Kumkum Bhagya 8th February 2022 Written Update Ranbir’s madness

Kumkum Bhagya 8th February 2022 Written Update Ranbir's madness

Kumkum Bhagya 8th February 2022 Written Update Ranbir’s madness Ranbir is too hurt by Prachi’s words. He tells her that he has already fulfilled two of his dreams and now he will complete his third dream. He tells that his dream of having a baby will be soon fulfilled by such a person who madly loves him, who will happily accept his dream as her own dream, who wants to become his baby’s mother by her consent and happiness. He shocks Prachi by telling her that he will go to such a person who loves him and will make his happiness her dream. He is taking this decision in anger just to hurt Prachi. He wants to give the same pain back to her, knowing she got too brutal towards him on the last night when she smashed his dreams with hatred.

Ranbir tells her that he is going on honeymoon with Rhea, who would be more than happy to conceive his child, unlike Prachi who had never wanted to conceive his child. He tells that he doesn’t have any hope and expectation from Prachi, who is a wrong person in his life. He praises Rhea, who loves him so much and is waiting for him to accept her. He challenges Prachi that she will see him fulfilling his third dream with Rhea. He asks Prachi if it still doesn’t matter to her.


Prachi pretends unaffected by his words, but in her heart, she gets too worried. She wonders if she has done a mistake by hiding about her pregnancy from him. Ranbir tells that this time he isn’t doing anything for the family’s sake, but for himself, he needs a new leap of faith in his life and Rhea is the one who would be completing his dreams. Rhea is overjoyed to have her honeymoon trip with Ranbir. She knows that Prachi will leave the house herself when she feels she has lost Ranbir completely. What will be Prachi’s next move? Keep reading.

Kumkum Bhagya 8th February 2022 Written Update Ranbir’s madness:

Ranbir tells Pallavi that he was thinking to take a break from the normal life. He thanks her for the suggestion. He tells Rhea that they shall go on honeymoon and plan their family this time. his words surprise Rhea. Ranbir tells Pallavi that he will book the tickets, he knows the beautiful places in Manali, he will take Rhea to the best place. He makes Prachi jealous. Prachi is disturbed recalling his shocking statements. She still acts strong and unaffected. She tells Shahana that she doesn’t know about Ranbir’s decision. Shahana knows Ranbir. She tells that Ranbir has agreed to go on honeymoon with Rhea, because Prachi has broken his heart and angered him a lot. Prachi asks Shahana not to blame her.

Shahana tells that their love is filled with ego, she has hurt his heart and he took this decision to hurt her back. Prachi asks her not to talk about his honeymoon. Shahana asks Prachi is she getting affected. She knows that Prachi is feeling really bad that she is losing Ranbir forever. Prachi tells that Shahana knows the truth, the real reason. Shahana tells that she knows everything, but she can see Prachi hurting herself while hurting Ranbir. She tells that Prachi is giving the stress to Ranbir as well. She asks Prachi to confess that she doesn’t love Ranbir. Prachi tells that she doesn’t love Ranbir. Shahana tells that her eyes are saying something else.

Ranbir comes there and tells Shahana that Prachi is saying the truth, he also felt that Prachi loves him, but Prachi broke his illusion beautifully by clarifying that her eyes never said the truth to him. Shahana tells that she knows they both love each other. He tells that she is mistaken, Prachi has changed and so are her emotions. Shahana asks Ranbir not to judge Prachi, she is still the same, she holds the same memories, he loves her and she loves him. She asks them not to hurt each other. Ranbir tells that he never hurt Prachi. Prachi reminds that Ranbir has hurt her even if it was not deliberate. He tells that his actions might have hurt Prachi, but her words have hurt his soul, not his heart.

He adds that he can heal his heart, but not his bruised soul. He tells Shahana about his three dreams, that’s to marry Prachi, to have his start up and have a baby with Prachi. He tells that he still has the third dream unfulfilled, Prachi knew his dream well, but she said she never wanted to conceive his child, she can’t bear the burden of his child for the sake of his happiness, she doesn’t love him so much that she can love his child. He is too hurt by her words, but thanks her for helping him in fulfilling his two dreams.

He tells that he is going to fulfill his third dream with someone who wants to conceive his child happily, with the girl who madly loves him and will accept his joy as her own dreams, who understands the meaning of love, marriage and family, which Prachi doesn’t understand. He compares Rhea with Prachi, and finds Rhea more deserving of him than Prachi who doesn’t know the meaning of love. Prachi feels heartbroken. Ranbir walks away in tears.

Prachi tells Shahana that she can fight with Ranbir, but can’t see him with Rhea. She hugs Shahana and cries. Rhea happily thanks Pallavi for the best gift. She tells that she is very happy, she was scared that Prachi could come between them, but now Ranbir is just of her/Rhea, he isn’t in any guilt, he wants to start a family with her. Aaliya tells that she didn’t see Rhea so happy before. Rhea hugs Pallavi and thanks her again. Pallavi asks her to go and finish the packing soon. Rhea wants to make good memories with Ranbir. Pallavi tells that she has made the booking at her friend’s resort. Rhea tells that she was scared that Ranbir would refuse, but Pallavi convinced him easily.

Rhea goes to pack her clothes. Aaliya tells that she didn’t expect Ranbir to say yes for the honeymoon. Pallavi finds it fishy. Aaliya tells that things are okay. Pallavi gets tensed that its too good to be true. Aaliya asks her not to think much and call up her friend to book the suite. Later, Dida asks Vikram to speak to his son and stop him from making such a big mistake. She tells that Ranbir is going to make a mistake which can never be rectified, Rhea will become his wife if he makes a relation with her, then he can never return to Prachi. Vikram understands her point. He tells that he knows his son well, Ranbir can never make such a mistake, he can never have a relation with Rhea, he will realize and step back, even Rhea will understand that she can’t take Prachi’s place in his heart.

Dida tells that Rhea knows that Ranbir loves Prachi, still she is after him. He tells that Ranbir will go there and realize that he can’t live without Prachi, he will have a mature talk with Rhea and convince her for mutual separation. He asks Prachi to think positive. Shahana asks Prachi why did she say that to Ranbir in anger. Prachi knows what she told him. She tells that she told the bitter things to end his growing doubt. Shahana tells that Ranbir wants to become a father of her child, he wants to live with her all his life. She asks Prachi why is she hurting herself so much.

She advises Prachi to say the truth and make everything fine. Prachi tells that she has the courage to say the truth, but she can’t ruin her baby’s future, he will love her and then he will leave her, he might leave her baby as well. Shahana doesn’t think he would do this. Prachi tells that Ranbir broke her illusion by assassinating her character and separating from her, which was unimaginable for her, he can again take such a step once she reveals her pregnancy news. She tells Shahana that she can’t do anything to stop Ranbir. Rhea packs her clothes happily. Prachi sees Rhea and ignores. Ranbir makes Prachi jealous by romancing Rhea and showing his affection for Rhea. Will Prachi confess her pregnancy news? Keep reading.

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  1. Prachi deserves it.ot is better prachi n ranbir goes their separate ways.let the child finds out wat prachi did n he will eventually dislike prachi n going to live with ranbir.leaving prachi alone n bitter with no suppirt or companionship.
    I just want ranbir to remarry someone else n oyst Rhea from his life.So truth of rhea n alliya will never get exposed? so honeymoon with a married man n his sister in law ? nasty.

    • What the hell. Prachi is correct in her point. She was away from her father since birth but she left her father for Ranbir. But what Ranbir did. He blamed her for the mistake that she didn’t did. Despite of that all prachi left sushma who helped her when Ranbir ditched her. She left everything to come to Ranbir to say that they are pregnant but he married rhea. Did he support Prachi when she come back. And now ready to go for honeymoon. Prachi should marry someone who loves her a lot and importantly who trusts her and marry him infront of Ranbir.rhea should left Ranbir and go back to sid. Ranbir should saw his both wives with their partner and regrets his actions lifelong by staying along

      • u answer ur own question, so u expect a repeatof prachi’s child staying awar from the father like her? what prachi got in return for dat absent father in her life?She left a father who she never had for 2o yrs? serious u goibg down that lame lane?

        • How can she go back to ranbir after he character assasinated her publicly, married her sister publicly and claimed that🐍 as wife publicly but now apologizes privately that too after learning of her pregnancy while his fake wife and her 🐍🐍 are roaming around freely in his house. What’s the point of apology? Do u really think he regrets his misunderstanding? Did he say he’ll ask for forgiveness from Siddharth as well only then it can be considered he actually regrets his mistrust. But I am telling you he said everything because of pregnancy. But prachi ne jaise hi bola that she is not pregnant and she never wanted to conceive the child he did a complete 180 bhai pregnant nhi hai toh maafi ya izzat ke laayak bhi nhi hai. And kaunsi ladki proud hogi aisi pregnancy me jab bacche ka father uski maa ki izzat ki dhajjiya uda Chuka ho aur maa ki behen se shadi kar chuka ho? He is a bigamist and a pathetic Shit-stirrer who is the reason behind all the problems in her life. Shadi karni hi thi kisi se bhi karta apne bhai ki ex wife aur sister in.law se hi kyu? Ab woh honeymoon ja raha hai bhabhi ke saath zaahir hai kirtan karne nhi ja rha😂 tbtw do you think Rhea Ranbir’s children will be counted as legitimate or illegitimate? Anyway Ranbir is not worthy of Prachi and let him be with the woman who put molestation case on him and also tried to take advantage of his drunk state.

          • It has nothing to do with her now.Oh please grow up if she knows she is innocent n ppl call u a tief wouldnt u prove it instead of reliving it? wat prachi has done to deal with her innocence? nothing.ur only shatrered if ur exactly wat the person thinks of u .character assassibation my arse.Indian ppl stupid or wat u rather sit n act like a fool rather tgan proce urself innocent.
            it isnt bout prachi.it is ranbir sperm n prachi egg that make the baby .he has a right to know.if he wants to be a part of the childs life he has a legal right.
            why prachi doh go to court n say i doh want ranbir in meh child life coz he character assasinate her,then pull out the puctires n videos of she n sid in ved in the hotel n see who the judge go favour??

  2. Prachi doesn’t have to go back to Ranbir but she is wrong in hiding her pregnancy from the father of the baby. She thinks she is protecting the baby but she is actually hurting the baby. She is projecting her insecurities into Ranbir’s possible relationship with his child. She knows how much she wanted to have a relationship with her dad growing up, but she is intentionally depriving the same for her baby, for what because she doesn’t want to get hurt again. That’s why Prachi is wrong. She can file for divorce and co-parent with Ranbir or let Ranbir decide if he wants to be involved in his baby’s life. At least Abi decided not to get involved in Prachi’s life it wasn’t just Pragya’s decision. It was a mitual decision. But here it’s Prachi’s selfish decision and one day that child would definitely blame Prachi for keeping his father away.

  3. ranbir please you don’t talk like that to pranchi so i am saying for you ranbir please you don’t go to honeymoon if you do like this plan i don’t like it ranbir please you just think like that ranbir that pranchi she said correct pranchi she is pregnant you can’t hear that i request for you ranbir please sorry say again ranbir we should not do upset for pranchi she was innocent like you ranbir but i don’t like it rhea she doing plan for pranchi i am sure that ranbir.
    aliya if you do like this plan i don’t like it stop that enough is enough aliya keep it your mind.
    pranchi you don’t make upest for ranbir he will not do anything for you pranchi i am promise you that you can do it


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