Kumkum Bhagya 3rd February 2022 Written Update Troubled Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd February 2022 Written Update Troubled Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd February 2022 Written Update Troubled Ranbir Rhea tells Prachi that she hates her so much that she can kill her right away if the murder crime was permitted. She tells that she wants to get rid of Prachi forever. She can’t tolerate further. Prachi asks Rhea not to boast of her relation much. She tells that if Rhea and Ranbir have much understanding between them, then its good for them. She adds that she doesn’t want to hide anything from them, like the way they have hidden the truth. Ranbir asks what truth did they hide. Prachi tells that the truth about her sister’s marriage with her husband. She taunts Rhea and Ranbir on their baseless marriage.

She avoids to talk to Ranbir. She tells that she is afraid to talk to him. She thinks she doesn’t have to tell him about her pregnancy. He wants her to know her true feelings, but she doesn’t think he has any right on her feelings now, when he means nothing to her after the loss of faith and forced separation. Ranbir feels stuck between Prachi and Rhea’s fight. He wants peace for himself. What will be the outcome of the never-ending fights? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Prachi asks Ranbir to talk to Rhea. He asks her why does she want to end their conversation by bringing Rhea in between. He wants to know the truth. She tells that he can’t demand her to tell the truth. He asks her what’s wrong with her that she is creating a drama always. She tells that she is scared of him now. She adds that she has nothing to tell him, she can’t lie to him. He asks her to speak out her feelings. She asks him why would she share anything with him, when he means nothing, he lost all the rights on her when she left the house. He asks her by what right did she come back home, when she has no right on him. She doesn’t tell him anything. She tells that she doesn’t care what he thinks.


Kumkum Bhagya 3rd February 2022 Written Update Troubled Ranbir:

Ranbir gets angry on himself and hits his leg on the car. He tells that she always tells that he has no right on her. He is frustrated. Prachi cries thinking of the complications arising in her pregnancy, the issues that keeps happening because of Rhea and Ranbir. She apologizes to her baby. She fees sorry that she isn’t able to take care of the baby. She promises to look after the baby well. She goes home and meets Shahana. She tells that she was really scared today, when she was with Ranbir in the doctor’s cabin. She adds that she never felt so scared before, she doesn’t want Ranbir to know about him. She doesn’t know if it was a coincidence.

She tells that she feels it’s a sign that she should tell the truth to Ranbir, who is already doubting her. Shahana asks her to tell everything to Ranbir. Dida hears them and asks what is Ranbir suspecting. She asks Prachi why is she so scared. She tells that she won’t feel bad if Prachi hides the matter. She asks Prachi to not be upset. She wants to see Prachi happy. Prachi apologizes to her. She tells that she isn’t a good bahu, she has hidden something from her. Dida knows that there would be a reason for it. She asks Prachi to tell her whenever she wants. Prachi hugs her. Dida tells that their lives are filled with tests, everyone has to bear the problems and make sacrifices.

Ranbir meets Prachi. Dida tells that Prachi is emotional. He tells that Prachi doesn’t love anyone, she won’t cry for anyone. He asks Dida not to take Prachi’s side, its useless to talk to her. He tells her that he feels that Prachi is hiding something. She asks him to not investigate anything. He tells that if he learns something that he should have learnt before, then he will not forgive anyone involved. He asks Prachi to tell him the news, be it a good news or a bad news. He gives her time to decide. She takes Dida with him. Prachi doesn’t know what to do.

She tells that she can’t tell Ranbir about her pregnancy. Shahana tells that Ranbir is worried for her. Prachi tells that he is selfish and does everything for himself. Shahana asks him to decide what she wants to do, she wants to follow her heart or mind. Prachi thinks to talk to Rhea. She goes to the kitchen and finds Rhea there. She intentionally gets into an argument with Rhea. Rhea tells that she has seen Prachi taking a lot of medicines these days. She asks Prachi what health issue does she have. Prachi is relieved that Rhea didn’t see her medicines, else she would have known about her pregnancy. Rhea asks if Prachi is taking medicines to look beautiful to Ranbir.

She tells that it won’t be needed. She tells that Ranbir loves her, not anyone else. She wishes that there was some legal procedure to end their relation. Prachi asks her if she is so fed up of her. Rhea tells that she would have killed Prachi if it was allowed. Prachi tells that she can hurt Rhea too. She tells that Ranbir was offering her lift in the morning, but she didn’t accept his help. She asks Rhea to save her house, else everything will be over. She suggests that she enjoys her love story with Ranbir. Ranbir comes there. Prachi asks him to talk to Rhea.

She tells him that she was informing Rhea about his lift offer. She asks them to discuss and sort out their issues. She tells him that she just told the truth. He tells that she should keep this habit, because his turn to confront will also come. She tells that they shall see. He clarifies Rhea that he offered lift to Prachi to help her, when she wasn’t getting any taxi. Rhea asks Prachi what does she want to prove by lying. She tells that Prachi has a motive, that she wants them to fight. She doesn’t want to fight with Ranbir.

Prachi tells that she didn’t wish to hide anything, like they had hidden the truth. Ranbir asks about the truth. Prachi taunts about her sister’s marriage with her husband, and goes away. Rhea asks him not to spoil his mood, because she trusts him. Prachi recalls Rhea’s hatred for her. She thinks Ranbir will not think about her pregnancy now. She gets her medical file. She hides it. Ranbir goes to scare Vikram. They sit for a talk. Ranbir asks him not to drink, else Pallavi will get angry. Vikram tells him about marriage, a wife becomes the best friend after some years.

Ranbir tells that Pallavi will scold him. Vikram tells that he isn’t scared of Pallavi, who is just worried for his health. He knows that if he drinks in front of everyone, then Pallavi will get upset, he doesn’t want to upset her, he loves her and cares for her. He tells that Ranbir can’t understand this husband and wife’s mutual understanding. Ranbir asks what does he mean. Vikram feels sorry that he isn’t able to call himself a good dad for Ranbir.

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  1. Rhea is good . Prachi is bad . Ranbir is confused . Pallavi is a disaster . Alia is best , she should have more on screen time .

  2. Ranbir is a facking arse? who tge fool writing such crap? why ranbir confuse is either u love rhea or not? why totlerate her in a livelesss illegal marriage? whether prachi lives u or not ,hates u now,u should be faithful ,n show prachi ur a one woman man n be single n miserable for the rest of ur live if u so love prachi as u claim to be. not deciding who to choose.ranbir is in love with the idea of Love ,he doesnt know the true meaning and sacrifice of love otherwise he would have kicked out rhea from his life n prove to prach n the world he has only one wife n one true love who is prachi not dangling 2 wives.

    Why Ranbur considers Rhea his wife or even tolerating her as a couple with him?
    Ranbir is a big loser but prachi is also getting irritatibg n stupid.

  3. Why did you make prachi come back if she doesn’t want Rambir nor does she want him to know about her pregnancy? How can she fight for the right of her child if no one in a kholi family know about her pregnancy not even Dadi who is on her side? You aren’t even making prachi to prove her innocence about the hotel incident? Is all about stupid cat fight. Is obvious that if the kholi find out about her pregnancy everyone will assume that is sid’s child based on the hotel accusations. So far no one now the truth of what really happened except Rhea and Aliya, prachi’s enemies. Are we about to witness prach’s baby to be like her, growing up without a father? Lame story lines

  4. Oh gosh,please ,come on u guys,enough of this ,why is always the evilness,can no good person ever be happy.
    Steps,always about some family drama and the evil ones always gets away and wins in the end. How comes trust disappears so fast and is always about hate.
    I think u need to get better writer’s for these shows, too much of the same damn thing over and over year after year.


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