Kundali Bhagya 16th February 2022 Written Update Big move

Kundali Bhagya 16th February 2022 Written Update Big move

Kundali Bhagya 16th February 2022 Written Update Big move Preeta overhears Prithvi and Mona’s shocking conversation. Prithvi pays money to Mona and asks her to follow his orders like before, without getting scared of Preeta. He asks Mona to treat Mahesh like before, nobody should meet Mahesh from now, and he should get the same food which they used to give him before. He means to say about the drugs which they used to administer before. He tells that Mahesh should not meet Preeta and family. He asks Mona to remember his instructions. Preeta worries for Mahesh. Prithvi gets suspicious of someone’s presence in the basement. He looks around, but Preeta hides from him.

Preeta observes Prithvi signalling Mona about Mahesh. She deliberately stops Mona and asks her to give Mahesh’s food plate to her for a check. She takes this step to let the entire family know about Prithvi’s intentions of harming Mahesh. She tastes the food. Preeta takes a big risk for the sake of the family. She puts her life at stake to protect Mahesh. She falls down after having the food.

Karan and the family get worried for Preeta. Preeta blames Mona for attempting to kill her. She tells Karan about the spiked food. Prithvi is stunned by her move. He wonders if Preeta’s blames on Mona will initiate his defeat. He gets tensed that he may get caught after the blames on Mona. He is scared that Mahesh’s mental stability truth will get known to the family. He doesn’t want the family to know his plan to turn Mahesh mentally unstable. Karan confronts Mona about the spiked food. Preeta indirectly accuses Prithvi. Will Luthras question Prithvi this time? What will a tensed Mona tell them? Will Prithvi get caught? Keep reading.


Prithvi asks Mona about Mahesh. Mona tells that she did as he instructed, but she is scared. She adds that Preeta had seen her torturing Mahesh and warned her. Prithvi tells that Preeta is crossing limits this time. Preeta reaches there and overhears their talks. Mona tells that she is scared of Preeta. He tells her that he is her boss, he knows how to treat her fears by money. He gives her money and tells that now she doesn’t need to get scared of Preeta. Mona accepts the money. She tells that she feels better now. He asks her to keep everyone away from Mahesh. He tells that she shall give the same food to Mahesh like before. Prithvi suspects someone there and looks around. He wonders who was there. Preeta hides from him. He checks the house. He doesn’t want anyone to see him paying Mona. He wants to know who had come to meet Mahesh in the basement. He goes to his room.

Kritika finds him awake. Other side, Sameer enters Shrishti’s house to meet her and apologize. Janki wakes up at night and goes to her room. She comes across Sameer and assumes him to be some thief. She shouts for help. Shrishti and Janki beat up Sameer until the moment they see his face. Sameer gets hurt. Prithvi is sure that Preeta has gone to meet Mahesh. He thinks he should see her once. He goes to the room and finds Karan sleeping alone. His doubt gets confirmed that Preeta had come in the basement. Preeta fools him by proving that she is in her room since an hour. She finds Prithvi leaving. She wishes that Prithvi doesn’t doubt her. She is relieved. She doesn’t want him to get alert.

She suspects that he is making Mona do something wrong by paying her extra cash. She wants Karan to take a step to find out the wrong happening in his family. Kritika wants to talk to Prithvi. Janki tells Shrishti that its their Sameer. Sameer asks why did they beat him so much. Janki apologizes. Sameer thanks her for understanding. He is hurt that Shrishti is still behaving so rudely. Shrishti asks him why did he come at this time. Janki asks her to get medicines for Sameer. She advises him to go and confess his feelings to Shrishti, because he has come for this purpose. She helps Sameer in patching up with Shrishti. She wishes him best of luck.

Sameer goes to Shrishti, who makes it clear that Preeta matters to her a lot, more than Sameer. She wants him to understand her stand. She blames Sameer and his family for not trusting Preeta. She speaks of Preeta’s sufferings. She tells that she remembers the past when she meets him. She wants to forget the past. She asks him to not expect anything. She tells him that she doesn’t care for him, she would have called the police to get him arrested if he wasn’t a Luthra. She rebukes him. Sameer gets disheartened. Shrishti asks him to leave. Sameer leaves.

Shrishti sheds tears. Janki tells that Sameer is a good-hearted guy. Shrishti tells that she didn’t like to hurt him, but she can’t befriend him if she can’t trust him. Prithvi wants to know who had gone to the basement. Kritika apologizes to him. She promises to always become his shield and protect him against all the odds. She tells that she will never doubt him. He tells that the time always changes, its never constant, he will see how she reacts when they face more challenges. He feels proud of himself to get Kritika in his control. He finds her really foolish. Kritika cries on her fate. She thinks Prithvi has loved her and gave her respect, she should support him and make him feel proud of her.

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