Kundali Bhagya 28th January 2022 Written Update Ugly scene

Kundali Bhagya 28th January 2022 Written Update Ugly scene

Kundali Bhagya 28th January 2022 Written Update Ugly scene Prithvi creates a huge scene in the party by targeting Mahesh. He scares Mahesh by leaving a snake in his room. Mahesh runs outside, reaching the party hall to get some help. The Luthras are shocked to see him, and so are the guests. The fact that Mahesh has lost his mental balance was hidden from the world till now. Preeta had lied to the guests that Mahesh is enjoying his retirement and that’s why he isn’t with them in the party. She didn’t know Prithvi is planning to use Mahesh against her and prove her a liar.

Prithvi tells the MLA that he cares for his family, he loves them a lot, but he also cares for those with whom he does business. He requests the clients to not invest in Luthras industries, whose owner Mahesh Luthra isn’t able to safeguard his own self. He asks how will Mahesh safeguard the client’s money in such an imbalanced mental state. The Luthras are left shocked by Prithvi’s master stroke. What reply do Karan and Preeta have for Prithvi’s strike? Keep reading.


Earlier in the show, Rakhi feels proud of Preeta, who bagged the deal for the family. Kritika tells that the hardwork is of Prithvi, he shall get the credit. Janki tells that Preeta has made the presentation by her efforts, Prithvi had the idea for the rich but Preeta thinks for the common people. Kareena tells that Preeta is really middle-class. She doesn’t want Preeta to ruin Luthras’ name. Prithvi tells that Preeta will lose the finance when the people know that Mahesh is insane.

Kundali Bhagya 28th January 2022 Written Update Ugly scene:

Mahesh screams seeing the snake. The family hears his screams when he comes out running and falls down. Prithvi and Sherlyn smile seeing Mahesh’s terrible condition. They want their plan to work. Karan and Sameer console Mahesh, who tells them that there is a snake in his room. The family cries seeing Mahesh. Prithvi tells the guests that Mahesh is mentally unstable. He adds that there is no snake in the house. Karan asks him to stop the nonsense. Prithvi tells the guests that Mahesh is undergoing a treatment, Mahesh will get okay soon, they are getting the best help for him. He asks them to relax, there is no snake. The guests are shocked to know that Mahesh is a lunatic.

Rakhi and Karan try to console Mahesh. Prithvi tells them that Mahesh won’t come under control until they whip him. The guests pity him, while the media gets a breaking news. Prithvi tells that Mahesh is insane, it was a family secret, its his fault to reveal it to the family. He advises his clients to not invest in Luthra industries, else they will have a big loss. He asks them to think what will happen when the news spread in the business circle, the shares will crash down and then the project will not take off. He goes towards Mahesh, who is scared of him.

Prithvi scares Mahesh intentionally to create a bigger drama. Preeta angrily pushes Prithvi away. She asks him to stay away from Mahesh. Even Karan takes a stand for his dad. He makes Prithvi away from Mahesh. She asks Mahesh to hold her hand and calm down. She tells him that she also saw a snake and got scared, its natural for any person to get scared seeing a snake, but she remembered his words, she controlled her fear, she didn’t get scared of the snake. She reminds him that he always used to stand by her and become her courage. She tells that her fear ended knowing he is with her.

She adds that she is with him, his entire family is with him, the snake will go away if he stops feeling scared. Mahesh holds Preeta’s hand. Prithvi doesn’t want his plan to fail. He shouts snake and scares Mahesh again. Preeta holds Mahesh’s hand and says the snake left when Mahesh held her hand, even Prithvi saw the snake, its really there, Prithvi also shouted seeing the sake, when he is a normal man and can shout, then an ill man like Mahesh can also get scared. She defends Mahesh in a mature way and makes everyone speechless. Karan is impressed with Preeta’s caring gesture towards Mahesh.

Preeta makes Mahesh sit. She tells him that the snake got scared of him and left, he is really strong. Mahesh blesses Preeta. Rakhi, Bani and Kareena cry watching this. Even Kritika feels bad for Mahesh. Preeta apologizes to the guests. She tels that Mahesh is suffering from fever, his mental condition is totally fine. She tells that if Prithvi can shout seeing the snake, then Mahesh can also get scared. She tells that Mahesh is fine now. Rakhi takes Mahesh to his room. Preeta tells the guests and media that Mahesh is okay, there is nothing to worry. The clients ask Preeta to start her dream project and fulfill it soon.

MLA also supports Preeta’s project. She tells that its a dream come true for the Luthra industries, its a special day for them. She asks them to collect the sweet boxes before leaving. She invites them in the Lohri celebrations at the Luthra mansion. The guests make a leave. Kritika reaches Prithvi, who angrily walks out. Karan smiles seeing Preeta. The family takes care of Mahesh. They cry seeing him.

Mahesh is scared. Bani asks him not to be scared. Sameer tells that Preeta has sent him to look after Mahesh. He asks him to take rest. Mahesh remembers Preeta. Rakhi tells that Preeta is Mahesh’s daughter. Mahesh tells that he wants to sleep. Sameer cries emotionally. Bani hugs him. He wishes everything gets normal. Rakhi and Kareena are very happy that Mahesh identified them. Rakhi gives the credit of the best day of their lives to Preeta. She tells that if media believed Prithvi that Mahesh is insane, then it would have been a disaster for them.

She calls Preeta a great person who handled the situation so well and saved Mahesh’s name. She feels blessed to get a bahu like Preeta. She tells that Preeta always got happiness in their lives. She wants to thank Preeta from her heart that she saved their respect. She hopes that Mahesh recovers soon. Preeta falls weak in emotions when she recalls Mahesh. Karan meets Preeta. She hides her tears from him. He tells her that she is still the bitter Preeta, who always ruins his mood. He asks her why is she pretending bad in front of his eyes, because she isn’t bad. She tells that she is bad as he can see. He can see her acting. He tells that he had come to thank her for supporting Mahesh, for holding his hand and proving that she is Mahesh’s daughter.

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