Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st February 2022 Written Update Accident twist

Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st February 2022 Written Update Accident twist

Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st February 2022 Written Update Accident twist Rudra and Prisha are seen pulling each other’s ponies. Prisha gets shocked and scared seeing a truck coming in front of their car. She asks Rudra to look forward. Rudra asks Prisha to not make excuses. Ruhi also asks Rudra to look forward. Rudra, Prisha and Rudra’s car almost collide with the truck. Everything goes back to the present time. At the hospital, Ruhi gets happy seeing Sharda. She tells Sharada that she got fine eating the food made by her. Sharda tells Ruhi that she brought food for her and would feed her.

Prisha says she will return after paying hospital bills. Yuvraj says he is also going with Prisha as Ruhi is his responsibility too, being his daughter. This angers everyone present in the ward. Rudra says he is going to freshen up. Vaijayanti checks all wards to know about Sharda, Rudra and Bunty’s whereabouts. Sharda sees Vaijayanti and thinks that she should not get to know that Prisha is with Rudra and Ruhi. She also thinks that Vaijayanti will create a big ruckus knowing the truth. Sharda asks Bunty to feed food to Ruhi till she returns. Vaijayanti gets shocked seeing Sharda. Sharda angrily takes Vaijayanti aside.

Bunty asks Ruhi why she looks so sad even after getting better. Ruhi tells Bunty that she feels like crying knowing that she would have to go away from Rudra. Bunty asks Rudra if she loves Rudra. Ruhi replies that she loves Rudra as much as she loves Prisha. Bunty asks Ruhi what she would do as Rudra would have to go away one day. Ruhi tells Bunty that she knows this and that is why she is trying to stop Rudra day by day. Bunty asks Ruhi why she is trying to stop Rudra with her and why she came to Delhi secretly. Ruhi says she wants to know why Rudra and Prisha fought and doesn’t like each other. She says she wants to make Rudra and Prisha friends again.


Ruhi prays to God to help her live more with Rudra somehow. Bunty thinks even little Ruhi wants to unite Rudra and Prisha. He thinks he would also try to reunite Rudra and Prisha as the kid’s wish is God’s wish. Bunty asks Ruhi to not worry as her wish would surely get fulfilled. He thinks it’s his wish too, to see Prisha and Rudra together again and thus will support Ruhi. On the other hand, Vaijayanti requests Sharda to tell her the truth and about Rudra’s whereabouts too. Sharda asks Vaijayanti to not think much and understand that Rudra is busy with work. Vaijayanti asks Sharda whom she came to meet at the hospital.

Sharda tells Vaijayanti that she came to meet her friend at the hospital. She tells Vaijayanti that she could have cleared her doubts on her by stopping and questioning her at home only. Sharda tells Vaijayanti that she shouldn’t have followed her like this, in a wrong way. Vaijayanti tells Sharda that she did all this in Rudra’s tension. Sharda asks Vaijayanti to stop her stupid actions and requests her to trust her words. She further asks Vaijayanti to return home. Sharda feels relaxed thinking that Vaijayanti didn’t see Prisha and Ruhi with Rudra. Ruhi cries, kisses and hugs Sharda, Bunty and Rudra tightly. She tells Rudra that she will miss him a lot. Rudra says the same to Ruhi.

Bunty asks Yuvraj to check his car. Yuvraj gets shocked seeing his car’s two tires punctured. Rudra asks Yuvraj to not glare at him with doubts. He says he hasn’t stepped out of the hospital since long. Bunty supports Rudra. He asks Yuvraj to either call a mechanic or take the car to the workshop as parking in hospital premises is not allowed. Yuvraj asks Bunty to not lecture him. He wonders how he would take Ruhi and Prisha to Rohtak now. Bunty suggests that Rudra can drop Ruhi and Prisha as he has no recording at present. This shocks everyone. He winks towards Ruhi and she winks back at him. Flashback shows Bunty puncturing Yuvraj’s car’s tires to fulfill Ruhi’s wish.

Yuvraj says he will ask the mechanic to send the car to him after repairing. He further says he will take Ruhi and Prisha in the cab with himself. Ruhi runs in Rudra’s arms and requests him to drop her. Rudra gets convinced to drop Ruhi and Prisha. Ruhi says, “I love you” to Rudra. Yuvraj says it would save his cab money. Rudra tells Yuvraj that he has no place for him in his car. Yuvraj gets shocked and asks what. Rudra says Ruhi will sit at the back of the car with his jacket and Prisha will sit with him in front. Yuvraj gets irritated. Ruhi and Prisha happily sit in Rudra’s car. Prisha doesn’t hear Yuvraj’s requests to stop. Rudra, Ruhi and Prisha leave for Rohtak.

Bunty smiles thinking about the arrangements he made to make Ruhi, Rudra and Prisha stay longer together. He thinks that it would take the whole night for three of them to reach Rohtak instead of two hours. In his thoughts, he requests Ruhi to try to reunite Rudra and Prisha. Bunty prays that this night unites Prisha, Rudra and Ruhi. Ruhi asks Rudra to drive slowly as a little girl is with him in the car. Rudra apologizes to Ruhi for forgetting that a baby is on the board. Ruhi asks Rudra to play some music. Prisha says no, music can distract driving. Seeing Ruhi sad, Rudra plays his family song, “Will You Marry Me”. Flashbacks of Prisha and Rudra’s happy past moments are shown. Ruhi and Rudra hug each other and sing the song.

Prisha asks Ruhi how she learnt this song and why she said “our song”. Ruhi says it’s her and Rudra’s song as they used to sing it together in the store room. She further says it’s her and Rudra’s favorite song. Rudra tells Ruhi that this song is very special as he wrote it for someone very special. Ruhi asks Rudra if he wrote it for her. Rudra tells Ruhi that she wasn’t born when he wrote this song. Ruhi asks him for whom he wrote it. Rudra says she was his everything, his love, his life and his heartbeat. He tells Ruhi that now everything changed because he got badly deceived by his special someone. Rudra says his heartbeat became a canker and love turned into hate. He further says his special someone is no one to him now. Prisha glares at Rudra.

Rudra asks Ruhi to hear something else as his special someone doesn’t matter anymore. “Do Dil Safar Mein Nikal Pade” plays. Ruhi thinks to do something to patch up Rudra and Prisha. In Delhi, mechanic tells Yuvraj that the second tier would have to be changed. He tells Yuvraj that his car repair would take one whole day and he can take his car back the next day. Yuvraj says he would get his car repaired from somewhere else. Mechanic asks Yuvraj to do as he wishes. Irritated Yuvraj asks the mechanic to take his time. Sharda sees Bunty secretly giving money to Yuvraj’s car mechanic. She wonders what is happening.

On the other hand, Ruhi tells Rudra that Prisha doesn’t know how to sing. Rudra calls Prisha “besuri no. 1”. Rudra laughs when Ruhi tells him that Prisha’s bad lullaby made her see nightmares. Prisha calls Ruhi naughty and asks her to go quiet. Rudra tells Ruhi that Prisha once sang a song for him too in her hoarse voice leading to him getting nightmares with a headache. Rudra further tells Ruhi that he slept soundly after Prisha did his massage. Ruhi asks Rudra if Prisha did his massage when they were friends. Prisha says yes. She asks to not say much as she doesn’t sing that bad. Rudra tells Prisha that she sings very badly. Prisha says she sings fine.

Rudra says he remembers that he and Saaransh. Prisha stops Rudra in between. She tells Rudra that he isn’t perfect himself. Prisha reminds Rudra that he doesn’t keep his room tidey. Both Prisha and Rudra start arguing. Ruhi feels happy and praises herself for making Rudra and Prisha talk to each other at least.

In the next episode, Rudra and Prisha will be seen pulling each other’s pony inside the moving car. Ruhi will be seen enjoying her parents’ funny banter. Prisha will get scared seeing a truck coming in their car’s way. She will ask Rudra to look forward. Rudra will ask Prisha to not make excuses. Ruhi will also ask Rudra to see forward. Hearing Ruhi’s scream, Rudra will look forward. He will get scared and turn the car another way. A bang sound will be heard.

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