Kumkum Bhagya 18th February 2022 Written Update Master Shot

Kumkum Bhagya 18th February 2022 Written Update Master Shot

Kumkum Bhagya 18th February 2022 Written Update Master Shot Dida asks Prachi to apply the Kumkum in her hairline. Prachi refuses to do so. She swears that Ranbir will apply the Kumkum in her hairline, that too in front of Pallavi. She doesn’t want Pallavi to say again that she didn’t see Ranbir filling the Kumkum in Prachi’s hairline. She tells that she will not apply Kumkum until Ranbir does this himself. Ranbir calls up Prachi to take her help, when nobody in the family was taking his calls. He asks Prachi to come to the police station and help Rhea and him by testifying their marriage. Prachi, Dida and Shahana rush to the police station. They meet the Inspector.

Prachi tells the Inspector that Ranbir is her husband, though she isn’t wearing his name Kumkum right now. she tells that Ranbir has married Rhea, despite the fact that he already has a wife. Rhea wanted Aaliya and Pallavi to come and save her. Vikram, Aaliya and Pallavi also arrive there when they get the news of Ranbir and Rhea’s arrest. Inspector asks Kohlis if its true that Ranbir has married Rhea. Dida tells that she regards Prachi as Ranbir’s wife, but its true that Ranbir has married Rhea. She adds that the family also attended their marriage. Inspector tells that its wrong that Ranbir married Rhea when he is already married to Prachi. He calls the second marriage null. He tells that Prachi would be Ranbir’s wife.


Ranbir accepts that Prachi is his wife. He applies the Kumkum in her hairline on her condition to do so in front of Pallavi. Ranbir proves that Prachi is his wife, when he had called her to prove that Rhea is his wife. After a lots of confusion and chaos, Ranbir and Prachi share a Kumkum moment. Pallavi is left fuming in anger seeing Prachi fulfilling the vow. Prachi tells that she has won the challenge, Rhea should think a hundred times before challenging her, else she will punish Rhea for all the crimes in a single day. She threatens Rhea of the arrest. Dida and Shahana get glad to see Prachi winning over Rhea. Ranbir completes the formalities and leaves with his family. Keep reading.

Kumkum Bhagya 18th February 2022 Written Update Master Shot:

Prachi goes to her room and sheds tears recalling her marriage with Ranbir. Dida hugs Prachi and consoles her. Prachi tells that a family member has done this with her, such wound given by family is really deep. Dida knows that Pallavi has given her a deep wound. She asks Prachi not to fall weak. Prachi tells that she is trying hard to fight for her identity, but now her courage is breaking. She adds that she fought Ranbir who linked her with Siddharth and insulted her love, by staining her character, she had stayed strong and left from his life, she broke her relation with Sushma to come back to Ranbir. She adds that she was left alone and encouraged herself, she didn’t fall so weak as today after Pallavi’s outrageous move. She tells that she didn’t know that she will break down after losing her Kumkum.

She adds that Kumkum is a pride of a woman, she wanted to give the answer to Pallavi, but couldn’t, she feels lifeless without her Kumkum. Dida asks her to fill the Kumkum in her hairline. Prachi refuses to apply it. She tells that she will bring a storm to get her lost respect back, she will fix this and prove it to Pallavi. She tells that she will help herself, she will make Ranbir fill her hairline in front of Pallavi so that Pallavi doesn’t say it ever that she didn’t see Ranbir filling Kumkum in her/Prachi’s hairline. She takes this vow that she will not fill her hairline until Ranbir fills the Kumkum himself. She tells Dida that a phone call will come now and she will get to know everything. On the other hand, Aaliya encourages Pallavi to stay strong. She tells that Vikram isn’t in her favor, this is not a good sign.

She advises Pallavi to convince Vikram before he goes really far from her. She asks Pallavi to send Prachi away from the house. Prachi awaits the phone call. She thinks Pallavi will get the call and scream in response. She gets surprised when she gets the call from the police. She learns about Ranbir and Rhea’s arrest. Pallavi asks Prachi to leave the house right away. Prachi tells that Pallavi will need her now. She asks Pallavi to speak to the police inspector. Inspector tells Pallavi that Ranbir gave her number first. She gets worried for Ranbir and Rhea, when he tells about their arrest. Pallavi asks the reason. He summons her at the police station. Pallavi runs to inform Vikram. Vikram also gets worried for Ranbir and Rhea. Dida tells that she will be going with Prachi. Pallavi asks Vikram to come with her. Rhea tells Ranbir that she didn’t get stuck in such a situation before. She loses her mind. She feels this should have not happened with them.

She asks him why did he lock himself in the washroom. Ranbir asks her what is she thinking. He doesn’t answer her. Inspector tells that he has informed their family. Rhea asks will he leave them if Prachi comes. Inspector tells that he will leave them if their story is proved true. Prachi reaches the police station with the NGO women. Rhea blames the Inspector for arresting them on Prachi’s side. Inspector tells that it was a routine raid, he doesn’t work on someone’s orders. She yells at the Inspector. Ranbir tells that the problem will get bigger if she argues with the Inspector. They see Prachi coming there. Rhea tells Ranbir that Prachi has come to laugh on them, but she/Rhea will make her cry.

Inspector asks Prachi who is she. Rhea asks him not to act smart. Prachi tells that she is Ranbir’s wife. Rhea tells him that she is Ranbir’s wife. Inspector asks Prachi if she knows about Rhea. Rhea sees the NGO ladies. She tells that Prachi has come to trap them. Dida asks Ranbir how did he reach the police station. Rhea asks Dida to tell the Inspector that Rhea is Ranbir’s wife. Inspector asks Dida to tell the truth. Dida sympathizes with Prachi. She feels Pallavi has done too wrong. She tells the Inspector that Ranbir has married Prachi, not Rhea. Rhea tells that Prachi might have taught these wrong things to Dida.

Vikram, Pallavi and Aaliya get stuck on the way when their car breaks down. They get late in reaching the police station. Vikram tells that they have to book a cab and leave. Inspector asks Prachi to say. Rhea tells that Prachi doesn’t have Kumkum in her hairline. Ranbir asks Prachi about her Kumkum. He is also surprised to see that. Prachi reminds that he was trying to end their relationship. She tells the Inspector that Rhea is her Sautan. She gets the support from the NGO ladies. Rhea finally gets a relief when she sees Pallavi and Aaliya. She hugs Aaliya. She complains about Prachi. Prachi asks Pallavi to meet the NGO ladies and come on her side. The NGO lady Kalyani tells the Inspector that she has got the NGO ladies with her because of Prachi’s complaint, Ranbir had gone to the hotel with the other woman and Pallavi is supporting their affair.

Ranbir asks Prachi what is she doing. She reminds that she got the NGO ladies for help before also. She asks him why is she doing this when she doesn’t love her. Prachi tells that every husband and wife have fights, but their marriage doesn’t end. Rhea asks the Inspector not to believe her, she is the bahu of the Kohli family. Prachi asks Rhea why did she go to such a shady hotel. She tells that she was living with her in-laws, she has come to save her husband. She tells that she had doubted on Rhea and came to save Ranbir. She adds that she was helpless to send Ranbir with Rhea on the trip, because Rhea had got him in her control. She proves that she is Ranbir’s wife. She insults Rhea. Rhea asks her to shut up. She tells that Prachi is the other woman in Ranbir’s life. She argues with the NGO ladies. She gets a warning from the NGO ladies.

Aaliya intervenes to stop the drama. She tells that Ranbir and Rhea got married, she is his wife. Prachi asks her did she see Ranbir filling Kumkum in Rhea’s hairline. Aaliya tells that she didn’t see it. Rhea asks Ranbir to tell everyone that she is his wife. Ranbir tells that he has no proof. Prachi tells that when the first wife is alive, then a man can’t remarry. She calls their relationship illegitimate. She tells that the so called marriage was just a joke. Inspector asks them if its true that Ranbir married twice. Dida tells that its true, that Ranbir married Rhea in front of the family. Inspector tells that it’s a crime if a man marries someone, when he is already married. He adds that Ranbir will be punished for this.

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  1. Stupid prachi n writers why didnt prachi leave Ranbir and rhea in jail until Palkavi accepts prachi in front of everyone n made rhea take off sindoor n mungal sutra? dumb writers.this was a perfect oppirtunity to make palkavi beg prachi for forgiveness and kick rhea out.

    • Sandy, that’s exactly what Prachi is doing. She has to reach police station before Pallavi. Otherwise they would have said Rhea is Ranbir’s wife and get them released. That’s why Prachi came first and proved she is actually his wife.

      • Rhea will srill claim that is her husband,rhea will still live in ranbirs house alliya n pallavi will still torture her.she should have let ranbir sit in jsil for 3 day añong with rhea n let pallavi n allia know if she is tortured or rhea doesnt leave the house ranbir stays in jail to complete is sentencing.time to play nasty too.sorry but ranbir is an arse for listening to his parents n marrying rhea let him suffer for is illegal actions.

        • Once Pallavi accepted Prachi is the only wife of Ranbir infront of police and everyone, Rhea can no longer claim she is Ranbir’s wife. That’s how Prachi wins. Rhea may still live in Kohli house as a family friend but Pallavi cannot introduce her as Ranbir’s wife. Rhea looses all the rights Pallavi gave her as Ranbir’s wife and Prachi get all her rights back.

    • And it’s very discouraging and annoying. Villians shouldn’t always win. What’s the writer telling the world? That it’s better to be a villain? Prachi shouldn’t go through such pain!

    • Amazing how y can call a stupid story yet yuo don’t have yuors. Deos it mean yuo love it so much that yuo can’t stop watching before yuo see what yuo want?!

  2. I want to see how prachi will receive rhea and if ahea will indeed accept her as her sister. Secondl’ will pragia look for her daughters or she has also become selfish like alia. She minds about herself now yit her daughters are languishing in poverty. All she minds is seeing tanu and her status

  3. best episode ever I love that Prachi covered all her bases get there before Pallavi get the NGO involved make sure its at the police station this girl is def Pragya daughter now can we let Prachi expose her pregnancy’ before aalia Rhea and Pallavi plot something else, can u plz have a storyline where we get an update on Abi and Pragya like they maybe went 2 a long term care facility why do i think Vikram stalled for Prachi 2 make sure she has enough time 2 claim and prove she is Ranbir wife


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