Kundali Bhagya 4th February 2022 Written Update New threat

Kundali Bhagya 4th February 2022 Written Update New threat

Kundali Bhagya 4th February 2022 Written Update New threat Prithvi and Shrishti get into a war of words. He tells her that she had tried earlier as well, but failed to cause any harm to his plans. She reminds him that it was Preeta who had sent him to the jail last time. She tells that Preeta and she will send him to jail again. He asks her to not misbehave with him, else he will make her regret a lot. He threatens her. Karan tells Preeta that he didn’t come to fight with her, but to remind her, that she is jealous of Natasha and his closeness. Preeta tries to control her emotions, which are reflecting easily in front of Karan.

He knows that she wants his attention, but wants her to admit it and make him feel special like before. Preeta doesn’t want to give more hopes to Karan, because her goal to return it to normalize the Luthra family by bringing Rishabh back, and throwing Prithvi out. She isn’t aware that Prithvi has planned to get her killed on the Lohri night itself. What will happen when Prithvi plants the coconut bomb in her puja plate? Will it be a close call for Preeta? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Karan is happy to see his old Preeta back. He tells that Preeta is still the same, she can never change. She also thinks the same about him. She tells Shrishti that she just came after talking to Karan. Janki tells that Karan shouldn’t cross limits, he can’t break her heart.


She asks Preeta to boss around. Preeta tells that its not a big thing, Karan called her hitler, its shocking for her. Shrishti tells that Preeta is a boss of the Luthra family now, some likes the boss and some don’t, such people call the boss as hitler. Preeta tells that Karan wanted to annoy her. Janki asks Preeta why is she upset, that Karan called her hitler, or the fact that he didn’t give her any good name.

Kundali Bhagya 4th February 2022 Written Update New threat:

Shrishti asks Preeta not to show her feelings on her face. She tells that Preeta can hug Rakhi if she wants. Preeta acts rude in front of Rakhi and goes away. Shrishti covers up for Preeta’s rude behavior. Rakhi tells that Preeta may behave any way, she doesn’t care for Preeta’s behavior, because Preeta did a lot for the family. She tells that she will always love Preeta. Sameer tries to talk to Shrishti, but gets ignored. He doesn’t know what to do. He thinks he always waits for the perfect moment and the moment ends. He remembers Karan’s words that he doesn’t lose courage and hope. He wants to talk to her once and apologize. He creates a moment between them. He wants her to forgive him once. He thanks her for coming. He asks her to talk to him, its Lohri day. She tells that she didn’t forget how he accused Preeta and then broke up. She can’t forgive him.

He stays determined to win her forgiveness. Prithvi waits for Shambu. Shrishti sees him and taunts him for his fear because of Preeta’s return. He tells that he isn’t scared of anyone, everyone is scared of him. They get into an argument. She tells that she just tells the truth seeing him, she knows his evil nature, he would be thinking to do something against Preeta. She warns him. He calls her a frustrated loser. She reminds that Preeta had sent him to the jail. He tells that he lives in the present, he has spared her always, because he has important things to do. He asks her not to disturb him, else he will make her regret a lot. He threatens her and goes.

Shrishti vents anger on Sherlyn and tries to make her fall down. Sherlyn wants to scold her back, but Shrishti walks away. Shrishti meets Karan, who asks her how was she in the past two years. She tells that she missed him a lot. He tells that even he missed her a lot. She praises Preeta. He tells that she is the best, better than Preeta. She knows that he is calling Preeta as hitler. He asks did Preeta complain about him. He jokes that Preeta has turned more bitter. She laughs. She asserts that her sister is the best. She asks him not to provoke her against her sister. He tells that he felt nice to talk to her. He wishes that everything gets fine like before. He asks Shrishti to team up with him. She tells that she will take Preeta’s side. He knows that she is still his big fan.

She admits that she likes him a lot. He tells that he will permit her to take her sister’s side. She tells that she loves him a lot. She gets sad seeing Sameer. Karan observes this. He asks her to talk to Sameer once, Sameer isn’t totally wrong, he took his brother’s side, that’s it. She tells that she is much hurt by Sameer’s words, her wound didn’t heal till now, she doesn’t like Sameer as before, he isn’t her best friend. He asks her to break the ice and talk to Sameer once for his sake at least. He asks Sameer to come. Shrishti avoids Sameer.

Shambu arrives to meet Prithvi. He hands over the explosive coconut. He tells Prithvi that he has prepared it as he told. Prithvi tells that it looks the same as the real coconut. Shambu tells that he has used liquid chemical in it. Prithvi asks how will they identify this coconut. Shambu shows the black dot on the coconut. Prithvi is impressed. He tells that he will pay any amount for this work. He asks Shambu to go away before anyone sees him. He smirks saying its time for a blast. Karan finds Preeta around. He asks her to not hide her emotions. He wants to know why is she intentionally ignoring him. She denies it. She asks him not to fight with her. He asks her to admit the truth that she is jealous of Natasha and his bond. She tells that she has no time to get jealous. He asks her if she wants him to stay away.

She tells that she really wants him away. He tells that he will do the opposite, he will be in front of her eyes from now, he will do the same as she does with him, she has something in her heart but pretends something else. He asks her to accompany him for the puja. Prithvi goes to keep the coconut. He doesn’t want the other women to take the coconut bomb. He waits for Preeta. He passes the puja plates to all the women and sends them away. Sherlyn suspects his move. Prithvi tells him that he wants Preeta to take the coconut bomb, and die in the blast. She loves his plan. She gets into an argument with Shrishti. Shrishti pities the Luthras who don’t see Sherlyn’s plans ever. She threatens of exposing Sherlyn. Prithvi stops Shrishti from taking the coconut bomb. He doesn’t want her to ruin his big plan. Stay tuned.

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