Kundali Bhagya 21st February 2022 Written Update Preeta warns

Kundali Bhagya 21st February 2022 Written Update Preeta warns

Kundali Bhagya 21st February 2022 Written Update Preeta warns Preeta gets to try an old and tested way to stop Luthras back in the house. She wants the family to obey her instructions. Rakhi is with Karan in his decision. She doesn’t want to go against them at any cost, because she also wants Mahesh’s welfare. Karan doesn’t get convinced. Rakhi tells Preeta that Karan is right, Mahesh is their priority. Preeta knows that Mahesh comes first for the family, and even she wants the best for Mahesh. Preeta happens to taste the food meant for Mahesh, suspecting that its spiked by Mona. She eats the food and acts dizzy. She tells the family that she is feeling really dizzy, maybe she should go to her room and rest. Rakhi asks her what’s the matter. Preeta collapses on the floor. Karan rushes to her aid. He grows worried for her.

Earlier in the show, Preeta apologizes in her heart to say the wrong reason, she can’t tell him that her real concern is because of her reason. She doesn’t want Karan to know her motives that she has come to save the family from enemies. She wants to keep her emotions to herself. Biji pampers Shrishti. Shrishti praises herself that she is the best. She thanks Biji for the best head massage. Janki shows that Shrishti always gives her headache to someone else. Shrishti tells that she never does so. Preeta speaks to her family. She tells Biji that she missed her a lot on Lohri. Biji tells that Sarla didn’t come back home with her, she stayed in the village for some more days. Preeta tells that she needs Sarla’s support. Biji asks her the problem. Preeta tells that she needs Shrishti’s help. She asks Biji to come home with Shrishti. Shrishti tells that Preeta is okay. Preeta wants to adopt an old tested way to solve the problems.


Kundali Bhagya 21st February 2022 Written Update Preeta warns:

Kareena tells Kritika that she was praying that Karan and Rakhi get to see Preeta’s truth. She asks Karan why is he feeling so hurt for Preeta’s sake. She tells that Preeta didn’t come for their sake, but for her own greed. She instigates him against Preeta. He tells that he doesn’t know what to do. She asks him not to worry. He tells that its Mahesh’s birthday, they should have celebrated, but they are so scared that Mahesh may land in the asylum. She asks him to just hope for the best. Sameer asks Kareena not to increase problems between Karan and Preeta. He leaves her upset. Kareena tells Kritika that she is glad that at least Kritika has seen Preeta’s truth. Kritika tells that she will never believe Preeta from now. She promises to always listen to her mom. Preeta finds Mona going to the kitchen. She suspects Mona after finding her behavior suspicious. She follows to find out the truth.

Preeta makes an excuse and sends Mona out of the kitchen. She checks the food plate kept ready for Mahesh. She finds it stinking and wonders what’s added in it. She doesn’t want Mahesh to eat the foul food. She thinks of doing something. She answers Mona who confronts her about her lie. Mona tells that she is going to give the food to Mahesh. Preeta tells that maybe she made a mistake. She sends Mona for her work. Preeta finds Kareena and family coming to dine. She asks Girish not to come to serve the lunch. She makes a plan against Mona. She asks Mahesh to serve the food to the family, because Girish isn’t with them today to help. Mona tells that she is already busy with Mahesh’s duty.

Preeta asks Mona to prepare salad for her. Mona takes her orders. Prithvi tells that Preeta isn’t the same Preeta for him now, he hates her a lot and would never forgive her. He feels its strange that nothing went as he planned, everything happened because of Preeta. He tells that he was planning to marry Preeta and have an affair with Sherlyn, but it didn’t happen. He plans to make Preeta plead to him. He keeps a big secret plan. He doesn’t want to mention it. Sherlyn overhears him and questions about the secret. He tells that he can’t reveal it, else it won’t be a secret. She asks him to not drag her back, when she wants to move on. Sherlyn tells that she doesn’t want the same thing to happen with her again.

He tells that he is acting to get Kritika on her side. He doesn’t want her to doubt him. She asks who is with her, when he has gone on Kritika’s side. He knows that its his insecurity. He tells that she knows everything about his motives, she should have no problem with his plan of action. He calls Kritika a fool. He tells that he has no time to sort Sherlyn’s insecurities. She tells him that she has tolerated him a lot, but not anymore. Sameer stops Karan. Karan doesn’t want to think of Preeta. Sameer asks him not to leave the house, and instead try to understand Preeta’s situation.

Karan regrets that he misunderstood Preeta. He tells Sameer that Mahesh has identified Preeta and behaved well with her, but she isn’t considering any emotions. He calls her selfish. Sameer hugs him to console. He asks him to leave everything and come with him for lunch. He reminds the house rules. Karan doesn’t want to follow any rules. Sameer asks him to come for Mahesh’s sake. Kritika walks into the room, and finds Prithvi warning Sherlyn. She asks what’s happening. Prithvi asks Sherlyn to tell Kritika if she wants. He tells that Sherlyn cares for Kritika a lot, so Sherlyn was threatening him to always keep Kritika happy. He asks Kritika to tell Sherlyn that he will never break her heart.

Kritika thanks Sherlyn for her real concern. Prithvi sends away Kritika. He tells Sherlyn that he is just using Kritika, who blindly trusts him. He asks her not to worry. Kritika comes back to call them for lunch. Preeta dines with the family. Sherlyn asks Preeta what is she doing with the family. Preeta answers Sherlyn and Mona, while Prithvi intervenes to argue with Preeta. Prithvi reminds the family what happened in the morning, when Mona had threatened of sending Mahesh to the asylum. Preeta tells that nobody understands her doing.

She thanks Mona for making salad for her on her request. She eats the salad. She tells that its really amazing. She suddenly screams, pretending dizziness. Karan gets stressed when she falls down on the floor. Karan and Rakhi rush to check Preeta. Prithvi cares a damn for Preeta. Preeta asks Karan to call the police instead the doctor. She accuses Mona, saying she has added something in the food. Prithvi gets alert of Preeta’s plan.

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