Kundali Bhagya 17th February 2022 Written Update Hostile twist

Kundali Bhagya 17th February 2022 Written Update Hostile twist

Kundali Bhagya 17th February 2022 Written Update Hostile twist Kareena raises an objection and asks Preeta why did she go to the basement to meet Mahesh. She asks Karan to question Preeta. Karan asks Preeta why did she go to meet Mahesh, knowing its his birthday today. Preeta answers that she had gone to just wish Mahesh on his birthday, but when she reached there, she had seen Mona beating Mahesh and Kareena with the whip. She tells that Kareena was trying to protect Mahesh, and even she wanted to do the same. She tells Karan that she knows about Mahesh’s birthday, she couldn’t see Mona hurting them. Kareena asks her why did she come in between, her scolding can anger Mona and the latter can send Mahesh to the mental asylum.

Karan tells that if the doctor is informed about Mahesh’s condition, if the doctor force Mahesh and take him to the mental asylum, then he will do the unthinkable. He tells that he will take his entire family and leave the house. He doesn’t want to stay back with Preeta if there is no reason left for the family to stay in the house. He tells that Mahesh is their first priority, they were tolerated everything just for Mahesh’s sake, if Mahesh is taken away, then even the family will leave. Preeta gets worried hearing Karan’s words.

Earlier in the show, Shrishti sheds tears after she ousts Sameer from her house. Janki tells that Sameer is a good-hearted guy. Shrishti tells that she didn’t like to hurt him, but she can’t befriend him if she can’t trust him. Prithvi wants to know who had gone to the basement. Kritika apologizes to him. She promises to always become his shield and protect him against all the odds. She tells that she will never doubt him. He tells that the time always changes, its never constant, he will see how she reacts when they face more challenges. He feels proud of himself to get Kritika in his control. He finds her really foolish. Kritika cries on her fate. She thinks Prithvi has loved her and gave her respect, she should support him and make him feel proud of her.


Kundali Bhagya 17th February 2022 Written Update Hostile twist:

Kareena finds Rakhi crying. She asks the reason. She wants to know if Rakhi is crying for Preeta and finds her the only family. She reminds that they are the family first. Rakhi tells that she knows her family loves her, but she feels sad hearing the family speaking against Preeta. She adds that she also loves her family a lot. She tells that its Mahesh’s birthday and they can’t throw a party for him. She shows the clothes of Mahesh’s favorite colour. She regrets that Prithvi stopped them from meeting Mahesh. Kareena feels sorry. She tells that she loves Rakhi and Mahesh a lot, Rakhi is innocent and believes everyone. She assures that she will give the clothes to Mahesh. She tells that Mahesh will wear these clothes tomorrow and its her promise. Preeta asks Girish to keep a puja on Mahesh’s name in the temple.

She finds Kareena going to meet Mahesh. She then sees Mona coming home and going to the basement. She follows Mona. Kareena wants to wish Mahesh on his birthday. She tells that Rakhi will get happy knowing she has given the clothes to Mahesh. She meets Mahesh. She tells Mahesh that Rakhi has sent the clothes for him because its his birthday today. She wishes him happy birthday. She tells that Rakhi wants him to wear the suit. She tells that the entire family wanted to meet him. Mona finds Kareena with Mahesh. She follows Prithvi’s orders. She scares Mahesh and turns him violent. She beats Kareena in anger. Kareena asks Mona how dare she beats her. Mona doesn’t stop. Preeta comes to their rescue.

She asks Mona how dare she beats Kareena. She defends Kareena. Mona asks Preeta not to interfere in her work. Preeta asks her to do her work and not torture anyone. She rebukes Mona. Kareena asks Preeta to not scold Mona, else it will be a big problem for Mahesh. Mona asks Preeta to question the doctor, because she is just following his instructions. Preeta yells at Mona. Mona tells that Doctor has announced Mahesh mentally unstable. She threatens of sending Mahesh to the mental asylum. Kareena gets disturbed.

Sameer misses Shrishti. He is much affected by her annoyance. He doesn’t know why is he thinking so much when she isn’t his girlfriend now. He also doesn’t want to care if she doesn’t care. Karan hears his frustration. He tells that it means Sameer cares for Shrishti. Sameer tells that he had gone to meet Shrishti, but Janki and Shrishti have beaten him a lot, assuming that he is a thief, she has decided to avoid him and now he will also quit, he won’t try to convince her. Karan tells that Shrishti is a nice girl, he should not lose her. Kareena shouts Karan’s name. Karan runs to see her. She asks him if she can trust someone in the house. He tells that she can trust him. She asks him why is Mahesh living in the basement. He tells that he can become a threat for others. She reminds the condition that nobody will go to meet her.

He also knows it. She asks why did Preeta go to meet him and anger Mona. Preeta tells that she just did the right thing. Kareena tells that Preeta wants Mahesh to go to the mental asylum. Prithvi is glad that Kareena has told the truth about Preeta. Karan asks Preeta why did she go there. Preeta tells that Mona was beating Mahesh and Kareena. She had to answer Mona. Kareena asks her if Mona gets angry and sends Mahesh to the mental asylum, then what would they do. She asks Karan and Rakhi to scold Preeta, if Mahesh reaches the mental asylum this time, then Preeta will be responsible. Prithvi tells that even he can’t save Mahesh this time, he had struggled to get Mahesh home. Kritika asks Preeta what is her problem, doesn’t she have a sense to talk. Sameer asks Kritika to talk with manners. Prithvi limits Sameer.

Kritika tells that Mahesh’s health depends on Mona. She adds that they are tolerating Preeta because of Mahesh, Mona is making sure that Mahesh recovers soon, they are tolerating Mona as well, there is no difference between the two. Natasha asks Kritika to talk to Preeta with respect. She tells that Karan would have supported Preeta. Karan tells that Preeta is doing this on her own, he never supported her for the wrong. He doesn’t want any explanation from Preeta. He asks her to take revenge on him, not his dad. Bani warns Preeta.

She tells that she will oust Preeta from the house if Mahesh is sent to the mental asylum. Preeta stops them from yelling at her, when they have no right to scold the house owner. She asks them to talk to her with manners. She tells that the house belongs to her, nobody has a right to oust her. Karan tells that he will take the family and leave the house if Mahesh is taken to the mental asylum, then Preeta can stay alone and enjoy her ownership. Rakhi tells Preeta that Karan is saying right, Mahesh’s safety comes first. She supports her family. Preeta asks Karan to come with her for a talk. She takes Karan along. Prithvi gets glad that Preeta fell in the family’s sight. He likes the drama.

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