Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th February 2022 Written Update Prisha reveals Ruhi’s truth

Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th February 2022 Written Update Prisha reveals Ruhi's truth

Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th February 2022 Written Update Prisha reveals Ruhi’s truth Yuvraj sees the news of Rudra’s car accident and class 1A’s bus brake failure. The reporters say that Class 1A students are in danger and Rudra is trying to save them. Yuvraj gets angry thinking that Rudra will become a hero again. He leaves to meet Prisha and make her believe that she needs him at this phase. On the other hand, on the bus, everyone is tense. Prisha hears a whistle that Rudra usually blows. She recalls her past moment with Rudra when he blew a similar whistle and went romantic with her. Flashback ends. Prisha stands up and sees Rudra blowing a whistle while sitting in a car with a police officer.

She relaxes seeing Rudra alive and fine. Rudra tells Prisha that he is putting a plank in between their car and the bus. He asks Prisha to send the kids towards him, one by one. Prisha opens the emergency door of the bus. Rudra, Prisha and the inspector place a plank between the bus and car. Prisha tells the rescue plan to the peon, teachers and kids in the bus. Kids start crying and panicking. Bunty gets alert and sees Rudra, Inspector and Prisha’s rescue plan arrangements. He drives roughly and ruins the rescue arrangements. Prisha tries to calm the scared kids. Rudra again reaches near the bus’s emergency door. He asks Prisha to send the kids one by one to him. Prisha tells Rudra that it’s risky.

Rudra convinces Prisha for his plan. He asks her to not let Bunty get alert this time. Rudra and the Inspector throw the rope inside the bus. Prisha ties the rope to the last seat of the bus, near the emergency door. She asks a teacher named Shweta to keep Bunty distracted and make the bus drive slowly. On the other hand, Yuvraj reaches Prisha’s cabin in Khurana school. A peon tells him that Prisha is inside the bus whose brakes have failed and Rudra went to save everyone. Yuvraj feels angry hearing this. Shweta and Bunty argue with each other. This distracts Bunty. Monty feels scared and refuses to go to Rudra to get rescued. Prisha and Rudra try to convince Monty but he shouts.


Before Bunty could see or hear more, Shweta pretends to vomit on Bunty. She asks Bunty to drive slowly. A female student volunteers to get rescued first. Prisha praises her. One by one, Prisha and Rudra rescues all children except Ruhi. They also rescue a teacher. Before rescuing Shweta, they ask Ruhi to go to Rudra but she refuses to leave without Prisha. Prisha sends Shweta towards Rudra. Next Prisha starts sending Ruhi towards Rudra. Bunty wonders why the bus went silent. He looks back and gets shocked seeing only Prisha standing towards the emergency door.

Bunty gets angry thinking Prisha deceived her again. He drives roughly, due to which Ruhi slips and falls down. Prisha and Rudra scream Ruhi’s name. Bunty smiles seeing Ruhi fallen on the road and bleeding. Prisha also jumps behind Ruhi. Rudra jumps behind Prisha. Injured Prisha tries to reach unconscious Ruhi but faints before that. Injured Rudra runs towards unconscious Prisha and Ruhi. He picks up Ruhi in his arms and tries to wake Ruhi and Prisha. Shweta teacher calls for an ambulance. Inspector asks Rudra to take Ruhi and Prisha to hospital. Rudra asks the inspector to catch, arrest and punish Bunty for his crimes.

Saaransh also reaches there. He gets shocked seeing Ruhi injured badly. Saaransh gets a bigger shock seeing unconscious Prisha. He recalls his moments with Prisha. Saaransh also recalls talking to Prisha on phone about Ruhi. He gets emotional seeing Prisha alive. Rudra tells Saaransh that he will explain everything to him later on. He says Prisha and Ruhi need to be taken to hospital first. Ambulance arrives, Rudra asks the teacher and peon to drop students at their home. He also asks Saaransh to return home. Rudra takes Ruhi and Prisha to hospital in the ambulance. Saaransh follows the ambulance.

Bunty realizes that he did bad and became a devil/criminal. In a second he thinks what he did was important to take revenge from Rudra. He thinks that Rudra did bad by getting unwell Bubbles arrested. Bunty thinks he can’t die without leaving his revenge incomplete as maybe Rudra would have saved Ruhi and Prisha. He jumps out of the bus and gets determined to exact his revenge from Prisha and Rudra. Inspector catches Bunty and arrests him. Rudra and Saaransh reach the hospital with Prisha and Ruhi. Ruhi and Prisha are taken for treatment. Rudra moves towards hurt Saaransh. Saaransh asks Rudra why he didn’t tell him that Prisha is alive and living as Doctor Priya Sharma, Ruhi’s mother.

He again and again questions Rudra why he didn’t tell him about Prisha’s existence. Saaransh demands an answer from Rudra about why he hid Prisha’s existence from him. He tells Rudra that he knows how much he yearned for Prisha. Saaransh reminds Rudra that he didn’t complain to him even when he remained away from him in the last five years. He tells Rudra that he saw him yearning for his parents. Saaransh asks Rudra why he didn’t tell him anything. Rudra tells Saaransh that he got to know about Prisha’s existence, some time ago only. Saaransh asks Rudra why he didn’t tell him everything the moment he saw Prisha alive. He tells Rudra that he brought Ruhi to him seeing him sad.

Saaransh asks Rudra if he can see him sad. He says he himself didn’t know that he brought Prisha to Delhi. Saaransh asks Rudra if Ruhi is his sister and his (Rudra’s) daughter. He insists Rudra again and again to tell him if Ruhi is his sister. Doctor interrupts Rudra and Saaransh’s conversation. He tells Rudra that they need Ruhi and Prisha’s family member’s signatures on the treatment consent form. Doctor asks Rudra if he is Ruhi and Prisha’s family member. Rudra says he isn’t Ruhi and Prisha’s family member. Saaransh gets shocked hearing this. Rudra tells the doctor that he is calling Ruhi and Prisha’s family members. Doctor leaves from there. Saaransh keeps looking at Rudra with shock and various questions in mind.

In the next episode, Rudra will see Ruhi getting treated. Doctor will tell Prisha that they need blood for Ruhi. Prisha will ask the doctor about blood availability at the hospital blood bank. Doctor will tell Prisha that Ruhi’s blood group is rare and not available in their hospital’s blood bank. Prisha will run to Rudra and will ask him to give blood to Ruhi. Rudra will ask Prisha why she didn’t ask Ruhi’s father Yuvraj to give blood to Ruhi. Prisha will tell Rudra that his blood will match Ruhi’s blood as he is Ruhi’s real father. Rudra will look angrily at Prisha.

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