. Anandi says yes. Usha apologizes and tells Anandi that she is repeatedly questioning her because of what happened in the last hearing.

Jigar comes and tells Anandi that she won’t win. He tells Anandi that he won’t get freedom from him easily. Anandi gets angry and Jigar smirks. Usha tells Anandi that the Judge won’t give them time this time. Anandi things where Anandi got stuck. Bhairavi and Mehul enter the courtroom. Mehul asks Bhairavi why she came to the court with him. Bhairavi tells Mehul that she came for Anand. She says she knows that Anand would surely reach court to help Anandi. On the other side Anand’s car breaks down. He gets tense thinking how he will help Anandi now. In the courtroom, Bhairavi feels tensed and asks Mehul what will happen if Jigar will reveal Anand’s real mother’s truth to him. She says Jigar may get frustrated after losing the case and blurt out the truth.

Judge comes and Usha asks Anandi to call Anand and ask him where he got stuck with witnesses. Judge asks Anandi if her call is more important to her than her case. Usha tells the Judge that their witness didn’t reach court till now. Judge gets angry and tells Usha that this time the court will not wait for her witnesses. She asks Usha to start the case with whatever they have. Jigar feels happy.

In the next episode, Anandi will be seen twirling around in happiness. Anand proposes Anandi at a beautiful and decorated place. Anandi will be surprised with Anand’s proposal. Angry Jigar will come and start fighting with Anand. Jigar will fall on an open wire in the fight. Anand and Anandi will get shocked seeing Jigar facing an electric current shock.

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