Pandya Store Shiva Raavi Romance Spoiler 7th February 2022

Pandya Store Rishita accuses Shiva 6th May 2022 Spoilers

Pandya Store Shiva Raavi Romance Spoiler 7th February 2022 Shiva and Raavi have a romantic dance under the rain shower. Raavi creates the romantic ambience for Shiva to win his heart. She dances for Shiva in an attempt to attract him. She finds this filmi way to convince him. Shiva isn’t able to forgive her after the divorce move. She wants to prove her love to Shiva. She tells that she didn’t know about the divorce application, but Shiva doesn’t believe her. He loves her, but he is very angry on her.

Raavi fails to win his forgiveness. He rebukes her actions and makes a leave, failing all her plans. Meanwhile, Rishita and Dev’s relation will be suffering because of her new boss Sagar, and also her dad who has taken an extreme step this time to shut down the Pandya store. Gautam stops Dev from telling Rishita about Janardhan’s crime, but can Gautam keep the truth to himself? What will happen when Rishita gets to know about her dad Janardhan’s revenge plans on Pandyas? Keep reading.


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