Yeh Rishta 26th February 2022 Written Update Abhi vows love

Yeh Rishta 26th February 2022 Written Update Abhi vows love

Yeh Rishta 26th February 2022 Written Update Abhi vows love Akshara tries to cheer up her upset family by talking to her family as Lord Shiv. Everyone understands that it’s Akshara. Swarna and Kairav talk to Akshara. Akshara asks everyone to leave Manish’s care to God and celebrate Mahashivratri. Suhasini says Akshara is trying to keep everyone happy. Akshara pretends to be Lord Shiv and says he will do Tandav if he gets angry. She asks everyone to start celebrating Maha Shivaratri. Akshara intentionally drops the plate to act Lord Shiva’s anger.

Suhasini ane Kairav also pretends and promises Lord in real that they would celebrate his day (Mahashivratri) grandly. Swarna requests Lord to keep his blessings on them. Akshara asks everyone to smile and celebrate Mahashivratri with happiness. Goenkas says, “Har Har Mahadev”. Akshara says the same and gets emotional. She checks her phone and wonders why Abhimanyu didn’t call her or send her any message. Akshara thinks Abhimanyu is still angry with her. She calls herself idiot and stupid for hurting Abhimanyu with her hurtful words. Akshara calls herself an emotional fool. She thinks that Abhimanyu knows how much her family matters to her.

Akshara thinks Abhimanyu will call her after his anger cools and calms down. She thinks that Abhimanyu is emotional but more mature and caring. Akshara thinks she will herself call Abhimanyu in some time if he doesn’t. Later Goenkas reminisces about their memories with Kartik, Niara and Sirat by seeing their old picture on the projector. Akshara makes this arrangement. She says Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati got married on this day and became one. Akshara says their family members don’t have their partners today with them as Manish is in hospital and Surekha is abroad with Luv.


She says to her family that they can still celebrate Mahashivratri. Akshara starts dancing and makes her family join her. Aarohi sees the projector and wonders what about her parents. Akshara teases Vansh with Reem’s photograph. She sees and hugs Abhimanyu’s photograph. Akshara hopes to be with Abhimanyu her whole life. She stops an upset Aarohi from leaving and asks her to dance. Akshara also starts playing Sirat and Kartik’s photographs with Goenkas. Aarohi gets happy seeing this and dances happily with everyone. Akshara thinks it’s not right to disturb Abhimanyu thinking that he would be busy. She imagines herself as Goddess Parvati and Abhimanyu as Lord Shiva. Akshara dreams of trying to wake up Abhimanyu from his meditation.

She gets successful but Abhimanyu walks away angrily. Akshara showers rose petals on Abhimanyu in Lord Shiva’s disguise and makes him smile. Abhimanyu hugs Akshara dressed up as Goddess Parvati. Akshara’s imagination and dreams end. As Akshara starts calling Abhimanyu, Swarna calls her to attend Manish’s video call. Akshara thinks Abhimanyu would call her back himself and thinks to not disturb his Mahashivratri pooja. At Birla house, Abhimanyu completes his big pooja. Manjiri asks Abhimanyu to take rest as he needs to attend evening pooja and is on fast too. Abhimanyu takes Manjiri’s blessings. Manjiri leaves.

He thinks Akshara should have either called him or sent him a message at least. Before he could call Akshara himself, Neil comes and shows him the Mahashivratri pooja and celebration videos uploaded by Vansh. Abhimanyu gets angry seeing Akshara happily celebrating Mahashivratri with her family forgetting him. He decides that he will see that till how long Akshara would not wish and miss him. Akshara wonders why Abhimanyu isn’t calling or messaging her since morning. Aarohi overhears Akshara and gets happy knowing that a fight or argument is going on in between Akshara and Abhimanyu. Before Akshara could call Abhimanyu, Aarohi distracts her by telling her that Manish is going to get discharged in 1-2 days.

Akshara gets happy hearing this and thanks God. She tells Aarohi that she will visit Manish and make him eat special less ghee ladoos. Aarohi goes to give this news to others. Akshara misses Abhimanyu and decides to gift rudraksh bracelet to Abhimanyu according to his hand measurement. On the other hand, Abhimanyu strats Shiv Tandav in anger. He recalls Akshara’s hurtful words from last night, about their love. His anger grows and moves become more graceful. Abhimanyu keeps on recalling Akshara prioritizing her family above their love. He prays to Lord Shiv and tells him that for the first time he fears of losing his love Akshara. Abhimanyu feels hurt as Akshara prioritizes her family before their love.

He fears that Akshara would leave him for her family. Abhimanyu says he would not let his love get defeated in front of her family, even if Akshara finds him evil. He decides that from now on, Akshara is his aim and destination. Abhimanyu writes Akshara’s name in front of Lord Shiv. He tells Shivji that Akshara is as important to him as Parvati Ji is to him. Abhimanyu tells Lord Shiv that he is incomplete without Akshara like he is incomplete without Goddess Parvati. He says Akshara belongs to him and will always belong to him only. Abhimanyu requests God to bless him with this wish.

On the other hand, Akshara misses Abhimanyu and wishes to talk to him. At the hospital, Manish recalls Abhimanyu confessing his love for Akshara and bringing a marriage proposal for Aarohi. He also recalls Abhimanyu’s deep love for Akshara and his efforts to get his love. Manish further recalls Abhimanyu taking care of him like Kartik used to. Manish tells something to Akilesh. Akilesh requests Manish to not do this. Manish asks Akhilesh to agree to what he is saying. At Birla Mansion, Birlas start Mahashivratri Aarti. Goenkas also perform evening Mahashivratri aarti. Abhimanyu distributes prasad to everyone. Manjiri gives prasad to Harshvardhan.

Abhimanyu notices Anisha’s sadness and asks her to not worry. He tells her that they will get their Shiv and Parvati soon. Akshara reaches the hospital and finds Manish missing. She gets angry at hospital staff for not knowing about Manish. Manish reaches Birla house. Abhimanyu and Birlas get shocked seeing Manish at their house.

In the next episode, Manish will tell Abhimanyu that he is ready for his and Akshara’s marriage. Abhimanyu will get happy and lay on Manish’s lap. Akshara will be seen worried in her car. She will pray to God that nothing should go wrong that could create any tension between Manish and Abhimanyu’s family. Manish will keep a condition for Abhimanyu and Akshara’ wedding. This will shock Abhimanyu.

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