Udaariyaan 27th January 2022 Written Update Tejo exposes Jasmin

Udaariyaan 27th January 2022 Written Update Tejo exposes Jasmin

Udaariyaan 27th January 2022 Written Update Tejo exposes Jasmin Jasmin troubles the Virk family once again. She asks them to accept her as their Bahu. Fateh gets helpless to accept Jasmin’s conditions. Jasmin sits proudly and enjoys their flight. She wants Virks to beg for mercy. Tejo arrives at the right time. She tells Fateh that Jasmin is faking everything, no real accident happened that night, it was a fake accident, Jasmin had put Amrik in the jail to scare him and make the believe the authenticity of the case. She tells that no person died, it was just a drama planned by Jasmin.

Fateh and Virks are surprised by Tejo’s revelation. Fateh asks Tejo what proof she has. Angad comes there to state that he is the proof, he had been with Jasmin in the criminal plotting, but wasn’t aware that she is targeting Amrik. Jasmin is shell shocked when her plan gets exposed by Tejo and Angad. What’s next now? Keep reading.


Earlier in the show, Fateh calls up Jasmin. He tells her that he is ready to accept her conditions. He calls her home. Jasmin shares this good news with Rupy. She wants everyone to beg her for help. She plans to humiliate Tejo. Tejo’s scooty breaks down. She runs on the road to reach Fateh. Fateh apologizes to Simran. He tells that Gurpreet and he can tolerate Jasmin for Amrik’s sake. He feels its too late now, he has to marry Jasmin to save Amrik’s life. Amrik feels guilty on hearing this. Jasmin arrives there with dhol and baaja. Amrik gets scared of her. He is still in trauma. Jasmin prepares to ruin Fateh, while Tejo struggles to reach Fateh in time.

Udaariyaan 27th January 2022 Written Update Tejo exposes Jasmin:

Tejo wants to meet Fateh and Virk house at any cost. She runs through the fields, and falls in the wet mud area. Her slippers get stuck in the mud. She removes her slippers and runs ahead, stepping on the broken glass and getting hurt. Tejo doesn’t let any wound or pain stop her. She removes the glass pieces from her foot and runs ahead to reach the Virk house. She just wishes that Fateh didn’t go to the police to admit the crime, which neither he nor Amrik committed.

Jasmin creates a scene in the Virk house. She tells them that she has come with another surprise. She invites their neighbors home to make her drama even more popular. She just intends to insult them and defame their name in the society, in a way that her revenge gets exacted on Fateh. Fateh and Khushbeer control their anger for Amrik’s sake. Fateh has decided to marry Jasmin to save Amrik’s future. The entire Virk family mentally prepare themselves to tolerate Jasmin’s drama. They stay quiet while Jasmin further humiliates them. She tells Fateh that she will only marry him.

She sings for him and dances, getting a garland for him and also a groom’s Pagdi. Fateh angrily throws away everything. He asks her to cut down the drama and simply talk out her terms. Tejo arrives there and wonders why is Fateh agreeing to marry Jasmin, when he already decided to surrender to the police. Jasmin doesn’t want Tejo to create any hurdle. She gets fed up of Tejo, but the latter begins to reveal the truth. Fateh and family get worried for Tejo, seeing the mud on her clothes and her bleeding foot. Tejo asks them not to accept any of Jasmin’s conditions, because Jasmin is again doing a fraud with them, the accident was fake and Amrik is innocent. She breaks this truth to fail Jasmin in her plans. The family is left in shock and so is Jasmin, who didn’t expect Tejo to find the truth.

Jasmin insults Tejo and Fateh a lot, and makes fun of their love story. She tells that Tejo would have dreamt of meeting Fateh in the jail and weaving a romantic tale and then plan to marry him at the time of his release. She regrets that Tejo and Fateh’s love story isn’t going to turn real. Tejo asks her to stop her nonsense. She tells Fateh that Jasmin is just fooling them and exploiting them. Jasmin finds her plan failing. She panics and tries hard to stop Tejo. Tejo asks Fateh not to believe any of Jasmin’s words, he doesn’t need to do anything in fear, Jasmin can just threaten, but can’t harm anyone.

Fateh is really happy to know the truth, but wants some evidence against Jasmin. He asks Tejo for the proof that she is saying the truth about Jasmin’s fake accident plans. Tejo tells that she has a proof. Angad meets the Virks to help them against Jasmin. He tells that he is the proof against Jasmin. Angad reveals that he was mad for Tejo and joined hands with Jasmin, unaware that she is planning to trap Amrik in the accident case. He tells that the accident was fake, and he can give the statement to save Amrik. Tejo asks Jasmin to answer them on her defeat.

Jasmin asks Angad is he ready to bear the punishment for helping her in the plans. Angad tells that he is ready to accept any punishment, but he wants to see her getting punished. Tejo tells Fateh that they shall go to the police station and check the case records if its there or not. Jasmin stops them, and reveals a shocking fact that even Angad didn’t know this truth, the accident was real and a person really died in the accident. She tells that Angad underestimated her evil talent. She shows them the video evidence against Amrik and also the death certificate of the person who died in the accident.

She tells them that the court will demand evidence, and its against Amrik. She tells Fateh that Tejo and her fake fiance couldn’t help Amrik, and now Fateh is left with the only option that’s to marry her. Angad apologizes to Fateh and Virks that he unknowingly helped Jasmin against them. Jasmin asks Tejo to leave from her house. She further insults Tejo, who tries to give courage to Amrik. Fateh stops Jasmin from hurting Tejo. He tells Tejo that he will drop her home. Jasmin tells that she will not let them meet once she marries Fateh. She starts bossing around. Fateh and Tejo sink in sorrow.

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