Yeh Hai Chahtein 8th February 2022 Written Update Yuvraj exits

Yeh Hai Chahtein 8th February 2022 Written Update Yuvraj exits

Yeh Hai Chahtein 8th February 2022 Written Update Yuvraj exits Bunty tells Saaransh that Ruhi helped Rudra a lot in Rohtak. Saaransh asks Bunty if they could meet Ruhi. He says maybe they can bring Ruhi to Khurana Mansion for Rudra’s happiness. Shocked Bunty tells Saaransh to let it go as Ruhi’s mother won’t allow it. He tells Saaransh to forget about Ruhi as Rudra may also forget about her in some days. Bunty leaves from there. Saaransh thinks he has to get information about Ruhi as she has become important for Rudra even more than Prisha. In Rohtak, Prisha is seen packing her and Ruhi’s stuff. Ruhi sees Prisha sneezing and makes her take medicine for it.

She tells Prisha that she behaves like a kid and also needs to be taken care of like a kid. Prisha recalls Rudra taking care of her in a similar way in the past. Flashback shows Rudra making Prisha have the cold medicine. Rudra also calls Prisha kiddish. He requests Prisha to take care of herself for him. The flashback ends. Ruhi also asks Prisha to take care of herself, thinking about her at least. Prisha gets emotional and consumes medicine from her hands. Ruhi asks Prisha if they would have to really leave from Rohtak. Prisha replies yes and hugs Ruhi. She feels apologetic towards Ruhi for snatching her two worlds/happiness from her.

At Khurana Mansion, Saaransh goes to an asleep Rudra and takes care of him. Back in Rohtak, Veena meets Prisha at her house. She gives her a smartphone. Prisha thanks Veena and hugs her. Veena asks Prisha to stay back and says they would handle the village head. Prisha tells Veena that she can’t risk anyone’s life after hearing the Village head’s threat. She calls Veena and villagers her family and requests Veena to let her go as she doesn’t want them to be in danger because of her. Veena asks Prisha where she will go. Prisha says she will go far away where no one will be able to find them. She says Ruhi and she would have to start afresh with some difficulties. Prisha requests Veena to not make it more difficult for her.


Veena helps Prisha in packing her stuff. Ruhi overhears Veena and Prisha’s conversation. She thinks how will she meet Rudra if Prisha takes her far away. Ruhi thinks to inform Rudra about it. At night, Ruhi steals Prisha’s phone and calls Rudra. Saaransh picks up Ruhi’s call. Unaware of the fact, who picked her call, Ruhi informs Saaransh that her mother is taking her far away from Rohtak and then she won’t be able to meet him. (Rudra). She also tells Rudra that she would miss him a lot. Saaransh recognises Ruhi as the girl who is very important to Rudra. He tells Ruhi that he will give her message to Rudra and will also try that she won’t have to go away from Rudra.

Ruhi asks him who he is. Saaransh introduces himself as Rudra’s friend to Ruhi. He asks Ruhi to not take tension as he would make everything alright. Saaransh asks Ruhi to tell him her mother’s name so he can talk and convince her. Innocent Ruhi tells Saaransh that she is Dr. Priya Sharma’s daughter. Ruhi also tells Saaransh that she is calling from her mother’s phone secretly as she doesn’t want her to talk to Rudra. She requests Saaransh to not tell anything about their conversation to her mother and talk to her the next morning. Brother-Sister disconnects the call and wishes to unite Ruhi and Rudra.

Saaransh meets his family lawyer and requests him to not tell anything about his visit to him and its purpose to anyone at their house. He tells the lawyer that he wants him to give a full scholarship of Khurana School to a girl and get her admitted in Delhi Branch. Lawyer tells Saaransh that it’s impossible to give scholarship between the academic year. Saaransh asks the lawyer isn’t scholarship is possible if the student is intelligent. He asks the lawyer to not be worried as the student is very hardworking. Saaransh says he is also one of the trustees in Khurana school as his father started it. He further asks the lawyer to not let anyone know that he is making him do all this. Lawyer agrees to help Saaransh.

Saaransh feels happy thinking that this way Ruhi would come to Delhi as well as near Rudra. In Rohtak Prisha grows more unwell. She hugs Rudra’s concert poster. Prisha thinks that now no one would be able to unite them. Ruhi sees her storeroom and recalls her happy moments with Rudra. She cries recalling the time she spent with Rudra. Ruhi wishes that Rudra stops her in some way from going away from him. She thinks even Saaransh failed to stop her. Saanchi takes Ruhi with herself to take a walk around the village for the last time. Ruhi leaves with Saanchi. Prisha sees her house and recalls the time she spent with Ruhi in the same house. Yuvraj comes and interrupts her thoughts. He asks Prisha to marry him to solve her problems.

Yuvraj tries to manipulate Prisha to fulfill his plan. He also uses Ruhi’s name and calls Ruhi his daughter. Prisha asks Yuvraj to not cuss her and Ruhi by connecting them to him. She tells Yuvraj that she told this lie for Rudra’s good, not his (Yuvraj) benefit. Prisha makes it clear to Yuvraj that he can’t replace Rudra in her and Ruhi’s life. She asks him to never return to her. Yuvraj gets happy when Prisha stops him. His happiness shatters, when unaware Prisha returns Yuvraj’s false loan. Yuvraj again tries to manipulate Prisha by telling he loves her more than himself. He acts unwell and sends Prisha to bring water for him.

Prisha’s phone rings, Yuvraj thinks he may get some information about Prisha from this call. It’s Saaransh’s call. He picks up the call and gets shocked to know that Ruhi is getting a full scholarship in Khurana School in Delhi. Yuvraj thinks it’s Rudra’s trick to keep Ruhi with him. He refuses Saaransh’s offer, unaware of who is talking to him. Yuvraj deletes Saaransh’s call from Prisha’s call logs. He thinks Ruhi’s education doesn’t matter to him as he just cares about his evil motive. Saaransh gets shocked to hear that Ruhi’s father rejected such a good scholarship for Ruhi. He thinks Ruhi’s father is ruining his own daughter’s future.

Saaransh worries about how he would bring Ruhi to Delhi, near Rudra. Yuvraj thinks he can’t take Rudra lightly. He makes an excuse, when Prisha questions him, what he is doing with her phone. Yuvraj thinks he would return to Prisha’s life again to trouble her and fulfill his evil motive.

In the next episode, Khurana’s lawyer will visit Prisha’s home in Rohtak. The lawyer will tell Prisha that Khurana school wants to give a full scholarship to Ruhi. Prisha will call Rudra and ask him why he is offering scholarship for Ruhi, when he himself says that he doesn’t want to see her face. This information will shock Rudra. On Veena’s insistence, Prisha will disclose to her that Rudra is her husband. Veena will get shocked hearing this. On the other hand, Saaransh will get shocked when Rudra will ask him, how was his Rohtak trip. On Veena’s insistence, Prisha will call Saaransh and ask him who he is. Saaransh will get shocked hearing Prisha’s voice.

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  1. Did Preesha at any time thought or even asked anyone about Saaransh ? She disappeared for 5 years leaving him, what kind of mother is she? She always blah, blah that she cant live without him and she will die etc, etc. Now that she has sweet Ruhi, what? Does she consider HER SON dead maybe? She’s aweful


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