Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th January 2022 Written Update Prisha’s move

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th January 2022 Written Update Prisha’s move Yuvraj and Prisha enter Rudra’s studio. Everyone gets shocked seeing each other. Ruhi gets scared thinking that Prisha would scold her for meeting Rudra, without informing her. Yuvraj asks Prisha if she believes him now that Rudra kidnapped Ruhi. Rudra and Bunty get shocked hearing it. Yuvraj tells Prisha that Rudra is doing it to trouble her. Rudra would feel very angry hearing Yuvraj’s ill words. Prisha asks Ruhi how she came to Delhi. Yuvraj asks Prisha why she is questioning Ruhi. He asks her to see how scared and terrified Ruhi looks.

Yuvraj asks Prisha to question Rudra. He uses ill words for Rudra without caring that little Ruhi is listening. Yuvraj again accuses Rudra of kidnapping Ruhi. Angry Rudra asks Yuvraj to shut his mouth. He says he didn’t kidnap Ruhi. Yuvraj asks Rudra how 5-year old Ruhi came to Delhi on her own. He also asks Rudra how Ruhi landed in his studio. Yuvraj tells Rudra that only he returned to Delhi from Rohtak. He again accuses Rudra of kidnapping Ruhi. Rudra calls Yuvraj crazy and asks him why he would kidnap Ruhi. Yuvraj tells Rudra that he is short tempered.

He says to Rudra that he just wants to trouble him and Prisha. Yuvraj tells Rudra that he wants exact revenge from him and Prisha. Rudra asks Yuvraj to stop his nonsense. He tells Yuvraj that he doesn’t want to misbehave with him in front of Ruhi. Rudra asks Yuvraj to ask Ruhi how she came to Delhi. Yuvraj says he can’t ask Ruhi because he knows Ruhi can’t reach Delhi alone on her own. Prisha tries to stop Yuvraj but he refuses to listen to her. He says Rudra is envious of them as they have Ruhi as their daughter. Yuvraj says Rudra kidnapped Ruhi because he can see him and Prisha happy. Angry Rudra asks Yuvraj to shut his nonsense and says he didn’t kidnap Ruhi.


Ruhi gets scared of Rudra and Yuvraj”s argument. Yuvraj provokes Rudra to beat him. He asks Rudra to accept the truth that he kidnaped his daughter. Bunty asks Yuvraj to ask the truth from Ruhi. Yuvraj tells Bunty that he would lie for Rudra being his friend. He asks Rudra and Bunty to stop manipulating Ruhi. Everyone gets shocked seeing police. Yuvraj says he called the police. He further says he can’t let Rudra escape easily for trying to kidnap Ruhi. Yuvraj asks police to arrest Rudra for kidnapping Ruhi. Ruhi thinks to tells the truth that Rudra didn’t kidnap her. She slips and hurts her head before telling the truth. Everyone runs to Ruhi.

Rudra and Prisha try to pacify hurt and scared Ruhi. On the other hand, Saaransh asks Vaijayanti about Rudra’s whereabouts. Vaijayanti tells Saaransh that Rudra went to the studio for some work. Saaransh gets sad on knowing that Rudra went to the studio without meeting him. He says he was waiting to meet Rudra for a long time. Saaransh says Rudra doesn’t care about them. Vaijayanti tells Saaransh that Rudra is very tense after witnessing something in Rohtak. Before Vaijayanti could tell Saaransh anything else about Rohtak, Sharda stops her. Sharda tells Saaransh that Rudra got busy with a big project in Rohtak and thus went directly to the studio for some important work. She further tells Saaransh that Rudra would meet him directly after returning from the studio.

Saaransh leaves towards his room. Sharda warns Vaijayanti to not reveal the truth to Saaransh about Prisha. Vaijayanti asks Sharda till when will they hide a mother from her son. Sharda asks Vaijayanti why to give false hope to Saaransh by telling him the truth. She asks Vaijayanti to let Saaransh believe that Prisha is dead. Sharda leaves asking Vaijayanti to never tell the truth to Saaransh. Yuvraj asks Rudra to stay away from Ruhi. Rudra shuts Yuvraj and tells him that no one can separate him from Ruhi. He tells police that he will come with them after taking Ruhi to the hospital.

Rudra says he will soon file a defamation case on Yuvraj for accusing him in a false kidnapping case. He says Ruhi came to him on her own will. Rudra, Bunty and Prisha take Ruhi to the hospital. Yuvraj thinks about why his plan always messes up. Ruhi gets admitted to the emergency ward. Rudra sees Prisha worried about Ruhi. He comforts her and tells her that he is with her and Ruhi. Rudra wipes Prisha’s tears and hugs her. This shocks Yuvraj. Rudra kisses Prisha’s forehead. Prisha feels a little relaxed. Bunty brings Rudra out of his imagination. Yuvraj uses the opportunity and tries to go closer to Prisha to make Rudra angry.

Worried, Sharda calls Bunty to know about Rudra. Bunty tells Sharda that he and Rudra brought Ruhi to the hospital. He tells Sharda how Ruhi came to Delhi. Bunty also tells her how Yuvraj accused Rudra for kidnapping Ruhi and Ruhi got injured. He narrates the whole story to Sharda. Sharda gets angry and calls Yuvraj useless. Bunty asks Sharda to not worry as Ruhi is important at present. Doctor informs Prisha and Rudra that Ruhi got some stitches and is fine. He suggests both Prisha and Rudra to let Ruhi rest and agree to her wishes. Doctor leaves telling Rudra and Prisha that he will discharge Ruhi the next day.

Yuvraj doesn’t let Rudra and Prisha meet Ruhi alone. He again and again tries to grab the opportunity to make Rudra believe that Ruhi is his daughter with Prisha. Rudra stays outside. Prisha asks Ruhi if she is feeling pain. Ruhi tells Prisha that nothing will happen to her as she is with her. She apologizes to Prisha for going without informing her. Yuvraj asks Ruhi to not apologize. He says he knows that bad uncle Rudra kidnapped her. Ruhi calls Yuvraj a bad uncle for fighting Rudra. She says she came to Delhi on her own and Rudra didn’t kidnap her. Ruhi tells Prisha that she hid in Rudra’s car secretly.

She further tells Prisha that she wanted to ask Rudra why they can’t live together. Rudra asks Yuvraj if he wants to know anything or shout. Inspector scolds Yuvraj for making a false complaint. Rudra smirks, making Yuvraj angry. Yuvraj smirks thinking that he still has the control on the situation. Sharda reaches the hospital to meet Ruhi. Ruhi recognizes her. Sharda tells Ruhi that she brought food for her. Ruhi tells Sharda that she brought all her favorite dishes. She thanks Sharda for calling her grandmother. This shocks everyone. Ruhi requests Sharda to let her call her grandmother. Sharda agrees. Ruhi happily tells Prisha that now she has a grandma too.

Ruhi acts like she has a stomach ache. Rudra smiles and says Ruhi wants to have food by his hands. This shocks Yuvraj. Rudra makes Ruhi eat with his hands. Except Yuvraj feels happy seeing Ruhi and Rudra’s bond. Ruhi makes everyone eat some food. Yuvraj feels irritated with the family union. Ruhi does some cute talks with Rudra. Rudra calls Ruhi Nani Maa, which surprises Prisha. Bunty and Khuranas enjoy time with Ruhi. After some time, Rudra makes Ruhi sleep. Yuvraj asks Khuranas to return home. Ruhi requests Rudra to stop and stay with her. She says she doesn’t know when she will be able to meet him after this.

Rudra agrees to stay with Ruhi. He tells Ruhi that no one can stop him from living with her. Yuvraj asks Ruhi to not trouble Rudra. He tells her that he and Prisha are there for her. Yuvraj jerks Rudra’s hand away from Ruhi. Ruhi gets adamant that she wants Rudra with her. Nurse comes and asks everyone to not give stress to Ruhi as per doctor’s instructions. Prisha agrees to let Rudra stay with Ruhi and asks Yuvraj to leave.

In the next episode, Rudra and Prisha will take Ruhi to have ice cream at night. Yuvraj will see them together outside. He will tell the nurse that Rudra and Prisha took Ruhi for an ice cream. Nurse will ask him to prove it. Yuvraj will take the nurse to show her what is happening.

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