Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming 31st January 2022 Pregnancy Revealed

Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming 31st January 2022 Pregnancy Revealed

Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming 31st January 2022 Pregnancy Revealed Prachi feels considerate pain in her stomach, which doesn’t let her sleep. She grows worried for the baby in her womb. She thinks she got too exhausted in the day. She doesn’t get a proper rest. She calls the doctor to take some medicines prescribed for her. She tells her doctor that a sudden pain has developed in her stomach and causing much discomfort. Doctor helps her on call. She tells that she is feeling uneasy. Doctor asks her to visit the clinic in the morning and get some tests done. Prachi agrees to visit for the checkup. The same gynac who is treating Prachi also happens to be Pallavi’s doctor.

Ranbir calls the same doctor to ask about Pallavi’s medicines. Doctor tells him that the medicines are available at the clinic, he can come and collect it from the clinic. He asks the time. She asks him to come at 11 am. She has called Prachi at her clinic at the same time. Ranbir gives his word that he will be there on time. Both Prachi and Ranbir will be visiting the same doctor. Will Ranbir finally learn the news of Prachi’s pregnancy? Or will he get mistaken once again? Keep reading.


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  1. Heaven and eart will. Collide.The stone age,ice age will return but prachi n ranbir will never meet eact other at the hospital now will he get to find out bout pregnancy.give it another 2 leaps about 20 to 30 years n then child will appear on ranvirs doorstep with his grandchild.
    only ektaa n company can create ,produce n write shit.
    now with abhi n pragya gone rhea ,alliya pallavi are the new leads.so pressure ,tirment for prachi just like her mother.ranbir must be rhea husband n father of her child coz the actress playing rhea n ektaa n company favour her.
    let trp drop Zee tv needs to axe this serial now

  2. Prachi character is just diagusting now.
    ranbir was an idiot to believe criminal rhea n his ungrateful parents but oh gosh man prachi calling police for ranbir for helping her but she didnt get her fraud sister arrested.ranbir better off without them 2 sick sisters


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