Udaariyaan 9th February 2022 Written Update Fatejo is back

Udaariyaan 9th February 2022 Written Update Fatejo is back

Udaariyaan 9th February 2022 Written Update Fatejo is back Angad supports Tejo and tells her that she will be staying in the Virk house to help Fateh and his family. Angad has gotten over his obsession. He tells that he just wants Tejo and Fateh to unite. Angad tackles Jasmin well, and shocks her by providing the documents that makes her mouth shut. Jasmin goes mad in anger when she finds Tejo sharing a moment with Fateh. Fateh cares for Tejo. He tells her that he doesn’t want her to become Jasmin’s target, he can’t see her getting hurt. He adds that he just wants her peace and happiness. Tejo is strong enough to handle herself.

Fateh suspects Angad’s intentions, knowing how crazy Angad had become for Tejo. He reached Angad to question him if he has no problem with Tejo and his union now. He suspects Angad’s intentions behind the huge help against Jasmin. Angad behaves clean-hearted, but Fateh stays doubtful. Later, Jasmin loses her cool seeing Tejo bonding with the family. She stops the family from meeting Tejo and ties a huge to divide the house into two halves. She tells Virks that they shall not meet Tejo from now and not cross the partition rope, else they will be getting ousted from the house. She threatens them to keep them under control.

Fateh doesn’t listen to Jasmin and goes on Tejo’s side. Fateh and Tejo are seen doing a romantic dance to anger Jasmin. Jasmin really gets mad at the sight. She asks Tejo how dare she come up with such drama in her house. Tejo reminds her that the house also belongs to her now. She tells Jasmin that her bad time has started now. She gears up to teach a lesson to Jasmin, and fail her every move. She shows her closeness with Fateh, and further turns Jasmin disturbed. Tejo is really courageous to fight Jasmin’s evil. Do you think Angad has any hidden agenda behind his help? Keep reading.


Udaariyaan 9th February 2022 Written Update Fatejo is back:

Angad and Tejo reveal about their relationship by validating the documents in front of Jasmin. They tell that Angad is the owner and Tejo is the tenant in Virk house from now. They ask Jasmin to check the original papers herself and try to digest their new relationship. Tejo tells Jasmin that she will be living with Virks and taking care of them, and fail Jasmin’s every plan. Jasmin gets enraged when Tejo lectures her on relations. Jasmin tries hard to insult Tejo right in front of everyone, but Tejo isn’t weak to get silent and cry. Tejo boldly answers back Jasmin and asks her not to awaken her bad side, else it will get too terrible for Jasmin to handle.

She threatens Jasmin that even she has an evil side and she can also use it against her enemies. She tells that she will do anything for Virks, she will stay with Fateh under the same roof from now and Jasmin would see them helplessly. Angad makes fun of Jasmin who isn’t able to do anything in reply. He asks Khushbeer not to stress about money and take his time for loan repayment. He lets Virks stay in peace with Tejo. After he leaves, Jasmin angers Fateh by raising a question on Angad and Tejo’s relation. She tells that Angad won’t do anything without having any motive. Tejo calls it pure friendship which is as true as she is. She knows that Jasmin can never understand such pure bonds, because she never made such good friends. Jasmin insults Tejo for meeting Angad every day and getting him to stay in her room from now.

Fateh controls his anger, while Tejo answers Jasmin. Jasmin still struggles to fight Tejo, but Tejo stands strong. Rupy and Harman meet a Baba, and show Tejo’s Kundali. Rupy wants to know the person entering Tejo’s life to protect her. Baba tells them that Tejo is self sufficient to protect herseld and doesn’t need anyone in her life for protection. He praises Tejo’s strong stars that’s on her side now, which will make her win any battle and make her loved ones’ lives easier. He praises Tejo’s personality. Rupy feels relieved to know about Tejo’s stars working in her favor.

Jasmin partitions the house and asks the family to stay with her, else they will be seeing Amrik’s arrest. She threatens them about Amrik to keep them under control. Tejo and Fateh don’t want Amrik to suffer. Amrik also wishes that Tejo teaches a lesson to Jasmin. Rupy is worried for Tejo, who always thinks for others and keeps fulfilling her duties, without thinking for herself. He fears that she will get hurt again. Harman asks him not to stress, because Tejo will be writing her fate herself, Jasmin won’t be able to cause any harm to her. Rupy prays for Tejo’s happiness.

Khushbeer apologizes to the family that he had to hide about the mortgaging truth. The family shows faith on him and support his decision, which resulted in a good possibility of getting Tejo home via Angad. They call it fate and support Khushbeer. Jasmin summons Gurpreet to make a cup of tea for her. Gurpreet works in the kitchen and gets a burn on her hand. Tejo runs to care for her, while Jasmin turns enraged that Tejo crossed the line. The family is happy that Tejo has come to take care of them. Tejo stands against Jasmin, and tells that nobody can stop her from caring for Virks. Jasmin again threatens about Amrik, but Tejo makes her fall down on the floor, and leaves her insulted. Tejo teaches her a lesson.

The Virks are happy that Tejo is with them. On the other hand, Fateh confronts Angad and asks him about his intentions behind helping Tejo. He tells that he had seen Angad’s madness for Tejo and can’t believe that Angad reformed. Angad accepts that he loves Tejo and had gone crazy in her love, but now his mind is at its place and he is just correcting whatever wrong he did in the past. He asks Fateh not to judge him because of his insecurities and just let him help Tejo. He wants to be Tejo’s good friend, knowing she will always love only Fateh. He tells that he will never try to win Tejo, because she belongs to Fateh. Fateh leaves Angad with a warning, that he will keep a watch on him until all his doubts get settled.

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