Fanaa 25th February 2022 Written Update Agastya devil move

Fanaa 31st March 2022 Written Update Agastya Exposed

Fanaa 25th February 2022 Written Update Agastya devil move Yug tells Agastya that he did everything as he told him too. He says he has hacked all CCTV cameras of the police station. At the police station, Pakhi gets scared seeing Virat shouting at a criminal. She asks Virat about Ishaan’s condition. Virat gets angry at Pakhi. He thinks Pakhi is lying. Virat tells Pakhi that he has seen many thriller films in which a bride kills her groom as her affair gets exposed. Pakhi tells Virat that he already told him that Ishaan called her at the attack location.

Virat refuses to believe Pakhi and shows her that according to call records, Ishaan didn’t call her. Yug tells Agastya that he deleted the call recordings as per his plan. Agastya watches Pakhi and Virat’s conversation through hacked cameras. He reaches the police station with a lawyer and Pakhi’s parents. On the other hand, at the hospital, the doctor starts treating Ishaan. Doctor informs Ishaan’s family that Ishaan is still critical and his chances of survival are less. Ishaan’s family gets worried. At the police station, Agastya asks Pakhi to not give any statement to the inspector till her lawyer asks her to.

Pakhi runs to Agastya’s arms. She requests Agastya to do something as she needs to go to Ishaan. Virat tells Agastya that he has proof as well as a warrant against Pakhi. He says Pakhi can’t get free from prison till next morning as the court has got closed. Agastya smirks and recalls his meeting with his lawyer. He recalls a lawyer telling him that he can bail out Pakhi as soon as possible. Agastya tells his lawyer that he hired him to not let Pakhi come out of the prison till the next morning. Lawyer seems shocked with Agastya’s words but stays silent and leaves. Flashback ends. Agastya leaves and Virat locks Pakhi inside the lock up.


Pakhi shouts and asks Agastya to take care of Ishaan and don’t worry about him. This angers Agastya. Virat doubts Aagstya seeing his expressions towards Pakhi and Pakhi’s worry for Ishaan. Here Pakhi cries profusely for Ishaan and Agastya feels pain seeing Pakhi’s condition and her love for Ishan. He tells Yug that he just gave punishment to Pakhi for not realizing her true love and choosing Ishaan. Agastya asks Yug if he did the right thing by punishing Pakhi. Yug replies yes. In the prison, Pakhi prays for Ishaan’s safety. At the hospital, the doctor informs Ishaan’s family that Ishaan got saved but landed into a coma. He also says that in the state of coma, the patient’s survival chances are merely 2%. This news shocks Ishaan’s family and Anup.

Shubham asks his father to not worry as Ishaan will go fight this and survive. On the other hand, Yug informs Agastya that Ishaan has landed into the coma and his chances of survival are less as per the doctors. He apologizes to Agastya and tells him that he stabbed Ishaan many times but he got saved. Agastya tells Yug that it’s good that he is regretting giving Ishaan an easy death. He says he wants Ishaan to suffer pain daily as Pakhi is suffering in his love. Agastya says both Pakhi and Ishaan did wrong, so they have to suffer the consequences of their mistakes. On the other hand, Media starts broadcasting that Pakhi stabbed Ishaan 50 times and is having an affair with someone else.

Next morning, Agastya reaches the police station with his lawyer as well as Pakhi’s family to get Pakhi released from prison. Lawyer gives Pakhi’s release papers to Virat. He tells him that Ishaan is alive, so its now a case of attempt to murder, not murder. Constable frees Pakhi on Virat’s orders. Agastya hopes that Pakhi would hug but she instead runs and hugs her father Sameer. This angers Agastya. Virat notices Agastya’s expressions and understands his obsession towards Pakhi.
On Pakhi’s questioning, Agastya tells her that Ishaan is alive but critical. Virat doubts Aagstya in Ishaan’s murder case. Pakhi understands this and tells Virat that she won’t ever believe anyone telling her that Agastya can hurt her love Ishaan. Virat’s doubt on Agastya gets stronger and he decrypts that Agastya loves Pakhi one sided. He tells his junior Pandey that one sided love is very dangerous. Virat asks Pandey to get him full information on Agastya.

As Pakhi leaves from the police station, reporters surround her. They question Pakhi about stabbing Ishaan on their wedding day. Pakhi ignores them. Her father and Agastya try to take her away. But reporters again question Pakhi about her relationship with Agastya. Pakhi makes a run from there and drives to the hospital Ishaan is admitted in. She runs towards Ishaan’s family and says that she wants to meet Ishaan. Pakhi’s family too reaches the hospital behind Pakhi. They see Ishaan’s father getting angry at Pakhi. Ishaan’s father doesn’t let Pakhi meet Ishaan as he considers Pakhi as Ishaan’s attacker. He scolds her a lot.

Agastya stops stubborn Pakhi from going to Ishaan. He tells her that Ishaan’s family can file against her from once again trying to attack Ishaan. Ishaan’s father says he doesn’t want any relation with Pakhi and her family. Even Shubham ignores Pakhi’s requests. Agastya drags Pakhi from the hospital. Pakhi returns home disheartened and devastated. She cries and tells her mother that she is getting blamed for attacking Ishaan. Pakhi’s mother shows trust in Pakhi and comforts her. Pakhi’s aunt says that Pakhi was found with a knife in her hand. Prema scolds Pakhi’s aunt and asks her to be quiet. Pakhi requests Agastya to help her meet Ishaan. Agastya tells Pakhi he would do something.

Yug reaches the police station in a journalist’s disguise with a fake id card. He tells Virat that he is investigating Kartaar Singh. Yug also doesn’t let Virat verify his id card using a trick. He smartly makes Virat see Ishaan’s photographs with Kartaar Singh. Virat starts doubting Ishaan’s involvement in Kartaar’s Singh’s crimes. Later, Mohit makes his whole family and Pakhi see the news. Everyone gets shocked to see the reporter saying that Ishaan is found to be involved in patient’s Kidney stealing and trafficking abroad.

In the next episode, Pakhi will throw her wedding lehenga, ring and belongings which have Ishaan’s memories. Pakhi’s father (Sameer) will overhear someone asking for more money from Agastya and Yug as they have put false allegation on Ishaan of running a kidney racket. Agastya will be seen driving at speed with Sameer in his car. Sameer will tell Agastya that he is the devil, just the opposite of what Pakhi thinks about him. Agastya will feel angry and irritated with Sameer.

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