Fanaa 14th February 2022 Written Update Ishaan in danger

Fanaa 14th February 2022 Written Update Ishaan in danger

Fanaa 14th February 2022 Written Update Ishaan in danger Ishaan tells Shubham that he doesn’t know why the girl in the cafe targeted him using fake photographs. The police let’s Ishaan out of prison. They apologize to Ishaan saying that they mistook him for someone else. Ishaan feels irritated and asks how he can arrest him, mistaking him for someone else. Pakhi gets a call from Ishaan. She asks Agastya how she can receive Ishaan’s call after his deceit. She asks Agastya if he would trust someone if he/she breaks your trust once.

Here Agastya manipulates Pakhi by saying that he would never trust the person who deceived him once. On the other hand, Ishaan tells Shubham that he won’t be able to sleep, till Pakhi’s misunderstanding about him clears. Agastya returns to his home after dropping Pakhi. He tells his grandmother about Ishaan’s affairs and drug arrest. Agastya says Ishaan’s chapter ended in Pakhi’s life. Next morning, Mohit and Shanaya praise Agastya. Pakhi’s paternal aunt asks Pakhi’s mother to talk to Agastya’s grandmother for Pakhi and Agastya’s marriage. Pakhi feels irritated and asks her paternal aunt to not make a mess of her and Agastya’s friend.

She says she and Agastya are just best friends and can’t think of marrying each other. She takes Agastya with her to her room. On the way to Pakhi’s room, Agastya feels when will Pakhi understand that she loves him truly. He wonders why Pakhi isn’t realizing her love for him even after he ended Ishaan’s chapter in her life. On reaching her room, Pakhi tells Agastya that she shouldn’t trust Ishaan but wants to because of her hidden connection with Ishaan. She tells Agastya that she received a voice note from Ishaan and he gave the same reasons of innocence as he (Agastya) told her that Ishaan would.


Pakhi asks Agastya’s advice if she should meet Ishaan and hear his explanation or not. Agastya feels very angry at Pakhi for not understanding his love. He asks Pakhi to do whatever she wishes to do. Agastya leaves from Pakhi’s home. He talks to his grandmother on call, telling her that Pakhi would have to bear some pain to realize that she loves him, not Ishaan. Agastya’s grandmother feels scared seeing Agastya’s anger. Pakhi goes to meet Ishaan and waits for him for a long time. As much as Ishaan takes time, Pakhi’s anger grows. She calls Ishaan, who tells Pakhi that he is busy in the cabin with his patients. Pakhi calls Ishaan a liar and asks him how many lies he would tell her. She disconnects the call. Ishaan is seen in some people’s captivity. Flashback shows some goons taking Ishaan somewhere on gun point.

Here Pakhi goes to a place and cries a lot seeing the watch gifted to her by Ishaan. Agastya smiles seeing her pain. He asks Yug (the hoodie man) to search where went invisible. Yug agrees to Agastya’s orders. Ishaan is brought to a hidden place by some goons. He recognizes goons leader Kartaar Singh as the most wanted criminal of the town. Kartaar Singh and his goons take Ishaan to a room. Ishaan gets shocked seeing a pregnant woman with a water break. He says that the pregnant woman needs to be taken to hospital immediately as he is a pediatrician, not the doctor who treats or operates on a pregnant woman. Seeing goons’ angry expressions and pregnant women’s condition, Ishaan operates on the pregnant woman.

He congratulates Karataar Singh for becoming a doctor to a daughter. Ishaan tells the baby’s mother that her baby needs incubator treatment in a hospital. The woman says that this way her husband would get caught by police. Ishaan understands her situation and tells the new mother that he would daily come and check on her and her baby. On the other hand, Agastya feels Ishaan is the wrong guy for Pakhi and really has an affair with someone. He asks Yug to find out where Ishaan is and who kidnapped him. At Pakhi’s home, Shanaya continuously asks Pakhi to open the door. From inside the room, Pakhi asks Shanya to leave her alone for sometime.

Shanaya keeps on asking Pakhi what made her upset. Pakhi gets more irritated and shouts at Shanaya to leave. When Pakhi calls her mother to complain about Shanaya, Shanaya leaves Pakhi’s room, telling Pakhi that she would find out the reason which made her upset. Ishaan calls Pakhi and accepts that he lied to her because of some medical emergency. Pakhi asks Ishaan to explain to her his medical emergency. Ishaan tells Pakhi that sometimes the situation gets wrong, not the person. He tells Pakhi that he can’t tell her about this medical emergency. Ishaan just requests Pakhi to meet him once. Pakhi tells Ishaan that she also wants to meet for one last time. She tells Ishaan that after this she may not want to meet him ever.

Yug tells Agastya on call that a car came to drop Ishaan and he was looking a little tense. Agastya asks Yug to keep an eye on Ishaan as he needs to keep his Pakhi safe from Ishaan. Yug, as always, agrees to Agastya’s orders. Agastya thinks that as always Pakhi couldn’t find fault in Ishaan but he saw it. He calls Pakhi stupid for choosing Ishaan. Agastya feels happy and relaxed on making Ishaan bad in Pakhi’s eyes. He thinks that he would always protect Pakhi from evil/dirty eyes.

Later Pakhi will be seen trying to get a cab to meet Ishaan but doesn’t get. She collides with a biker in between. Pakhi and the biker get into an argument, and the biker insults women and Pakhi. Agastya comes there and takes Pakhi away. He makes Yug punish the biker by burning his bike. Pakhi shares her sadness and situation with Agastya. Agastya gets angry when Pakhi tells him that she was going to meet Ishaan once again.

In the next episode, Agastya will ask Yug to implement his hospital plan to kill Ishaan. Ishaan will enter a cold chamber room in his hospital for some work. Yug will decrease its temperature as per Agastya’s orders. Agastya will feel happy thinking that he will end Ishaan’s chapter from Pakhi’s life by killing him.

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