Fanaa 2nd February 2022 Written Update Agastya rescues Pakhi

Fanaa 31st March 2022 Written Update Agastya Exposed

Fanaa 2nd February 2022 Written Update Agastya rescues Pakhi Scared Ishaan opens the box gathering courage. He relaxes after seeing that Pakhi was inside the box. Pakhi comes out scared. Ishaan asks her what she was doing in the box. Pakhi tells Ishaan that she felt someone following her but found no one on turning back. She says she hid inside the box being scared. Pakhi asks Ishaan if he felt someone else’s presence except them in the palace. Ishaan makes fun of Pakhi using princess Manorma’s fear. Pakhi ignores Ishaan’s joke. She thinks about how to get out of the palace or call for help without mobile networks.

Ishaan tells Pakhi that they can’t do anything else than to wait for morning. Seeing Pakhi scared, Ishaan asks her why girls are so timid. Some scary flying creatures surpass Pakhi and Ishaan’s head, scaring them. Pakhi asks Ishaan if he was saying that girls are timid. Ishaan understands his mistake and says every human gets a little scared as it’s a normal human emotion. On the other hand, Pakhi’s mother is seen worried for Pakhi. Tanya tells her that Pakhi may be with Agastya. Pakhi’s father says that they should go to the airport to get information about Pakhi. Bell rings, Pakhi’s mother opens the door.

Agastya enters and touches Pakhi’s mother’s feet. She blesses him and asks him about Pakhi’s whereabouts. Confused, Agastya says he thought Pakhi was at home. He asks everyone if Pakhi is okay. This information increases Pakhi’s mother’s worry. It seems that someone is keeping watch on Pakhi’s home and family too. Including Agastya, everyone tries to gather Pakhi’s current location. At the palace, Ishaan is seen heating his hands in the bonfire. Pakhi shows attitude to Ishaan sitting away from him. She refuses his help, advice and suggestions. Without knowing Ishaan properly, Pakhi misunderstands Ishaan’s intentions towards her.


Ishaan puts earphones in his ears to hear music. Pakhi feels cold. She slowly moves forward towards Ishaan and the bonfire. Ishaan sees that Pakhi sat near the bonfire to heat herself up. Pakhi prays to the universe to give one bar of network on mobile to let her inform at her home. She says her parents would be worried and Agastya may get angry with her. Agastya tells some police officer to put his whole force in search of Pakhi. He asks the inspector to make Pakhi’s missing case a priority. Inspector aasures Agastya that he would find as soon as possible. Agastya hopes Pakhi is safe. Someone is seen following Agastya. At the palace, Pakhi refuses Ishaan’s shawl.

Ishaan keeps the shawl back. Pakhi asks Ishaan if he doesn’t know that a girl’s “no” means “yes”. Ishaan irritates Pakhi by saying that she didn’t tell him that she is a girl. He gives the shawl to Pakhi. Pakhi covers herself with the shawl to save herself from the cold. Ishaan offers a ban-aid to Pakhi seeing her wound. She refuses and Ishaan understands Pakhi’s yes. Ishaan gives her the band-aid and she finds it difficult to apply. She angrily throws it saying that she is stuck in the haunted palace instead of going to the airport. Ishaan applies another band-aid on Pakhi’s wound. He tells her that morning won’t come soon by being upset.

Ishaan starts telling Pakhi the story of the princess of the palace they are sitting inside. Pakhi starts listening to the story curiously with a smile. He says that it is heard that King Manvendra forcefully kidnapped princess Manorma seeing her beauty. Ishaan further says that King Manvendra locked princess Manorma in a dungeon, when she refused to marry him. He continues telling that Princess Manorma actually loved prince Vikramaditya who belonged to another state. Ishaan says that Manorma didn’t accept anyone except Vikramaditya touching her, so she continually refused to marry Manvaendra and accepted the shackles.

Pakhi gets curious in Ishaan’s story narration. Ishaan further tells Pakhi that Prince Vikramaditya left everything to search for Princess Manorma, his whole life. He says Princess Manorma died till the time Prince Vikramaditya found her. Ishaan tells Pakhi that Prince Vikramaditya too died in Princess Manorma’s arms in shock, seeing Princess Manorma in dead condition. Pakhi tells Ishaan that hearing this story, she feels that humans have forgotten loving their partners truly in this era of advanced technology. She also tells Ishaan that her love story would surely be intense. Ishaan says it will be intense surely. Pakhi asks Ishaan how he knows. Ishaan tells Pakhi that anyone can fall for a girl like her.

He also tells Pakhi that someone will madly love her and would cross any limits for her. Pakhi gets so shocked hearing Ishaan’s words. Both of them get into their senses. On the other hand, Agastya meets his grandmother. He tells her that Pakhi is missing. Agastya receives ACP’s call. He tells ACP that he wants Pakhi, not his excuses. Agastya warns ACP that he would be forced to call the commissioner if the latter doesn’t give him any update about Pakhi in the next one hour. At the palace, Pakhi and Ishaan listen to music while sharing the earphone. Pakhi feels weird sitting close to Ishaan. Ishaan understands it and maintains distance with her. On the other hand, Agastya’s grandmother asks him to not worry much.

As his grandmother leaves, Agastya calls the ACP. He tells him that he saw Hira Kothi’s CCTV footage and Pakhi didn’t come out of it with her clients or staff. ACP asks Agastya how he got the CCTV footage from a camera outside the Hira Kothi. Agastya requests ACP to not ask him any questions, get the palace open and update him. At Palace, Pakhi and Ishaan are seen sleeping soundly with each other’s support. They wake up hearing someone’s footsteps. Inspector comes and asks Pakhi how she got left inside the palace. He tells Pakhi that the whole police force is searching for her. Pakhi introduces herself as a wedding planner to the inspector. She explains to the inspector that she got stuck inside the palace, when she came to show the palace as a venue to her clients for the event.

Inspector scolds the caretaker for his carelessness. He angrily asks Ishaan who he is. Ishaan tells the inspector that he came inside the palace to win the bet with his friends, to prove himself by staying inside the palace the whole night. He says he came by jumping and crossing the wall. Pakhi saves Ishaam from Inspector’s anger. She tells the inspector that Ishaan is a decent man. Pakhi further tells the inspector that she survived inside the palace due to Ishaan’s company. Ishaan smiles and feels good hearing his praises from Pakhi’s mouth. Inspector informs Agastya on call that he found Pakhi with his correct information. Pakhi gets happy hearing that Agastya found her. She thinks about what would have happened if Agastya wouldn’t have been in her life.

Inspector asks Pakhi if she would like some water. Ishaan jokingly asks the inspector to give Pakhi some water as her “no” usually means “yes”. Inspector angrily asks Ishaan to return home and never play bets. Ishaan says yes. Pakhi returns the shawl Ishaan gave her and thanks him. Ishaan says “your welcome” to Pakhi. Pakhi turns and sees Ishaan before leaving. After sometime Pakhi reaches Agastya’s home. Agastya’s grandmother tells Pakhi that Agastya is angry and locked himself in. She asks Pakhi to convince Agastya. Pakhi apologizes to Agastya and requests him to open the door.

Agastya tells Pakhi that he needs some rest as he couldn’t sleep because of her. Pakhi continues trying convincing Agastya. When Agastya doesn’t open the door, angry Pakhi asks him to meet her at their spot next morning as she would wait for him. She asks Aagaya to remember that she would be sad and upset till then. Pakhi starts leaving, Agastya watches her leaving. He says fear of losing Pakhi would kill him some day. Agastya calls Pakhi “Jhalli” and smiles. Next morning, Pakhi waits for Agastya. She gets scared of feeling someone behind her. Pakhi turns and a kid with mask on his face gives a letter to her. The kid leaves before Pakhi could ask him about the sender.

Pakhi reads the puzzle in the letter and reaches a kite decoding it. She reads another puzzle written on the kite and reaches some location. Pakhi gets scared on opening the box kept there. Agastya comes from behind and laughs at Pakhi. He gives chocolates to the kid who sent his letter to Pakhi. Angry with Agastya’s joke, Pakhi asks him if there is any difference between him and the kid’s age. Agastya reminds Pakhi that she scared him. He asks her what she did yesterday. Pakhi tells Agastya that she got stuck in the palace without a phone. She asks Agastya if he could imagine what her condition was inside the haunted palace. Pakhi hugs Agastya and apologizes to him. Someone seems to be keeping a watch on Pakhi and Agastya.

Agastya gets happy, when Pakhi tells him that she would have called him first, if she had a phone inside the palace. He hugs her tightly. Pakhi reminds Agastya of his and her past moments. She tells Agastya that he has changed into a very handsome man. Pakhi takes a selfie with Agastya and the latter keeps looking at the former with love. He tells Pakhi that it’s time that they should start thinking about their future. Pakhi recalls her time with Ishaan. She thinks about why she started thinking about Ishaan on a further topic. Pakhi teases Agastya about his foreign female friends. She asks Agastya to tell his grandmother about her future daughter in law.

Agastya tells Pakhi that he is shifting to India forever and doesn’t want to marry any American. Pakhi tells Agastya that she is very happy to know that he is shifting to India forever. Agastya gets worried for Pakhi seeing her little wound. Pakhi stops him from calling the doctor. She asks Agastya to not take stress from little things. Pakhi asks Aagastya if something bad would happen to her someday. Agastya asks Pakhi if she thinks anything bad could happen to her till he is alive. Pakhi assures Agastya that she would go for a dressing change herself. She convinces Agastya to attend his meeting and says she is booking a cab for herself. Hoodie man takes off his hoodie. He starts beating himself badly with a whip. Another man watches him from behind.


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