Dosti Anokhi Upcoming News 28th February 2022

Dosti Anokhi Upcoming News 28th February 2022

Dosti Anokhi Upcoming News 28th February 2022 Purvi is asked to leave the house. Kusum and Jagannath don’t want Purvi in their house after knowing about Babu’s frequent secret visits. They don’t want Purvi to bring disgrace to them. Purvi is saddened. She decides to leave. Kashi invites her home. Purvi lights the Tulsi plant diya. She gets into a moment with Kashi, who seems to have fallen in love with her. She didn’t know that Babu is going to cheat her. She is slowly realizing that Babu is not the person meant for her. She was ready to leave her house and family for Babu’s sake. Kashi takes care of her. He is her good friend.

He wonders why he can’t see Purvi upset. He wants to protect her from fraud Babu. He fears that Babu will soon break Purvi’s heart. On the other hand, Jagannath brings a red saree for Kusum on knowing about her wish. He never gifted her a red saree in the last 30 years. On Purvi helping him realize Kusum’s wishes, he decides to fulfill every wish and treat Kusum equal. Jagannath gets delighted when Purvi makes Kusum decked up in the red saree and brings her in the lawn. Jagannath compliments Kusum.

Purvi makes them spend happy moments. Kusum falls shy. She tells that she knows Jagannath has a golden heart, he is her husband and would always love her. Kashi, Purvi and Biren make Jagannath and Kusum’s day special. She asks Kashi to click Jagannath and Purvi’s day special by reminding that it’s a valentines day. She bonds with Kashi, not realizing that he has started liking her. Purvi will soon have a breakup with Babu. Babu will break her heart and leave from her life. Purvi will get dejected in love. What will Purvi do next? Keep reading.


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