Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st January 2022 Written Update Unexpected

Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st January 2022 Written Update Unexpected

Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st January 2022 Written Update Unexpected Prisha prays for Ruhi and Rudra’s safety. Veena, Saanchi’s mother and some other woman tries to handle crying or broken Prisha. Veena asks Prisha what was Rudra doing in her store room. Prisha cries and tells Veena that she doesn’t know why Ruhi was meeting Rudra secretly. She just cries and says that she doesn’t want anything to happen to Rudra and Ruhi. Veena asks Prisha to have faith in God as nothing bad happens to good people. Bunty and Vaijayanti reach the Lohri celebration location. They ask someone present there about the other villagers and celebrations.

The Villagers tell them Rudra saved Ruhi from a big fire accident. Both Bunty and Vaijayanti get shocked. Villager says that both Rudra and Ruhi got injured badly. Vaijayanti gets worried for Rudra. Bunty and Vaijayanti leave to meet Rudra at the hospital. At the hospital, the nurse tells Prisha that Ruhi gained consciousness and thus she can meet her daughter. Prisha runs to meet Ruhi. “Teri Ladki Mai” plays in the background. Ruhi opens her arms and calls Prisha. Prisha runs and hugs Ruhi tightly. She kisses Ruhi with a lot of love and worry. Prisha asks Ruhi if she is fine. Doctor tells Prisha that Ruhi fainted because of inhaling a lot of smoke.

He leaves saying that Ruhi is fine now. Ruhi apologizes to Prisha for secretly hiding Rudra in their store room. She tells Prisha that Rudra became a good friend of hers. Ruhu reminds Prisha that she only taught her to never leave a friend alone. Prisha asks Ruhi if Rudra really became a good friend of hers. Ruhi tells Prisha that she and Rudra became best friends. She reveals to Prisha that she and Rudra ate, bathed and danced together. Ruhi further tells not Raj but Rudra can become her father. She tells Prisha that Rudra is so good that she sees him as her father figure when she closes her eyes. Ruhi says Rudra can become her good father as well as a good husband for her.


Prisha thinks about how to tell Ruhi that Rudra is really her father and her (Prisha’s) husband. She gets emotional thinking that she can’t reveal Ruhi and Rudra’s real relationship to them. Prisha feels apologetic towards Ruhi and Rudra. Ruhi tells Prisha that God sent Rudra for them as she told her. She requests Prisha to make Rudra her father. Prisha tells Ruhi that Rudra got injured badly, while saving her. She asks Ruhi to first pray for Rudra’s recovery. Ruhi prays for Rudra’s recovery. She tells God that she will break contact with him/her if something happens to Rudra. Prisha gets emotional and hugs Ruhi. Ruhi tells Prisha that Rudra will surely recover as God listens to the kid’s prayers.

Prisha asks Ruhi to rest till she goes and sees Rudra’s condition. Ruhi agrees and lies in bed. Prisha leaves, covering Ruhi with a blanket. She goes to Rudra’s ward. “Rehna Tere Paas” plays in the background. Prisha moves forward towards Rudra. She recalls her various hits and misses with Rudra. Prisha sits beside Rudra holding his hands. She tells unconscious Rudra that she wanted to see, touch and meet him but not in this condition. Prisha tells unconscious Rudra that he saved his own daughter. She reveals to an unconscious Rudra that Ruhi is his little Prisha (his daughter), whom he always wanted.

Prisha tells Rudra that Ruhi loves him a lot that she even lied to her for him. She tells Ruhi secretly hid him. Prisha tells Rudra that she tried a lot to keep him and Ruhi away but fate made them meet anyhow. She tells Rudra that she is very happy to see him with Ruhi. Prisha says she feels complete with him and Ruhi. She tells an unconscious Rudra that she felt scared of losing him when he and Ruhi were stuck in fire. Prisha tells unconscious Rudra that she has now decided to tell him the truth because she wants to live with him in sadness and happiness. She requests Rudra to open his eyes and hug her. Prisha cries and hugs unconscious Rudra.

Rudra raises his hand and takes Prisha’s name, hugging her. Prisha gets happy seeing that Rudra gained consciousness. They caress each other and cry. Rudra asks Prisha if she is really in front of her. Prisha says she is really present. Rudra tells Prisha that he yearned for a lot in five years. He questions Prisha why she made everyone believe that she died. Prisha tells Rudra that she is still a criminal and running from law and police. She further tells Rudra that she didn’t want him to become a criminal with her too and live a life of oblivion. Prisha tells Rudra that she wanted Ruhi and him to live a normal life.

Rudra tells Prisha that his life without her is even worse than death. He tells Prisha that they are incomplete without each other. They hug each other. Rudra tells Prisha that they will live together now anyhow without caring about people’s words and thinking. Rudra further tells Prisha that he knows that Ruhi is daughter. He tells Prisha that Ruhi is just like her, never lets him do anything wrong and supports him at each and every point. Rudra also tells Prisha that Ruhi scolds him a lot just like her. Prisha tells Rudra that Ruhi sings very well like him. Rudra says it’s good as what would have happened to him if both mother and daughter would have been hoarse.

Rudra asks if Ruhi is fine. Prisha says yes. Rudra tells Prisha that he loves Ruhi and her a lot. He tells Prisha that they will now always live as a happy family. All this turns out to be Prisha’s dream and imagination. Prisha wakes up and sees that Rudra is sinking. She gets tense and calls the doctor. The Doctor comes and examines Rudra. He gives shock treatment to Rudra. Prisha prays to God for Rudra’s recovery. She gets shocked when Vaijayanti enters Rudra’s ward and introduces herself as Rudra’s wife. Prisha thinks about why Rudra and Vaijayanti got married to each other. Vaijayanti asks the Doctor to see what happened to Rudra. Initially Prisha thinks to hide herself from Vaijayanti but then decides to come in front for Rudra’s safety.

Rudra starts responding. Prisha takes her steps back and thinks by which right she should go to Rudra now. She decides to go away and leaves. Doctor tells Vaijayanti that Rudra is safe. Prisha thinks how could Rudra marry Vaijayanti forgetting her. She feels dejected thinking that Rudra moved on with Vaijayanti forgetting her. Prisha decides to hide herself from Rudra forever. Bunty apologizes to Prisha. Prisha leaves and doesn’t listen to what Bunty wants to say. She goes and asks God why he/she always brings someone in between her and Rudra. Prisha further questions God why he/she brought Rudra in front of her when he already married someone else.

In the next episode, Prisha will not let Ruhi meet Rudra. She will tell Ruhi that they are leaving Rohtak. Rudra will ask where Prisha is. Bunty will answer Rudra and tell him that Prisha is leaving Rohtak with Ruhi. Rudra will run to stop Prisha and Ruhi. He will ask Prisha to say that Ruhi is his daughter. Yuvraj will come and say that Ruhi is his daughter. This will shock Rudra and Prisha.

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  1. Prisha aur rudra ko ek kar do plz… har baar unhe alag kiya jata hai… plz ab bas karo… kuch aur dikha do serial me .. jo prisha aur
    Rudra ek saath rahe aur serial dikhao plz plz plZ…


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