Kundali Bhagya 20th January 2022 Written Update Karan confronts

Kundali Bhagya 20th January 2022 Written Update Karan confronts

Kundali Bhagya 20th January 2022 Written Update Karan confronts Karan tells Preeta that he was too worried for her. He tells how he learnt of her arrest when he comes home, Rakhi told him about Naagre’s attempt to murder charges on Preeta and then he rushed to the police station, he learnt that she didn’t get arrested. He tells that the Inspector was suspecting him for her disappearance, but thankfully Inspector came to help him in finding her after he took Naagre’s name. He tells that Inspector told him that Naagre is dangerous and anything could have happened to her. He shares his anxious worries. He adds that he came back home to confront Naagre, knowing that Naagre is here to attend Prithvi’s party.

He is surprised that Naagre was supporting Preeta and singing her praise in front of the guests. He tells her that he was too surprised to see Naagre’s changed tune. He adds that he wants an answer from him, how did she get Naagre in control. He asks her what’s happening around that he deserves to know, but doesn’t know. Preeta gets speechless. She wants to be true to Karan, but doesn’t want his angered reaction to invite troubles. She hides the truth about her murder attempt planned by Prithvi.


Earlier in the show, Shrishti misses Sameer and cries. He happily goes to meet her, and finds her crying. She acts happy when she sees him. He asks her why didn’t she see him. She tells him that he broke up with her and now she doesn’t want to see him. She behaves rudely with him. She cries in sorrow. She tells Janki that Sameer didn’t trust Preeta, he broke up with her because of Preeta.

She doesn’t want to accept Sameer back in her life. She tells that he doesn’t matter to her now. They meet Rakhi and get love from her. Rakhi tells that she is very happy to see Preeta and Shrishti in the house. Shrishti can’t stop her emotions in front of Rakhi. She thinks she has to control her emotions and not show the reality to Rakhi. Rakhi tells that she wants to hug Preeta and Shrishti, but they are too angered. She shares her feelings with Janki. Janki wants to be good towards Rakhi, so that she can share her sorrow.

Kundali Bhagya 20th January 2022 Written Update Karan confronts:

Janki asks Rakhi not to apologize for everyone’s mistake. She tells that she can’t guarantee about Preeta, but can guarantee about herself. She tells that they are one family. Rakhi happily hugs her, and leaves Kareena shocked. Karan asks Kritika about Preeta. He tells that Preeta is nowhere, the guests are asking for her. She asks him if Preeta cheated him as well. He tells that the police didn’t arrest Preeta, Naagre and Prithvi have done wrong with Preeta. She tells that Preeta can also plan such a thing. He calls it rubbish. She tells that Preeta had plotted the fake arrest and then spoiled the party.

He asks her what happened to her when she knows everything. She starts supporting Prithvi, seeing Karan support his wife Preeta. She tells that she trusts her husband, Prithvi can’t plot Preeta’s fake arrest. Kareena tells Bani that Preeta has played a great game, she has become the owner of the house and started treating them as slaves. She is angry that Preeta has taken over the business and house, when it belongs to Karan. Sameer tells that it belongs to Karan, but she couldn’t snatch the rights from Prithvi. He feels Preeta is better than Prithvi, its good that she has the control in her hands, Prithvi also ill treated them. She asks if Shrishti has brainwashed him.

He asks her to open her eyes and see the truth, Prithvi had organized the party to get the big contract, Karan doesn’t have anything in his hands, but Preeta saved the Luthra business. Bani tells that Sameer didn’t say anything wrong. She asks Kareena to complain to Karan about Sameer. Kareena goes. Sherlyn looks for Prithvi. She learns that a snake charmer has come home. She remembers Prithvi’s plans of proving Mahesh mentally unstable. He wanted to show the snake to Mahesh and scare him, so that Mahesh screams aloud and becomes a joke in front of the investors. He wanted the total control on the Luthras and head the business.

Sherlyn tells Natasha that everyone will find Mahesh as an insane person and then Preeta will be proved a liar, she won’t find any investors for the project. She asks Mona to take the snake in Mahesh’s room. Mona agrees. Sherlyn waits for the big drama. MLA and the investors praise Preeta. They are really impressed by Preeta. MLA tells that he has an offer for Preeta, he can give his land for the new township. He asks Sameer to call Preeta. Sherlyn and Natasha look for Prithvi. Janki follows them. She is worried about Preeta. She tells that Prithvi would have got Preeta killed.

She is thankful that Preeta got saved by a stranger’s help. Sameer asks Janki to tell Preeta about the investor’s request. He tells Preeta that the guests are asking for her. Natasha tells Sherlyn that Prithvi acts smart, but his actions aren’t such. Janki goes to hear their conversation. Sherlyn asks Natasha not to think of everyone as herself. Natasha tells that Preeta has troubled Prithvi and showed his place, she has become a queen. Sherlyn asks her to stay in limits. Natasha argues with her. She asks Sherlyn to give respect and take respect. Sherlyn reminds Natasha her roots.

Natasha warns Sherlyn. Janki overhears their conversation. She thinks what is Sherlyn talking about. Natasha insults Sherlyn. She reminds Sherlyn her plans. They see some shadow and change the topic. They find Janki there. Sherlyn tries to make Janki fall, but Janki warns her. Karan stops Preeta to get her answer. She tells that she is busy, she doesn’t have time to talk. He asks her to answer him first. He tells that police arrested her, but the real police didn’t arrest her, then she came home and got Naagre on her side. He asks her how did Naagre support her. She tells that its a good thing.

She doesn’t understand what he wants to say. She asks him to let her go. He tells that he got to know Naagre and her deal. She can’t tell him the truth. He asks her when did she become so good in business, how did she give such an impressive speech. She asks him not to waste her time. He asks her what has happened to her. He expresses his concern for her. He tells that he loves her, and she loves him too. She is glad to know about his love.

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