Fanaa 7th February 2022 Written Update Agastya rejected

Fanaa 4th March 2022 Written Update Agastya's love

Fanaa 7th February 2022 Written Update Agastya rejected Agastya puts a noose around the hoodie man’s neck. He tells the hoodie man that he brought him to the palace from the streets. Agastya reminds the hoodie man that he gave him shelter, love and food. He tells the hoodie man that he couldn’t give him loyalty in exchange for all he gave him. Agastya tightens the hoodie man’s noose in anger. The hoodie man tells Agastya that he did everything as per his orders. Flashback shows the hoodie man threatening Pakhi’s accountant to return her money, and making the celebrity DJ work for Pakhi at half price.

Flashback further shows the hoodie man giving money to Pakhi’s uncle Anup to keep an eye on Pakhi. Hoodie man tells Agastya that he even punished Pakhi’s friend/assistant Tanya and her mother as they failed to keep eye on Pakhi. He further tells Agastya that he even almost killed Rajeev for keeping dirty/filthy eyes on Pakhi. The hoodie man further tells Agastya that he returned to “Hira kothi” to search for Pakhi but thought that she got out of it seeing her bracelet fallen on the entrance ground. He tells Agastya he didn’t forget his compassion towards him and thus punished himself for his mistake. Flashback shows the hoodie man whipping himself in front of Agastya. Angry Agastya tightens the noose over the hoodie man’s neck.

Hoodie man asks Agastya to kill him if he thinks that this punishment is less for him. Agastya lets the hoodie man go and leave the noose. Hoodie man falls on the floor and coughs. Agastya asks the hoodie man if he would get Pakhi by killing him. He says he would have killed the hoodie man earlier if his life could give him Pakhi. Agastya throws things here and there in anger. He cries and fears losing Pakhi to Ishaan. Agastya tells the hoodie man that his one carelessness ruined his years of efforts. He asks how Pakhi can love someone else. Agastya further asks the hoodie man to tell what Pakhi found in Ishaan, which she could find in him in so many years of their friendship.


He asks if Ishaan is more good looking or funnier than him. Agastya behaves totally mad in Pakhi’s love. He wonders why Pakhi didn’t fall for him, but Ishaan. On the other hand, Pakhi and Ishaan are seen sitting in a cafe. She tells Ishaan that he is right as she is a little stalkers type. Ishaan tells Pakhi he saw that she followed him on social media. He tells her that it’s not a big deal as he doesn’t use social media that much. Pakhi tells Ishaan that she doesn’t follow anyone randomly on social media. Ishaan jokingly tells Pakhi that it’s simple to follow anyone on social media by pressing a follow button. Pakhi asks Ishaan to follow him. Ishaan says he will think about it first, for some time.

Pakhi asks Ishaan if he is giving her attitude. She tells him that she doesn’t even accept many requests on social media and thus have many pending. Ishaan asks Pakhi if he should feel lucky that she gave him a golden chance to follow her on social media. Pakhi gets angry and tells Ishaan that now she won’t accept his requests even if he would send her anyday. Before Pakhi can unfollow him, Ishaan stops her. Their moment gets interrupted as a waiter comes with their order. Ishaan drags his chair towards Pakhi, to sit near her. Pakhi feels mesmerized by Ishaan’s move. She also gets shy as Ishaan helps her tuck her hair behind her ear.

Pakhi cleans Ishaan’s mouth with a tissue with love. Both of them hold each other’s hands. Ishaan feeds ice cream to Pakhi. Pakhi coughs and tells Ishaan that she gets a little unwell after eating ice-cream. She also tells Ishaan that Agastya always scolds her for not being able to control ice cream eating. Ishaan tells Pakhi that Agastya seems possessive for her. Pakhi replies that Agastya is protective towards her, not possessive. She asks Ishaan to meet Agastya once. Ishaan asks Pakhi if Agastya would have time to meet him, being a rich and busy man. Pakhi says Agastya would surely take out time for someone/something important to her. Ishaan asks Pakhi if he is important to her.

Both of them get lost in each other’s words and each other too. Agastya asks the hoodie man if Ishaan can understand and protect Pakhi like he does. He receives a call from Pakhi and calms himself. Pakhi asks Agastya to meet Ishaan once. She tells Agastya that Ishaan has become very special to her in just a few meetings. Agastya tries controlling his anger. Pakhi tells Agastya that she wants her life’s special person (Ishaan) to meet her life’s favorite person (Agastya). Pakhi’s words shocks Agastya. She further tells Agastya that he understands his concern for her but love happens like this only, without planning.

Pakhi requests Agastya to meet Ishaan for her. Agastya handles his pain and agrees to meet Ishaan. He tells Pakhi that he would make his and Ishaan’s meeting special for her. This makes Pakhi happy. She disconnects the phone saying, “love you” to Agastya and also says that Ishaan is waiting for her. Agastya cries saying that he is also waiting for Pakhi and loves her too. Hoodie man gets conscious and sees Agastya behaving mad. Agastya’s mother and sister return home from their trip. Agastya’s grandmother stops Naveli (Agastya’s sister) from meeting Agastya at present. She asks Naveli to meet the next morning. Agastya’s mother tries to manipulate Naveli against Agastya and their grandmother.

Agastya’s mother scolds Mona ( Agastya’s mother). She tells Naveli that she would make her favorite south indian. Mona takes Naveli away with her. Agastya’s grandmother prays to God to give Agastya the strength to bear the pain of Pakhi’s rejection. She fears and wishes that Agastya would not have to face what he once faced in childhood. In the secret room, the hoodie man tells Agastya that he would soon kill Ishaan. Agastya says to Hoodie to first let him make Pakhi realize her mistake. He says first he wants to make Pakhi realize that not Ishaan but he is the special person in her life. Agastya says that Pakhi would have to forget Ishaan accept him as her love. He laughs madly and then starts crying.

On the other hand, Ishaan drops Pakhi at her home. He notices that Pakhi wants to say something to her. Ishaan asks Pakhi to say whatever she wants to. She jokingly scolds him and leaves. Ishaan watches her leaving, with love. Pakhi’s mother asks Pakhi if she went to dinner with Agastya. Anup asks Pakhi who is the guy who dropped her home. Before Pakhi could tell Ishaan’s name to Anup, Sameer asks everyone to let Pakhi rest first. He sends Pakhi to her room and Anup thinks that he would have to tell this to that person. In the secret room, Agastya watches and hears Pakhi talking to Mr. Snuggles about Ishaan. He gets angry when Pakhi says that Ishaan is boyfriend material.

She thanks the universe for trapping her in Hira kothi and making her meet Ishaan. She also shares her excitement and feelings for Ishaan with Mr. Snuggles. Pakhi’s words and feelings for Ishaan angers Agastya. Agastya wonders why Pakhi didn’t fall for him as he loves her the same way as she loves Ishaan. He says now Pakhi will see him crossing all limits of love. “Fanaa-Ishq Mein Marjawan” title song plays in the background. Next morning, Agastya comes to meet Ishaan as a patient. He looks at him angrily from outside his cabin. Agastya enters Ishaan’s cabin and shows him his hand wound. Ishaan turns to see the medicines for treating Agastya’s wound. Agastya clicks Ishaan’s picture from his back and compares his looks with his own. Agastya considers his looks better than Ishaan’s. He picks up a doctor’s knife and moves towards Ishaan in anger.

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