Choti Sardaarni 20th January 2022 Written Update Huge trouble

Choti Sarrdaarni 27th January 2022 Written Update Shocker for Raj

Choti Sardaarni 20th January 2022 Written Update Huge trouble Karan is seen digging the ground. Seher asks him what he is doing. He takes out a game. Seher recognizes that it’s a game which Seher, Param and Karan used to play. Karan says he hid it because everyone snatches his things. He says he can give everything to Param and his family but not Meher’s wedding chunri. Everyone feels bad for Karan. Karan asks everyone what will be Harleen’s decision if he asks for Meher’s wedding chunri for his wife. Harleen searches for information about the ashes Seher brought from Guruji for Raj.

Seher asks Karan what he would have done if Meher’s chunri would have been given to her in her wedding. She explains to Karan that he does hate Param but has a problem with Harleen. Seher tells Karan that she and Karan failed to make him believe that he is their own brother. Ginni and Raj return. They give prasad to everyone. Robbie and Param to comees there. They ask everyone what is happening. Seher tells everyone that Guruji gave Raj’s treatment to her. Param and Karan decide to postpone the final round of their swayamvar for Raj’s treatment. Seher says now she has her two brothers with her.

Harleen gets to know what ashes brought by Seher is for. She decides to throw it in the sink so that Raj doesn’t get treated. Harleen throws the bag out of the window hearing Seher and family’s footsteps. Seher goes to show Raj’s treatment ashes but finds her bag missing. She gets tense and tells everyone how her bag looks. Harleen runs to go to find where she threw the bag. Whole family starts searching for the bag with determination. Raj prays to God to keep Seher happy even if he will have to remain blind for that forever. Seher finally finds the bag. Harleen fumes in anger seeing this. Seher tells everyone that she got the bag. Robbie and Harleen fumes with Raj’s fate.


Everyone except Harleen and Robbie gets happy. Kulwant tells Seher that she has only 3 hour left for Raj’s treatment. Param and Karan say that they have full confidence in their sister. Seher takes Raj inside the bedroom. Seher starts his treatment. On the other hand, Guruji’s student asks him if he is tense thinking how will Seher do Raj’s treatment. Guruji prays to God to do the best. He tells his student that he is tense because it’s a very difficult test for Raj, Seher and their whole family. Guruji further tells his student that his treatment will pain the patient (Raj) very badly. He says his treatment pain is not easy to bear. Guruji continues explaining that Raj will wish for death as his treatment will pain him a lot.

He at last says that Raj’s pain will be a test for his family. At Gill Mansion, Raj will tell Seher that her Guruji’s treatment paste is burning his eyes a lot. He continuously explains his pain to everyone. Raj asks Seher to stop, while Seher asks Raj to not open his eyes. Karan and Param try to handle Raj. Raj in pain will become difficult to handle. Kulwant and Seher ask Raj to take God’s name. Raj pushes Karan and Param to the floor. Param saves Karan from getting hurt/injured from glass shards. Karan ties a bandage on Param’s wounds. Other family members from outside ask if everything is well inside. Raj apologizes to Karan and Param for pushing them. He asks Karan and Param if they got hurt or injured by him.

Seher stops Raj from removing Guruji’s paste from his eyes. Everyone stops him. Seher tries to calm Raj in pain. She makes him recall their past beautiful moments. Flashbacks of Raj and Seher’s paragliding are shown. Seher tells Raj that he will be able to see her if he bears this pain. Raj recalls his and Seher’s moments. Some more flashbacks of Raj and Seher’s past romantic moments are shown. Raj tells Seher that he will bear it and see her finally. Seher ties a bandage across Raj’s eyes. She tells him that he can’t open his bandage before 1 hour. Seher explains that Guruji told her that if he doesn’t follow the instructions he won’t be able to see whole life.

This shocks everyone but Harleen and Robbie smirks. Seher says now they can continue with Param and Karan’s swayamvar. Karan asks Seher to take Param for swayamvar with her. Seher asks him why he doesn’t want to come. Karan says he doesn’t want to get married now. Everyone gets shocked hearing it. Harleen feels happy thinking Karan got out of her way himself. She thinks that she will have to do something about Raj now.

In the next episode, Seher will remind Raj that he can’t open his eye bandage till 1 hour. As Seher will leave, Raj will feel someone’s presence in his room. Harleen will come and throw a drink on Raj’s eye bandage. She will tell him that now he won’t be able to see and hide. Raj will scream Seher’s name in pain for help.

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