Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd March 2022 Written Update Rudra shocks Prisha

Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd March 2022 Written Update Rudra shocks Prisha

Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd March 2022 Written Update Rudra shocks Prisha Prisha faints after telling Rudra that he is Ruhi’s real and biological father. Rudra tries to wake up Prisha. When Prisha doesn’t get conscious, Rudra picks her up in his arms. He walks inside the hospital and makes the nurses and doctor check on Prisha. Rudra runs to donate blood to Ruhi. He requests doctors to save Ruhi anyhow. At Khurana mansion, Sharda asks Saaransh why he is packing his stuff. Saaransh asks Sharda why he should tell her as she also didn’t tell him about Prisha’s existence. Sharda asks Saaransh what she would have told him, that his mother didn’t remember or think about her family and son in the last 5 years.

She tells Saaransh that Prisha came to Delhi and didn’t even talk to her or tried to meet her son (Saaransh). Sharda also tells Saaransh that she and Rudra didn’t tell him because they didn’t want to hurt him. Saaransh asks Sharda if he is looking happy to her right now. He tells Sharda that he has become big enough that he would have understood the situation. Saaransh says he still has the right to know that his mother is alive. He immediately apologizes to Sharda for talking rudely to her. Saaransh requests Sharda to not hide anything from him from now onwards. He promises Sharda that he would understand the situation and make the right decision.

Saaransh tells Sharda that he is going to the hospital as Prisha is not well and needs him. Sharda gets worried for Prisha and volunteers to go with Saaransh to meet Prisha. Saaransh makes Sharda realize that they can’t stop loving Prisha. He says Prisha is the world’s best mother. Vaijayanti overhears everything and asks Sharda and Saaransh to go and meet Prisha, saying that she doesn’t have any issue. At the hospital, Rudra donates blood to Ruhi and looks at her with love. He recalls spending a happy time with Ruhi. “Pitah Se Hai Naam Tera” song from the movie “Boss” plays in the background.


Rudra continues getting flashbacks of the time he spent with Ruhi. Rudra realizes that fate made him and Ruhi meet, so that they can know the truth of their real relationship. He also realizes why he felt so connected with Ruhi. Rudra thinks his wish of being Ruhi’s real father got fulfilled. He feels bad thinking how much Ruhi yearned for him in the last 5 years. He gets determined that he won’t let Ruhi get away from him, even if Prisha would like it or not. Rudra decides that Ruhi will live with him only. On the other hand, the nurse tells Prisha that Ruhi’s father donated blood to Ruhi. Yuvraj asks Prisha why she told the truth to Rudra. He tells Prisha that now Rudra will take revenge from her.

Prisha scolds Yuvraj for returning to her. She tells him that she can do anything to save Ruhi. Yuvraj asks Prisha if she knows what consequences she will suffer now after revealing the truth to Rudra. Prisha says she doesn’t care about the consequences. She also says that she should have left Ruhi with Rudra, five years ago. Prisha says Rudra would have taken good care of Ruhi and would have given her father’s love. Yuvraj accuses Rudra of Ruhi’s current condition. Prisha says Rudra didn’t do anything to Ruhi. Yuvraj asks Prisha why she can’t understand that Rudra has many enemies. He tells Prisha that Rudra’s enemies can hurt and use Ruhi against Rudra.

Prisha asks Yuvraj to shut his nonsense. She says Rudra would die himself but won’t let anything happen to Ruhi and his family. Prisha tells Yuvraj that he can’t understand Rudra’s niceness. She asks Yuvraj to leave, otherwise Rudra won’t spare him. Yuvraj gets angry and irritated and leaves Prisha’s ward. He thinks he won’t let Ruhi ( his big investment) go so easily. Yuvraj also thinks that he will make Ruhi and Prisha run away with him and not let his plan fail. At the police station, Bunty receives a video call on Prisha’s phone. A doctor tells Bunty that Bubbles’ operation/ kidney transplant went successful. He says that now Bubbles can lead a normal life.

This news shocks Bunty. On Bunty’s insistence, Doctor shows Bunty lying inside the ICU. Bunty thanks the doctor for saving Bubbles. Doctor asks Bunty to thank Rudra and Prisha for getting Bubbles treated on time. Bunty realizes his mistake of misunderstanding Rudra and Prisha. He regrets trying to kill Ruhi, Prisha and other innocent people in his anger. Bunty wishes to apologize to Rudra and Prisha. He requests and convinces the inspector to make him meet Rudra and Prisha for once. At the hospital, Sharda and Saaransh reach the hospital and ask Rudra about Ruhi and Prisha. Rudra tells Sharda that he donated blood to Ruhi as she needed it. Sharda asks Rudra why donated blood to Ruhi and why Yuvraj didn’t do it being Ruhi’s father.

Before Rudra could reveal to Sharda that he is Ruhi’s real father, a nurse comes and interrupts their conversation. Nurse tells Rudra that Ruhi has gained consciousness and is asking for him. Rudra runs to Ruhi. “Teri Ladki Main” song plays in the background. Rudra goes to Ruhi and caresses her. He hugs her tightly and kisses her forehead. Ruhi asks Rudra why he is crying as she is safe and sound near him. Rudra asks Ruhi to be always with and near him. Ruhi tells Rudra that she will always be near him as she is like his daughter. Rudra keeps showering love on Ruhi. Ruhi asks Rudra why he is showering so much love on her. Rudra tells Ruhi that he is relaxed after seeing her fine. He requests Ruhi to never go away from him. Rudra hugs Ruhi tightly and tells her that he won’t let her go away from him ever.

Ruhi asks Rudra if he is hiding something from her. She asks Rudra to tell her what he is hiding from her. Prisha enters Ruhi’s ward and hugs Ruhi tightly. Ruhi asks Rudra and Prisha why are they showering so much love on her. Before Prisha could reveal to Ruhi about who her real father is, Saaransh enters Ruhi’s ward. Saaransh runs and hugs Prsiha tightly. Prisha too hugs Saaransh tightly and caresses him. Flashbacks of the time Prisha and Saaransh spent with each other are shown. “Yeh Hai Chahatein”, sad title song plays in the background. Nurse enters Ruhi’s ward and tells Rudra that Bunty came to meet and talk to him and Prisha. Rudra and Prisha go to meet Bunty.

Bunty apologizes to Rudra and Prisha for doing wrong with them and for not trusting them. He goes down on his knees and apologizes for his wrong doings. Bunty says he forgot everything seeing Bubbles’s unwell condition. He tells Rudra that he regrets misunderstanding him and Prisha. Bunty tells Rudra that he is ready to accept any punishment and just wants his forgiveness. Rudra makes Bunty stand up and forgives him.

In the next episode, Rudra will reveal Prisha’s true identity and old murder allegation to Police. He will ask the Police to arrest Prisha and take her away. Rudra’s decision will shock everyone. Ruhi will come there and question Rudra why he is bad mouthing her mother and sending her to prison. Prisha will say that she accepts Rudra’s wish. She cooperates with the police. Police will start taking Prisha away. Rudra will notice Ruhi and Saaransh crying for Prisha.

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